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Bled School of Management



Address Presernova cesta 33, 4260 Bled, Slovenia
Tel. No. +386 64 792 500
Fax No. +386 64 792 501
E-mail address
Dean & Director Prof. Dr. Danica Purg
Courses One-year Executive MBA
Two-year Executive MBA
Three-year Presidents' MBA
MSc in Management
General Management Program
Open Enrollment Seminars and Forums
Tailor-made Programs
YMP: Young Managers’ Program
DMP: Discover Management Program
Length of courses Executive MBA - 1-2 year
Presidents MBA - 3 years
General Management Program - 5 weeks
Young Managers’ Program - 2 weeks
Discover Management Program - 10 days
Date of commencement Executive MBA - January every year
Presidents MBA - whenever throughout the year
General Management Program - twice a year
International Summer School of Management for Young Managers - June (June 25 - July 7)
International Summer School of Management for Young Graduates - June (June 29 - July 7)
Student accommodation Not available.
Accommodation is recommended at the Hotel Kompas in Bled.
Cost/fees * The program fees for the one-year EMBA program which cover the tuition, classroom materials, and the field study trip, total 23,000 euro (including VAT) in 2005.

* The two-year EMBA program fees, which cover tuition, classroom materials and the field study trip, are 23,000 euro (including VAT) for the program starting in June 2004 and 26,5000 euro for the program starting in June 2005.

* The Presidents’ MBA program fee, which covers tuition, classroom materials and coffee breaks, is 26,500 euro (including VAT) when started in 2004 and 30,000 euro when started in 2005.

* Accommodation and living expenses are estimated at 5,200 euro when opting for hotel accommodation and approximately 2,500 euro when choosing accommodation in private boarding houses. * The tuition fee for the next five-week Program is Euro 6,250 + VAT, and is payable in two equal installments


About the Programmes

MBA Programs

Education for practicing executives IEDC’s Executive MBA programs are high-quality, well-respected professional degree programs tailored to the needs of practicing managers. Every year they attract a strong international group of high-potential individuals who possess relevant business experience. World-class professors, visiting from leading European and North American business schools, teach the programs’ innovative curriculum, focused on general management in an international environment.

IEDC offers three Executive MBA programs:

  • One-year Executive MBA Seventeen weeks, organized into four modules, three lasting five weeks and one two weeks, within one year.

    The one-year Executive MBA is a professional degree program designed for practicing managers with the potential to assume positions of greater responsibility in their organizations.

  • Two-year Executive MBA

    Seventeen weeks, organized into seven modules lasting two to three weeks each, over two years.

    The two-year Executive MBA program has the same high level of instruction as the one-year program, but is scheduled to be more feasible for managers unable to leave work for the more intensive one-year program.

  • Three-year Presidents' MBA

    Three years in shorter modules according to an individually defined schedule.
    The three-year Presidents’ MBA is designed for top executives. It uses the same rigorous academic approach, coverage and practical relevance as the one- and two-year programs, but flexibility in the completion of the modules accommodates the time constraints of top executives and makes it possible to complete the degree with minimal interruption to work and personal life.

    MSc in Management

    A two-year postgraduate program, built on the excellence of IEDC’s MBA programs, allowing MBA participants to continue their studies towards obtaining the MSc title. General Management Program

    A five-week seminar, providing a thorough coverage of managerial knowledge, skills, and attitudes to managers with the potential to take over strategic responsibilities in an increasingly global environment. GMP runs twice a year in two modules.
    Open Enrollment Seminars and Forums

    A portfolio of short functional and general management development programs, executive programs, and leadership forums that reflect the changes in today’s global environment. Tailor-made Programs

    Tailor-made programs adjusted to the specific management development needs of individual companies, based upon world-class educational input and developed with the aim to build a critical mass of managerial knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes within these companies.

    International Summer Schools

    YMP: Young Managers’ Program
    A two-week seminar for young managers who have recently assumed management positions, providing them with a broader view of the main fields of management and enhancing their managerial skills and practice.

    DMP: Discover Management Program
    A nine-day seminar for young university graduates (just graduated or soon to graduate) with diverse educational backgrounds, helping them to get an insight into managerial concepts and practices before taking on their first positions of employment.

    About the IEDC - Bled School of Management

    IEDC-Bled School of Management is a unique place to learn, reflect and to meet other managers and leaders; since 2000, when it moved to its current location, it is known as one of the most attractive management institutions in the Region.

    The modern buildings, designed by a renowned Slovene architect, Mr. Vojteh Ravnikar, overlook breathtaking scenes of the Alpine lake Bled and are surrounded by an international sculpture park, stimulating staff, participants and visitors to think and act creatively and innovatively.

    The complex of two buildings features modern amphitheatres, seminar rooms and a library, which are equipped to receive audio, video and electronic data, including wireless computer access.

    IEDC has extensive computing facilities for use by participants and staff for learning and teaching; they can connect laptop computers directly to the IEDC server and the internet.

    The facilities at the library include an up-to-date book stock and a wide range of journals and periodicals including journal articles in electronic format.


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