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Rybinsk State Academy of
Aviation Technology


Address 53 Pushkin Street, Rybinsk 152934, Russia
Tel. No. +7 0855 520-294
Fax No. +7 0855 528-688
E-mail address
Faculties & programmes Aviatechnological
  • Technological machines and equipment
  • Technology of machinebuilding
  • Machines and Technology of metal shaping
  • Technology, equipment and automation of machine-building
  • Aviarocketbuilding
  • Informational systems (in economics)
  • Technical physics
  • Economics and management at the enterprise (in machinebuilding)
  • Aviation engines and power plants
  • Heat physics
  • Aerodynamics, hydrodynamics, heat exchanging processes of aircraft engines
  • Technology of aircraft engine production
  • Technology of production and treatment
  • Casting of the new metals
  • Heat physics and molecular physics
  • Radio-electronics and informatics
  • Informatics and computing technology
  • Radio engineering
  • Industrial electronics
  • Design and technology of radio-electronic means
  • Type of course (Full-time/Part-time) Bachelor, Engineer, Master
    Length of course Bachelor - 4 years
    Engineer - 5 years
    Master - 4+2 years
    Date of commencement June, 25
    Class size 25-30 students
    Accommodation Students dormitory
    Fees Overseas USD 1800-2500 a year
    national - 4800 Roubles a year
    Financial assistance Asistance if the student has good grades (grant)
    social assistance
    Admission requirements Entrance Examinations: physics, mathematics
    Russian is the language of tuition
    Student profile
  • Ratio of men/women: 1689 - men 952 - women
  • Age range: 17 - 23
  • Contact for application Sharov Vladimir Grigoryevich


    About the University

    Rybinsk State Academy of Aviation Technology (RSAAT) is one of eight higher educational institutions in Russia specializing in aviation. Its history began in 1932 when an aviation institute was founded in Rybinsk. But during Word War II, with the front-line approaching the city, the institute was evacuated to the city of Ufa. It was re-established in Rybinsk in 1955.

    Nowadays 2,500 students study at different faculties of the Academy. About 240 highly qualified instructors deliver lectures and hold seminars. Over 70 percent of instructors have doctor's degree and qualification of professor. 24 instructors are academicians, Corresponding Members of Russian and International Academies of Sciences. During the past decades civil and friendly relations between instructors and students were formed at the Academy.

    Six buildings of RSAAT, a hostel, a canteen, a club and utility buildings are located in the centre of Rybinsk. Some buildings of the Academy are situated on the bank of the great Russian river - the Volga. The Academy is close to the railway station, the river port, the museum of history, architecture and art, the drama theatre , Palace of Sports, and trading centre.

    It takes two or three hours by bus, car or hydrofoil to get to the historical centres of the Golden Ring such as Yaroslavl, Rostov, Uglich, Pereslavl- Zalessky known all over the world. A train trip to Moscow, the capital of Russia, or St. Petersburg, the treasure of culture, does not take much longer.

    Rybinsk has an ancient history. It was first mentioned under the name of Ust- Sheksna in a chronicle of 1071. Later the settlement had names connecting in one way or another with the main occupation of its inhabitants of that time - fishing. The Volga has always been famous for fish. Rybinsk received its present-day name and the status of a city in 1777 by a decree of Ekatherina II, a Russian Empress. Nowadays Rybinsk is an industrial and cultural centre of the Yaroslavl region. It has a quarter of a million population.

    The temperate continental climate in Rybinsk is to a great degree determined by its proximity to one of the world's biggest artificial reservoirs - the Rybinsk Reservoir.Temperature in summer is about +20 ... +25°C, and in winter -15 ... -20°C. Winter months bring a lot of snow.

    The Academy, including the Higher Technological College in the city of Tutaev, is a realization of a multi-level system of higher education. During the first four years students receive the basic level education and a Bachelor's degree. Having this degree, an Academy graduate can be employed by any company. Of their own free will graduates also have an opportunity to continue their education in the Academy and to get an engineer's diploma in a year. Having achieved high proficiency at the basic level, students go on with their studying and are awarded a Master's degree in two years. Having done well in scientific research the best graduates enter the post-graduate course to work on doctor's thesis. Special councils on maintaining Doctor's degree are functioning at the Academy.

    RSAAT gives higher education in more than 20 specialties.

    The Academy has all the necessary facilities for intensive and fruitful work: rooms for students' knowledge programmed control, language laboratories, a well-equipped room for studying foreign languages and management, and stationary film - and TV-sets. The Chairs' laboratories have complicated equipment. There is an international electronic mail in the Academy. A well-stocked library with half a million books is at the students' disposal. The main research programs are « Problems of creating and testing the materials and durability of the articles of the machinebuilding industry»; «Avia space radioelectronic systems»; «Man; society, ecology».

    When students have free time they attend sports clubs. Football, volleyball and basketball competitions are held annually. The Academy's teams take part successfully in local and regional competitions as well as in competitions between aviation colleges of Russia. Discos and parties regularly taking place in the student club, "Prometheus", are very popular among students.

    RSAAT has sport and health facilities. Cosy cottages are situated in a picturesque pine-tree grove on a high bank of the Volga. Having visited this place once, one will never forget sunrises over the Volga. Students often spend their summer holidays there and get a new inspiration for studying.


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