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Tashkent State Institute of Law


Rector Prof. Babaev Halim Babaevish
Address 35 Sayilgoh Street , Tashkent 700047, Uzbekistan
Tel. No. +99871 1331403
Fax No. +99871 1333748
E-mail address
Faculties & Colleges
  • Faculty of Order and Law Maintenance
  • Faculty of State Building
  • Faculty of Legal Service
  • Type of courses Full-time and part-time (tuition by correspondence)
    Length of courses 4.5 years for full-time programme students
    6 years for part-time programme (correspondence students).
    Date of commencement 1 September of every year
    Student body 1486 students on Full-time programme
    712 Students on part-time (correspondence programme).
    Accommodation Accommodation/dormitory is available
    Fees 2.000 USD - for foreign / overseas students
    116.000 sooms for national/native students
    Student grants The sum of monthly grants varies from 2.000 to 4.000 sooms. It depends on students progress /advancement.
    Admission requirements According to the resolution of our Government (Cabinet of Ministers), there is a new testing system in Uzbekistan, which was introduced in 1995. It works in our Institute too and includes exams in the following subjects:
    1). History
    2). Foreign Language
    3). Native Language
    Student profile
  • Number of National/Overseas Students: 2188 / 88
  • Number of men/women
    Full-time programme: 1273 / 213
    Part-time /correspondence programme: 437 / 68
  • Age range
    Full-time programme: 17 - 35 years
    Part-time / Correspondence programme: from 35 and older
  • Contact for application Dr. Azimjon R. Rahmanov
    Vice-Rector International Relations
    Tel: +99871 1334569
    Mrs. Gulnora N. Tursunova
    International Department
    Tel: +99871 1331403


    Faculties & Colleges

    Faculty of Order and Law Maintenance

    Dean: Dr. Rustam A. Zufarov

    Student Body: 730 students

    Staff: 6 professors and 20 docents


    Criminal Law
    Criminal Process

    Specialisation: Jurist

    Main Subjects : Criminal Law, Criminology, Advocacy, Criminal executive Law.

    Faculty of State Building

    Dean: Dr. Shukhrat H. Fayziev

    Student Body: 195 students

    Staff: 7 professors and 26 docents


    Constitutional Law
    Theory of state and Law
    Administrative and Financial Law
    International Law
    The History of Uzbekistan

    Specialisation: State Building

    Main Subjects : Theory of State and Law, Administrative and Financial Law, State Building

    Faculty of Legal Service

    Dean: Prof. Satiboldi Bobokulov

    Student Body: 698 students
    Staff: 6 professors and 18 docents and 1 academic


    Civil Law
    Civil Process
    Ecological Law
    Industrial and Labour Law

    Specialisation: Legal Service, Industrial Law, Customs Law

    Main Subjects : Civil Law, Civil Process, Land Law, Industrial and Labour Law

    General Chairs dealing with all faculties

    Staff: Prof.- 3 Docents - 16

    Chairs: Russian Language
    Uzbek Language
    Theory of Economics
    Computer and Computer Literacy
    Foreign Languages (English, German, French)
    Physical Culture

    About the Tashkent State Institute of Law

    By decision of Cabinet of Ministers of Republic of Uzbekistan, from March 29, 1991, on the basis of the Law Department of Tashkent State University, Tashkent State Law Institute TSLI was established.

    There are 18 Divisions in TSLI and 185 teachers are working here - 20 of them are doctors of Law and professors and 80 are Candidates of Law with doctor's degree.
    10 of them are Honoured Lawyers of the Republic.

    From June 1996 the Institute has a Centre for Studies of Human and Humanitarian rights, which is Republican non governmental organisation. The Centre is working on developing human and humanitarian rights.

    The Centre has a Library for human and humanitarian rights - it is one of the information channels on human rights in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

    There is also an open library for legal information (American Bar Association) for use by everyone.

    The Institute also has a Computer Centre with modern computers.

    From the moment of its creation TSLI has 3 departments and 1 correspondent department.

    TSLI's every department has special chairs for accomplishing the educational process. They are in close contacts with the law protecting organisations and the Supreme Court.

    Structure of Tashkent State Institute of Law

    A new system of education which is foreseen by 'An Act about Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan' is successfully working at the Institute.
    Bachelor of Law is a base high education with fundamental and practical knowledge of different fields. Duration of study is 4 years or more. Graduates of the Bachelor Degree program according to the State exams get a Bachelor Degree diploma also. This diploma gives the right to work on a chosen speciality on professional level.

    Master Of Law is a high education with fundamental and practical on a specific profession. Duration of study is 2 years or more having a Bachelor Degree. Graduates of the Master of Law program must pass Qualification State Exams. According to the results of exams graduates get a diploma, which gives the right to work in this profession.
    Such a system of education allows perfecting the process of preparing professionals in the field of law.

    Free Legal Clinic was established on March 2000. The main aim of the Clinic is to consult people who could not pay for the services of professional advocates. In the frameworks of this project, which was financed by the Open Society Institute, 40 students under the supervision of the staff of the Institute, give legal advice to the vulnerable layers of the population.
    The Director of the Legal Clinic is Prof. Mirzausuf H. Rustambaev
    The Executive Director is Prof. Shoakbar Sh. Shorahmetov.

    Our Professors

    Prof. Ikrom Z. Bekinovich
    This Honourable lawyer of Uzbekistan, The doctor of law sciences Zokirov Ikrom Bekinovich was born in 1924 on the 11 September in the city of Chimkent. In 1945 he graduated from the Institute of Law with honour and became a lawyer, during half a century he worked as a teacher and was busy with scientific research.
    There are more than 30 scientific works. He took part in International and Republican Seminars and delivered his lectures. He was the first to publish a group of lectures in civil law, in 1954 he defended his magistrates dissertation 'The Peculiarities of State and Law in the Republic of Uzbekistan' in Moscow. In 1990 he defended his doctor's dissertation about 'Some Civil Law Institutions in the Republics of Horazm and Bukhara' in Tashkent.
    When Ibratov Boboqul worked at his doctor and candidate scientific research, Ikrom Bekinovich was an advisor of his work. Now Boboqul Ibranov is a chief of the department of social and labour law, Ikrom Bekinovich has a lot of of assistants and successors. He is a chief and member of the committee which is engaged with making code bills and also specifically on developing the legal system in Uzbekistan.
    Nowadays he is a chief of the Department of Civil Law in TSIL. He was awarded a title of an Honourable lawyer of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

    Prof. Shoakbor Sh. Sharahmetov
    Shoakbor Sh. Sharahmetov is the chief of the department 'The procedure of civil law'. He was born in 1931 on the 26 August in the city of Chimkent. Nationality is Uzbek. In 1954 he graduated from the Institute of Law and became a lawyer. From 1961 to 1964 he worked at the Academy of Sciences and Philosophy then defended his candidate thesis on 'The Structure and System of Rationalisation'.
    He wrote more than 150 scientific works among them 5 books of lectures for the students at the Law Institute. He wrote the lecture books in 1980 and 1987s.
    Professor Sharahmetov was an author of the books on civil rights of citizens. He also works over the development of the legal system in our country.

    Academic Hodji-Akbar R. Rahmankulov
    Hodji-Akbar R. Rahmankulov was born in 1925 on the 2 September in the Cimkent region, in Sayram village. After leaving school in 1941 he began working in electrical administration. During 1942-1946 he was in the Army. He participated in World War 2. During 1946-50 he studied at Taskent Institute of Law. In 1950-51 he worked at the Ministry of Justice as consultative advisor advisor of Ministry and Reviser. During 1951-56 he served in the Turkison Armed Forces. During 1956 he worked at the Ministry of Justice as chief reviser.
    During 1957-60 he studied at the Leningrad University as a post-graduate. During 1960-80 he worked at the Institute of Philosophy and Law Sciences of Uzbekistan as a junior and senior researcher and Director of the Department. During 1980-85 he worked as the head of the faculty of law of the Samarkand University. During 1985-1990 he worked as a state advisor of the President. During 1998-1999 he worked as a professor of the Academy at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Uzbekistan.
    And nowadays Hodji-Akbar R. Rahmankulov is a head of the Private International Law Department of the Tashkent State Institute of Law.


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