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Prydniprovs’ka State Academy of
Civil Engineering and Architecture


Rector Professor Vladimir I. Bolshakov
Address 24 a, Chernyshevsky Street, Dnepropetrovsk, 49600, Ukraine
Tel. No. +380 562 471688
Fax No. +380 562 471688
E-mail address
Name of contact person Prof. Boris Dikarev
Vice-Rector of PSACEA
  • Architecture
  • Ecology
  • "Automation and Computer Integrating Technologies
  • Engineering Mechanics
  • Construction
  • Economy
  • Management
  • Type of courses Full-time and part-time
    Length of courses Bachelor of Arts - four years
    Bachelor of Science - four years
    Engineer of speciality - five years (one year after Bachelor Degree)
    Master of Arts - six years (two years after Bachelor Degree)
    Master of Science - six years (two years after Bachelor Degree)
    Date of commencement 1 September
    Class size 25 students
    Accommodation Available
    Fees Overseas students: 1,500 USD per year
    Financial assistance Available for National students
    Admission requirements The Standard for admission to degree program at PSACEA is the successful completion of Secondary School Diploma The overall average must be at least 60 %. In addition applicants will be required to pass entrance examinations specified by the faculty.

    Admissions to the first year as well as advanced standing placement at the PSACEA of students who are neither Ukrainian Citizens nor permanent residents is carrying only on the contract base. Foreign students must obtain a Ukrainian Entry Visa and Student Authorisation from Ukrainian embassy or consulate outside of Ukraine. It is not possible to change from "visitor" to "student" status from within Ukraine. For getting Student Authorisation applicants must take an invitation for admission at the Academy.

    Applicants whose first language is not Ukrainian or Russian must take the preparatory course before enrolled on the first course of degree program. For French-speaking students training in French is available. They can enter the first course of degree program without certificate of preparatory graduation.
    Student profile • Ratio of national/ overseas students: 100/6
    • Ratio men/ women: 2,7/1,7
    • Age range: 17-25


    Welcome to the Prydniprovs’ka State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture

    Founded in 1930 in Dnipropetrovs’k, the Prydniprovs’ka State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture (PSACEA) is known in Ukraine as one of the best polytechnic academies, from its departments of civil engineering, mechanics, architecture, economics and technology, thousands of students have graduated, and now internationally recognized as qualified professionals.

    In 1994, after appropriate State Accreditation, it was transformed into Prydniprovs’ka State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture.

    The number of students is over 8,500, most of them study full-time, but about 25 per cent attend extra-mural course. The academic year is divided into two semesters which start in September and February. Student enrolment takes place in July and is based on entrance examinations. The Pridneprovskaya State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture today possesses 3 learning buildings, a library with 4 reading halls, modern computing centre, 11 department computing centres, sports grounds which includes indoors swimming-pool, 5 gymnasiums, shooting-gallery and sports camp. Accommodation is available to students in the 9 Academy student hostels. These hostels offers catering services and, in some cases, shopping facilities, recreational facilities and other amenities.

    General Characteristics

    PSACEA has a reputation for excellence in teaching. 583 teachers (79 – full professors, D.Sc. and 266 assoc. professors, Ph.D.), provide instruction to 8500 students (5500 – full time among them), in 18 specialities;

    Since 1994 its linguistic centre has functioned under all spices of the international department, where students are taught English, French, Spanish, and German.

    64 foreign students are studying at the Academy (from Tunis, Palestine, Syria, Sudan, China, Jordan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Estonia, Russia);

    16 foreign post-graduate students have defended their Ph.D. thesis at the Academy;

    Using grants from NATO in scientific research;

    At the moment Prydniprovs'ka State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture has wide international relations and it is a member of:

    1) International University Association:

    "PSACEA is the only university from Dnipropetrovs'k and one of the 12 Universities in Ukraine, that are members of IAU, UNESCO;
    "International Association of Civil Engineering Universities of CIS”, International Engineering Academy, at international level;
    "Since May, 2006 PSACEA is an associative member of the French-speaking University Association (Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF);
    "Since 2006 PSACEA is a member of international association of Engineering Universities "Spinnaker group";
    "Since 2006 the cooperation agreement - with the net of French Engineering Universities "n+i".

    "Since 2006 the agreement - with the exchange federation "France - Ukraine".

    2) Association "Qualified Workers for Construction", at the state level;

    3) Association "Prydniprovya", at the regional level.



    Dean: Igor A. Sokolov, Professor, Dr. of Sc.

    Staff: 18 Professors, DSc., 58 PhD., assistant professors, 19 assistants

    Chairs: Technology of Building Construction Department, Department of Concrete, Department of Foundation, Department of Organization and management in Construction, Department of Material Resistance and Construction Mechanics, Department of Higher Mathematics, Department of Sports

    Degree courses: Civil and Industrial Engineering (BSc, MSc, PhD)

    Fields of Research and Study: Improvement of organizational and technological modeling in construction Development of models and methods of contracting control in construction Development of principles and methods for forming and designing organizational structures


    Dean: Olexandr V. Chelnokov, Assoc. Professor, PhD.

    Staff: 14 Professors, DSc., 47 PhD., assistant professors, 62 assistants

    Chairs: Department of Architecture, Department of Design of Architectural Environment, Department of Architectural Building Design, Department of Basis of Architecture, Department of Descriptive Graphics, Department of Philosophy and Political Science

    Degree courses: Urban Design (BSc, MSc, PhD), Architecture (BSc, MSc, PhD), Design of Architectural Environment (BSc, MSc, PhD)

    Research area: Development of engineering and town-planning principles for the improvement of life in the town environment

    Topics studied include:
    - Theoretical premises for the evaluation and demonstration of life suitability and environment quality
    - Evaluation of residential areas
    - Evaluation of recreational areas
    - Evaluation of industrial area
    - Development of quality documents on the environment and vital activity of engineering and town planning concepts in order to optimize town environment and life quality
    - Socio-economic evaluation of the result

    Investigations include:
    - Natural resources
    - Sanitary well-being
    - Sanitary and psychological well-being
    - Socio-ecological well-being


    Dean: Vladimir G. Zarenbin, Professor, DSc

    Staff: 13 Professors, DSc., 35 PhD., assistant professors, 34 assistants

    Chairs: Department of Applied Mechanics, Exploitation and Repair of Machines Department, Department of Automatics and Electrotechnics, Department of Applied Materials, Department of Building and Road Machines

    Degree courses: Lifting, Road-Building Machines and Equipment (BSc, MSc, PhD), Automation of Technological & Manufacturing Processes (BSc, MSc, PhD), Automobiles and Automobile Facilities (BSc, MSc, PhD), Applied Materials Science (BSc, MSc, PhD)

    Fields of Research and Study: Electrical and erosion notches of working organs in blacksmith-pressing and rolling equipment and machines of food industry, The rise of reliability and lifetime of cylindrical-piston group in the internal combustion engine. Scientific foundations for formation of high effective working heads for excavating machines with intensifying action, The creation of high effective working heads for excavating machines with intensifying action Excavating machines with trajectory-sequential arrangement of cutting elements


    Director: Leontiy G. Chesanov, Professor, DSc.

    Staff: 18 Professors, DSc., 59 PhD., assistant professors, 36 assistants

    Chairs: Department of Construction Technology, Department of Heating and Ventilation, Department of Heat Techniques and Gas Supply, Department of Hydraulics, Department of Foreign Languages


    Dean: Victor N. Derevyanko, Professor, DSc.

    Chairs: Department of Life Support, Department of Chemistry

    Degree courses: Heating, Ventilation & Gas Supply Engineering & Air Protection (BSc, MSc, PhD), Building Materials Technology (BSc, MSc, PhD), Water Resources Engineering & Water Protection (BSc, MSc, PhD)


    Dean: Yuriy V. Bogdanov, PhD, Associate Professor

    Chairs: Department of Ecology and Environmental Protection

    Degree courses: Ecology (BSc, MSc, PhD)


    Dean: Anatoliy I. Bilokon, Professor, DSc

    Staff: 9 Professors, DSc., 40 PhD., assistant professors, 31 assistants

    Chairs: Department of Metal and Wooden Constructions, Department of Theoretical Mechanics, Department of Applied Mathematics, Department of Road Building and Geodesy, Department of Physics

    Degree courses: Civil & Industrial Engineering (BSc, MSc, PhD), (options: Construction in Agriculture, Metal Structures), Construction & Use of Automobile Roads & Aerodromes (BSc, MSc, PhD)

    Fields of Research and Study: Theoretical and experimental investigations of brittle fracture in steel and steelwork; Theoretical and experimental investigations on actual of steel crane beams and crane constructions to design new constructive forms with increased exploitation strength; Investigation and development of reconstruction methods and structures for metallurgical and machine building industries.


    Dean: Vladislav F. Levchenko, Professor, DSc

    Staff: 11 Professors, DSc., 47 PhD., assistant professors, 52 assistants

    Chairs: Department of Economics of Enterprise, Department of Management and Marketing, Department of Economical Theory and Law, Department of Finance, Department of Accounting and Analysis, Department of International Economics, Department of Ukrainian Study

    Degree courses: Economics of Enterprise (BSc, MSc, PhD), Finance & Credit (BSc, MSc, PhD), Industrial Management (BSc, MSc, PhD), International Economics (BSc, MSc, PhD), Accounting & Audit (BSc, MSc, PhD)

    Fields of Research and Study: Economical Examination


    Dean: Ivan F. Ogdanskiy, PhD, Associate Professor

    Degree courses: Lifting, Road-Building Machines & Equipment, Civil & Industrial Engineering, Automobiles & Automobile Facilities, Heating, Ventilation & Gas Supply Engineering & Air Protection, Economics


    Vice-Rector of PSACEA:

    Boris N. Dikarev, Professor


    International activities at our Academy are carried out in the following directions:

    1) Presentation and informative securing of the Academy at international level and in international organizations;

    2) Finding a partner, preparation and concluding agreements on cooperation with foreign universities, and organizing work with them;

    3) Work with embassies and consulates of foreign countries concerning the enrolment of foreign citizens for study at PSACEA;

    4) Coordination of participation of different departments of the Academy in international educational and scientific programmes;

    5) Coordination of participation of different departments of the Academy in international symposia and conferences;

    6) Training of engineers for foreign countries.

    Exchange Agreements

  • Lyons National Institute of Applied Sciences (France)
  • Strasbourg Higher National School of Arts and Industries (France)
  • Liege Higher School of Architecture (Belgium)
  • Mons Polytechnic Faculty (Belgium)
  • Lakehead University (Canada)
  • Waterloo University (Canada)
  • Warsaw Polytechnic University (Poland)
  • Slovak Technical University (Slovakia)
  • Zagreb University of Civil Engineering (Croatia)
  • Bitola University (Macedonia)
  • Wuhan University (China)
  • Institute of Mechanics Problems of Moscow (Russia)
  • Belgorod State Technological Academy of Building Materials (Russia)
  • Poznan Polytechnic University (Poland)
  • Kokkola Polytechnic Institute (Finland)
  • Aachen Technical University (Germany)

    In the academic year 2006/2007 64 foreigners are studying at the Academy: 52 foreign citizens of Jordan, Iran, India, Lithuania, Tunisia, Sudan, Pakistan, Palestine, Armenia, China, Lebanon, Syria; and 15 citizens of Russia and Moldova.

    Scientific and student exchanges are being realizing with 9 foreign universities from France, Canada, China, Croatia, Poland, Slovakia, Macedonia, and Belgium. Every year over 30 students and post-graduate students are sent abroad to study there. In the framework of the agreements with our partner universities some new educational programmes have been developed:

    Together with our colleagues from National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA) of Lyons (France) we are training post-graduate students under dual scientific guidance Ukrainian and French professors. In 2000 our first post-graduate student O. Danilova defended her thesis in Lyons according to this scheme of training.

    PSACEA International projects

  • French-Ukrainian project in speciality “Civil Engineering”. The aim of this project was professional training of not, only Ukrainian citizens, but also foreign students who have secondary education and know French.
  • International project “Dnepr-2001”, which had been financed by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France in amount of 200 000 euros from 2001 to 2004.
  • English-Ukrainian project at the Mechanic department in the “Applied Materials” speciality was created in 2001. Since the 1st of September the financial support from the TEMPUS programme grant was in amount of 500 000 euros for 2005-2008;
  • On 1st of September, 2003 work began on project “Creating French branch in Architecture” started. This project was financed by the EU in amount of 500 000 euros over 3 years (2003-2006).
  • The group of students to be taught in English in the speciality “International Economy” has existed since the 1st of September, 2005;
  • A grant from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France has been received for working out Master programme on speciality “Civil Engineering” together with the Lyon Institute of Applied Science.

    Cultural activity

  • Since 1998 annual festivals of mini- performances have taken place at the Academy; since 2004 – festivals in English have been organized.
  • Creating of a theatrical troupe and cooperation with professional producer and actors;
  • Organizing of the First International festival of student theatre in French in Dnipropetrovsk in March-April 2005 (together with the French cultural center, the Embassy of France and the Dnipropetrovs’k city administration);
  • March-April 2005 - 6 prizes in the First International festival of student theatre in French in Dnipropetrovsk (first prize for the best staging (V. Petrenko), second prize for the best staging (O. Shulga), first prize for the best male role (M. Kolesnikov), second prize of the festival (troupe FLECHE 5); second prize for the best female role (N. Grehova); third prize of jury for the best role (Ju. Popadinets);
  • Our students have been on tour 5 times in France; 20 students took part in different festivals in Belgium;
  • March 2006 at the Second International festival of student theatre in French in Dnipropetrovsk – staging of the spectacle by Maurice Maeterlinck « Aglavaine et Sélysette » first prize for the best female role (Daryna Brun’ko et Al’yona Dmytrenko).

    More detailed information about Academic theatre you can at this site:


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