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Master’s Program in Simulation Sciences
German Research School for Simulation Sciences


Address German Research School for Simulation Sciences, Schinkelstr. 2a, 52062 Aachen, Germany
Tel. No. +49 (0) 241-8099740
Fax No. +49 (0) 241-80699740
Course Master’s Program in Simulation Sciences
Type of course Full-time Master’s program
Length of course 4 semesters
Date of commencement Winter semester (October)
Class size 25
Cost/Fees Student services fee: about 225 Euro per semester (including semester ticket)
Accommodation Students may apply for a flat in the RWTH student residence buildings
Student profile 1. Ratio of National/Overseas students: 10% / 90%
2. Ratio of Men/Women: 90% / 10%
3. Age range: 24-30 years
Student grants / financial assistance Available but cannot be guaranteed.
Admissions requirements
  • Bachelor´s degree (or equivalent) in physics, mathematics, computer science, mechanical engineering, process engineering, electrical engineering, or materials science, with grades significantly above average. Bachelor degree holders with other majors may also be considered, provided there exists an appropriate relationship to simulation.
  • sufficient command of English (TOEFL/IELTS)
  • programming knowledge, in languages such as C or Fortran, is required.
  • Contact details for application Elisabeth Altenberger
    +49 241 80 99766
    +49 241 80 92742
    Address: Schinkelstr. 2a, 52062 Aachen, Germany
    Course director Prof. Marek Behr + Dr. Vera Kleber


    About the Master's Program Simulation Sciences

    Simulation Sciences is an interdisciplinary, international Master’s program taught in English for highly-qualified holders of a Bachelor’s degree in a natural science or engineering subject. The course is organized by the German Research School for Simulation Sciences, the degree is awarded by RWTH Aachen University.

    Simulation sciences is taken to mean those disciplines which, on the one hand, deal with basic methodological principles and, on the other hand, with applications of computer simulations in natural science and engineering. Due to the exponential development of modern high-performance computers, these disciplines are gaining ever greater significance and now represent the third pillar of research complementing experiment and theory. Well-known areas in which computer simulations are extensively used are, for instance, climate research, materials science and biotechnology.

    The special feature of the interdisciplinary Simulation Sciences program is the training of scientists and engineers enabling them to handle the continuously growing applications of high-performance computers in science and engineering. Students will be given basic training in the methodological principles of computer simulation and, depending on their personal choice, will then complete an application-oriented or methodology-oriented program. In the field of applications, a selection can be made from a broad spectrum of courses which can either be combined in an interdisciplinary manner or focused on one priority. This concept permits students to extend their knowledge of the discipline of their bachelor’s degree or to change their field. For example, a bachelor’s in physics could be followed by a Master’s in Simulation Sciences with a focus on engineering. In the course of the program, students will be granted access to the extraordinary supercomputer and visualization resources of RWTH Aachen University and Forschungszentrum Jülich.

    Career opportunities in numerous professional fields are open to graduates of the Master’s program in Simulation Sciences. Due to its interdisciplinarity, the program addresses the areas of methodology, basic principles and applications of simulation sciences that are currently in very great demand.′Potential employers can be found in both research and industry. For example, cost cutting means that computer simulations now replace expensive experiments, which makes it attractive for industry to employ well-qualified experts in the field. Since the program is taught in English, the graduates are moreover well qualified for the international market.

    About the German Research School for Simulation Sciences

    The German Research School for Simulation Sciences is a joint venture of RWTH Aachen University and Forschungszentrum Jülich. Our aim is to train the next generation of computational scientists and engineers. Combining the specific strengths of our founders in the fields of science, engineering, and high-performance computing in an unprecedented, synergistic manner, we provide a unique environment for cutting-edge interdisciplinary research and education in the applications and methods of simulation in science and engineering. Equipped with dedicated modern facilities in Aachen and on the Jülich campus, and privileged access to world-class computing and visualization resources, the mission of our school is to offer advanced interdisciplinary graduate training programs.

    These comprise a Master's as well as a doctoral program. Our four laboratories, two in Aachen (Applied Supercomputing in Engineering, Parallel Programming), two in Jülich (Computational Biophysics, Computational Materials Science), offer a wide range of research opportunities. Furthermore, about 40 research groups and institutes in Aachen and Jülich are associated with the German Research School and are currently involved in research with intensive use of computer simulation techniques. Simultaneously, the scientists make great efforts to advance existing methods and to develop new techniques and simulation tools. All research groups have access to the most advanced computing equipment like massively parallel supercomputers or advanced visualization methods.


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