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Zaragoza Logistics Center (ZLC), Spain
Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Zaragoza

ZLC is a research institute established by the Government of Aragon in Spain in partnership with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Zaragoza. ZLC was launched with the mission to establish in Zaragoza an international center of excellence for education and research in Logistics and SCM that actively engages with industry and the public sector to develop and disseminate knowledge.

Zaragoza Logistics Center (ZLC), Spain, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Zaragoza
Students from around the world study at ZLC on the path to positions in leading companies and universities. Courses:

  • MIT-Zaragoza Master in Logistics and SCM
  • MIT-Zaragoza Dual Degree Programs
  • MIT-Zaragoza PhD in Logistics and SCM
  • MIT-Zaragoza Executive Education

    MIT-Zaragoza Admissions Office
    Tel: +34 976 077 605

  • Máster de Logística (MdL)

    MdL Admissions Office
    Tel: +34 976 077 614

  • MBA International Program
    Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece

    MBA international, Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece
    A leading and accredited international MBA program with a broad blend of cutting-edge courses to match your individual needs and ambitions. Join us and boost your professional growth and position at center stage of the enterprise ecosystem worldwide.

    MBA international is offered exclusively in English, and attracts students from more than 20 countries.

    Besides the very broad curriculum, students participate in a number of extracurricular activities that aim to develop further their personal or professional interests, such as company days, career days, business games and competitions, athletic events, CSR activities etc. MBA International is also pursuing a strategy of going global by expanding the career opportunities of its students and alumni beyond the Mediterranean rim and the Balkans.

    For more information please visit

    BSc Program on Molecular Ecosystem Sciences
    University of Göttingen, Germany

    BSc Program on Molecular Ecosystem Sciences, University of Göttingen, Germany
  • Are you fascinated by the complexity of the ecosystems and by their functions?
  • Are you interested in exploring the environmental change at its core?
  • Do you want to study at an international university of tradition and excellence?

    A new international BSc program on Molecular Ecosystem Sciences will be offered at the University of Göttingen, starting in winter semester 2011-2012. An ambitious, inter-disciplinary, research-based program that combines ecology with bio-sciences at an undergraduate level. Students will be exposed to the most recent developments in both fields in a very early phase of their studies, and they will become involved in research activities of leading groups in their respective fields. Take the challenge!

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