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Bukhara State Medical Institute


Rector Professor Ahmedov Rahmat Mahmudovich
Address Navoi Street, Bukhara 705018, Uzbekistan
Tel. No. +7 36 522 300 50
Fax No. +7 36 322 349 43
E-mail address
Faculties & Colleges
  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Faculty of Stomatology
  • Type of courses The university offers a complete academic plan and programme for medical and stomatological studies
    Length of courses Duration for medical studies - physician of common practice is 7 years
    Date of commencement 1 September of every year
    Accommodation There is a student hostel with 400 places with all modern facilities in it
    Fees Contract for training organised by Cabinet of Ministers in 1998-1999 academic year is 98,000 sum
    Admission requirements Knowledge of Russian or Uzbek languages.
    Training is carried out in Uzbek and Russian
    Contact for application Ahmedov Rahmat Mahmudovich
    Tel. 7365 2230050
    Fax. 7365 2234943


    About the University

    Bukhara State Medical Institute was founded in 1990 with a medical faculty initially. In 1992 the stomatological faculty was formed too.

    Now there are 7084 doctors of medical profiles and 167 dentists. The Medical faculty has had it’s graduates for 4 years and the Stomatological faculty for - 2 years. More than 50 computers are used in the Institute. There are 3-libraries with 50,000 books on medicine, social-humanities, scientific and fiction literature in Uzbek, Russian, English. There is a sports-recreation complex with all necessary equipment and conditions for Physical Training.

    The dean of the Medical Faculty is the Candidate of Medical Sciences, Lecturer - Kurbanov R.Sh.
    The dean of Stomatological Faculty is the Candidate of Medical Sciences, Lecturer- Yunusov Yu.H.

    Student body
    in 1998-99 academic year more than 900 students study at the medical faculty and 430 students at the stomatological faculty -1330 students in all.

    More than 40 departments and courses are functioning in the institute where 17 professors and doctors of sciences, more than 70 candidates and lecturers, and 200 teachers work.

    There are social-humanities, medical-biological and medical departments. The specialised departments are situated in the regional clinics , the regional stomatological clinics, the town hospital, village doctor points and other prophylactic institutes. Home country and import equipment are widely used in the process of education.

    Major fields of research
    The main fields of investigations are: surgery of chest and abdominal cavities, immunity science, biochemistry, pharmacology, morphology.
    Scientific investigations about the influence of ecological factors on the diseases, the methods of treatment of diseases are also conducted at the Institute.

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