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International Master in Social Policy Analysis (IMPALLA SCHOOL)
University of Leuven, Belgium and
CEPS/INSTEAD, Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg


Address IMPALLA SCHOOL, CEPS/INSTEAD, 44, rue Emile Mark, L-4620 Differdange, Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg
Tel. No. +352 - 58 58 55 - 1
Fax No. + 352 - 58 55 60
E-mail address
Course The International Master in Social Policy Analysis (IMPALLA SCHOOL)
Type of Programme Full-time
Length of Programme 10 months
Date of commencement The 1st of September 2008
Application deadline: 30th of May 2008
Class size Maximum 24 students
Student accommodation The IMPALLA programme organises the accommodation/housing for every student:
  • in Differdange (Luxembourg), either in host-families, or in a hotel or in a hostel (subject to availability);
  • in Leuven (Belgium), in students guesthouses (subject to availability)
  • Fees Application fee: 50 EURO (reimbursed upon registration) Academic costs

    A tuition fee of 530 EURO is required from each student, for the academic year (can be paid for in instalments)

    Most of the educational material such as copies, handouts and books are provided and covered by the programme.

    Living costs
    The IMPALLA programme organises the accommodation/housing for every student:
  • in Differdange (Luxembourg), either in host-families, or in a hotel or in a hostel (subject to availability);
  • in Leuven (Belgium), in students guesthouses (subject to availability) . Accommodation cost is around 500 EURO/month.
    Breakfast and lunch on school days are provided by the programme, as well as the travel by bus between Differdange (Luxembourg) and Leuven (Belgium) or by train during any excursion organised by the programme. In all, the students’ personal expenses (tuition fee, accommodation costs and basic personal living expenses) usually amount to around 650 EURO/month.
  • Student grants / Financial assistance IMPALLA students can apply for ffinancial support provided by the programme to cover the academic and living costs. The decision regarding magnitude of the financial support is made after an evaluation of the students’ financial situation based on the information given in the application form and requested documents giving evidence of their financial means.
    Exchange partner schools The IMPALLA programme is organized jointly by the Centre d‘Etudes de Populations, de Pauvreté et de Politiques Socio-Economiques - International Networks for Studies in Technology, Environment, Alternatives, Development (CEPS/INSTEAD) - Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg and the Department of Sociology of the University of Leuven, (K.U. Leuven, Belgium) with an association of participating institutes: Tilburg University (The Netherlands), University of Nancy II (France) and University of Luxembourg (G.-D. of Luxembourg).
    Admission requirements Required study background:
    A university degree of minimum four years in Social Sciences or Behavioural Sciences with knowledge of statistics. Students currently enrolled in their last year may apply to the programme upon the condition they provide the programme their diploma by the end of August 2007.
    Master of Sociology, Master of Political Sciences, Master of Comparative International Relations, Master of Public Policy, Master of Public Management, Master of Economic Sciences, Master of Applied Economic Sciences, Master’s degree in Social or Behavioural Sciences, Another Master’s degree in Social Sciences or Behavioural Sciences with knowledge of statistics
    - English language test: as the programme is taught in English, participation requires a good command of the language; Non-native English applicants must provide evidence of their language proficiency. The following qualifications are accepted by the IMPALLA programme:
    TOEFL: Computer-based test min. 250 pt., Internet-based test min. 100 pt., Paper-based text min. 600 pt.
    IELTS: minimum 7 pt. If most of the previous education was in English, applicants must provide a diploma from an English spoken University.
    if their mother tongue is English, applicants must provide official transcripts or certificate(s) issued by their university (with official heading)
    - Statistical test: Methodology and Statistics Test
    Student profile Countries of origin - International programme, students from all continents and countries
    2. Ratio of Men / Women - Equal opportunities
    3. Age range - No age limits
    Contact person for application Nicole Hegerle
    Course Director Professor Jos Berghman


    About The International Master in Social Policy Analysis (IMPALLA SCHOOL)

    IMPALLA‘s advanced academic programme has three major objectives:
    • to offer a solid theoretical foundation in comparative socio-economic policies, at the European level and beyond
    • to provide a thorough training in advanced research methodology
    • to give a well-grounded expertise in policy evaluation, while developing the corresponding technical skills
    The IMPALLA programme leads to an advanced Master Degree issued by the K.U.Leuven where the IMPALLA students are registered as regular students.

    Professional Opportunities

    In an expanding European Union, social policy issues and challenges are of central importance. New jobs are constantly created in the fields of implementation and evaluation of social policies. After completing IMPALLA, you could be a consultant to national ministries and administrations, to European Institutions or a member of an academic institute, an advanced centre, or a firm specializing in auditing or in impact assessment.

    The programme qualifies for a top level career as a social researcher in the public and in the private sector by training

    The programme qualifies for a top level career as a social researcher in the public and in the private sector by training the participants:
    • to seize the overall socio-economic picture and the crucial social policy issues at stake
    • to master the best approaches and methods for the data to be analyzed
    • to present and communicate the results of their personal research
    Moreover, the IMPALLA programme is an excellent preparation for a Ph.D. in Social Policy.

    The programme starts by the 1st of September, with an intensive levelling up period for all participants. By the mid-October the students should be ready for the main courses.

    The lectures covering the theoretical aspects of the course are spread out over two periods and are complemented during the same time by exercises relating to the subjects under study. During the rest of the week, the students are encouraged by their assistant professors to further elaborate on their subjects, by attending expert meetings, by doing case studies in a group or individually, and by individual study. The larger part of the courses (8 months) is taking place in Luxembourg/Differdange, while the overall plan foresees a three-month stay at the University of Leuven, for complementing teaching, training and documentation.

    Overview of the academic year




    Levelling up term

    1st September - Mid-October


    2nd term

    Mid-October - January

    3rd term

    February - April

    University of Leuven

    Dissertation term

    May - July




    Overview of the courses



    Levelling Up Statistics


    Levelling Up Social Sciences:

    Basic Economics


    New Social Developments


    Concepts of Social Policy


    Socio-economic Policy

    Social Problems and Reforms Seminar


    Social Policy


    Comparative and International Socio-economic Policy



    Statistics & Research Methods part 1


    Statistics & Research Methods part 2


    Policy Evaluation

    The Policy Cycle


    Evaluation Techniques and Tools




    Master Dissertation


    The information given on this page might be subject to slight adjustments / modifications for the academic year 2008-2009

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