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University of Freiburg, Germany

In October 2007 the University of Freiburg was selected by the German government to become one out of 9 "Universities of Excellence". This demonstrates its top position among German universities, also documented in nationwide rankings. Besides its excellence in research and teaching, the scholarly diversity is above all what attracts so many students to Freiburg`s Alma Mater.

The University of Freiburg consists of 11 Faculties, which offer degree programmes in theology, mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry, pharmacy, geo sciences, forestry, computer science and microsystems engineering. The university library holds more than two million volumes as well as multimedia facilities and is open 24/7. All students have the opportunity to join the General University Sports Association, which offers 35 different kinds of sports.

With 30,000 students, Freiburg is clearly a college town. The relaxed and friendly atmosphere coupled with the large spectrum of cultural offerings has made Freiburg one of the most attractive destinations for students.



M.Sc. Microsystems Engineering
Microsystems, MEMS or micromachines: many names for an exciting and dynamic engineering discipline which combines expertise from areas as diverse as electrical engineering, biology, manufacturing technology and chemistry and thus allows engineers to conceive highly miniaturized, multi-functional systems used for medical and diagnostic purposes, in communication and information systems as well as in the automotive industry.

M.Sc. Computer Science
The M.Sc. programme in Computer Science is a two-year programme for highly qualified graduates having a bachelor’s degree in computer science or in a closely related field of study. A very flexible study programme and the large variety of elective courses give you the opportunity to shape your individual profile while building the basis for a successful international career, whether in academia or in industry.

MSc. Embedded Systems Engineering
Embedded Systems are a key technology of modern society. Whether in automotive industry, aerospace and medical technology or in telecommunications, media and entertainment industries – embedded systems always play a major role in state-of-the-art technology. The Master of Science programme in Embedded Systems Engineering (ESE) has been designed for highly qualified graduate students having a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and/or Engineering, Information Technology, Electrical and/or Electronics Engineering, Microsystems Engineering, Physics or in a closely related engineering field.

MSc. Sustainable Systems Engineering
Science and engineering are basic tools to achieve a sustainable development, also in domains like ecology, economics and society. The international Master's Sustainable Systems Engineering (SSE) provides an in-depth knowledge in fields like sustainable materials, energy systems (especially renewable energies), resilience, natural resources, sustainable economics, as well as technology and society.