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MEng / M.Sc. in Maritime Management

Degree awarded
Master of Science or Master of Engineering depending on the previous Bachelor's degree

Novia University of Applied Sciences, Wolffinite 33, 65200 Vaasa, Finland

+358 (0)6 328 5000

+358 (0)6 328 5110

E-mail address

Type of course

Language of tuition

Length of course
2 years (60 ECTS)

Date of commencement
September 2023

Application deadline
18 January 2023

Class size
20 Students

Cost / fees
See below / opposite

Student grants / Financial assistance
See below / opposite

Novia UAS does not offer student accommodation. Students are expected to arrange their own living before their arrival in Finland/or place of study.

Major recruiters of graduates of our programmes
After completing the programme, you will be qualified to pursue a wide range of career opportunities. Graduates should be better suited for work within shipping companies, maritime authorities, ports, and a wide range of related organisations such as transport companies, maritime insurance companies, marine technology providers, education, and research. These fields have a constant need for employees, and the fast development within the maritime industry brings more opportunities with it.

Exchange partner schools
Given that the language of tuition is English, the possibilities for working on an international scale, both during and after the studies, are good. For example, the thesis project is suitable to conduct abroad or in an international business.

Student profile
1. Ratio of National / International students 74 % / 26 %
2. Ratio of Men / Women 82 % / 18 %
3. Age range 26 - 57

Principal Lecturer
Thomas Finne
Mobile: +358 50 431 1281

Contact for application
Admissions office
Address: P.O.Box 6, 65201 Vaasa, Finland
Telephone / Fax: +358 (0)6 328 5055 / +358 (0)6 328 5510

Other courses offered by Novia University of Applied Sciences

  • MEng in Automation Technology, Intelligent Systems
  • MEng in Autonomous Maritime Operations

  • Novia University of Applied Sciences

    Master of Engineering / Master of Science in Maritime Management

    Enhance your business knowledge in the maritime sector!

    The Masterís programme in Maritime Management has a special focus on building an overall understanding of the maritime field. The studies include maritime management and for the maritime industry distinctive financial, cost and logistical features. The target is to achieve state of the art competence and knowledge in the area of the programme.

    The Master's degree programme in Maritime Management comprises 60 ECTS and the degree title is Master of Engineering or Master of Maritime Management, depending on your previous Bachelor's degree. The programme has a special focus concerning the management and business administration in maritime operations. The studies include 6 courses of relevant subjects each of an extent of 5 credits. Following subjects are covered:
    • Studying in the Masterís programme and introduction to Research and Research Methods
    • Management Accounting and Maritime Business
    • Financial Management and Maritime Business
    • Human Resources Management
    • The Shipping Business
    • Supply Chain Management
    Our working methods within the program ensure that you practice your project management and leadership skills and improve your professional communication skills in English.

    The studies are optimized for flexible learning and studying, parallel with fulltime employment ashore or at sea. The studies are arranged at campus and online with the lecture materials, as well as the assignments to be completed online. It is recommended but not mandatory for you to attend some sessions in person at campus. We meet on average two days a month.

    The meetings are used for lecturing, working with assignments, problem solving and keeping presentations. The thesis work is usually realized as a research and development project related to working life.

    Degree Project

    The Master's thesis is a demanding development project or research work combining theory, praxis and creation of new knowledge. The thesis subject and aim are based on requirements and needs of the maritime field. The theme of the thesis (30 ECTS) must be related to the fields studied, preferably agreed upon with an industry representative. The thesis thus works as a bridge between study and work and gives students the opportunity to apply theoretical thinking to practical problems. Constructing a thesis subject and the potential collaboration with an organization is at the responsibility of the student.


    Apply online here at
    Application begins: January 4, 2023 at 08:00 AM UTC+2.
    Application ends: January 28, 2023 at 03:00 PM UTC+2.
    Read more about the application process.

    Cost / Fees

    Non-EU/EEA students are liable to pay tuition fees. Tuition fees for the academic year 2023-2024 (1 August 2023 - 31 July 2023) are set per degree programme. The tuition fee for Master degree programmes is 10 000 euro per academic year. The tuition fee might be adjusted according to the inflation. Full-time studies correspond to 60 ECTS/academic year. The total fee will vary according to the number of academic semesters needed to complete the studies. The studies may be completed in fewer academic semesters only in exceptional cases.

    The tuition fees do not concern those who are:
    • enrolled at Novia UAS before 2017
    • enrolled in Swedish degree programmes
    • EU/EEA citizens or their close family members (children or spouse)
    • British citizens and have registered, or applied to register, their EU right to residence in Finland in accordance with the withdrawal agreement. Note! The withdrawal agreement does not apply to British citizens who enter Finland on or after 1 January 2021. British citizens entering Finland on or after 1 January 2021 are liable for tuition fees like other non-EU citizens.
    • residing in Finland or the EU/EEA on a permanent basis (has one of the following: continuous residence permit (A-type permit issued for purposes other than studies), permanent residence permit (type P/P-EU) or has the EU-Blue card issued in Finland). The permit must be valid through 1 August for the autumn semester and through 1 January for the spring semester.
    Note! A type A permit issued for studies does not exempt you from tuition fees. More information about tuition fees and exempting documents can be found in the Am I required to pay tuition fees? section at Studyinfo.

    Early bird fee

    Fee-paying students who are admitted to our English degree programmes through the Joint Application for Higher Education are entitled to an early bird tuition fee for their first study year if they fulfil the following criteria:
    • Confirm their study place within two weeks from the notice of admission.
    • Pay the tuition fee no later than 31 May 2023.
    • Have not earlier been offered the early bird tuition fee for the same degree programme.
    The early bird tuition fee is valid for the first year of studies and amounts to 50 % of regular tuition fee. Students may choose to pay the early bird tuition fee for the first academic year or for the first semester.

    The early bird tuition fee is only offered once per degree programme. If an applicant, who has been offered the early bird tuition fee in a previous application, re-applies to the same degree programme, he/she will not be entitled to the early bird tuition fee.

    Student grants / Financial assistance

    Fee-paying students at Novia UAS can apply for scholarships at Novia UAS. The application for scholarships is open 1-15 May. Only current students of Novia UAS paying tuition fees are eligible to apply for the scholarships offered. The scholarships are granted retroactively based on the number of credits completed at Novia UAS. The credits must be completed at Novia UAS and be registered in the student register. Only the completed credits will be considered, no other factors will affect the scholarship.

    Criteria for scholarships
    • Your studies should be completed successfully according to your studyplan and curriculum and proceed at a normal pace.
    All students that have applied for scholarships within the application period and fulfill the above mentioned criteria will be granted scholarships. The scholarship amounts to 50 % of the tuition fee. Also graduated students that have been paying fees at Novia UAS can apply for the scholarship retroactively.

    About Novia University of Applied Sciences

    Novia University of Applied Sciences is the largest Swedish-speaking UAS in Finland with over 4 500 students. With traditions dating back to 1813, Novia UAS offers multidisciplinary higher education with a practical orientation. Novia UAS is training students to become experts and developers based on the requirements of working life. High quality degree programs provide students with a proper platform for their future careers.

    Novia UAS is a modern high-class University of Applied Sciences with campuses located in four cities in Finland: Vaasa, Turku, Raasepori and Pietarsaari. We offer higher education at both Bachelor's and Master's levels as well as further education in Swedish and English within:
    • Technology and Seafaring
    • Health and Welfare
    • Business
    • Natural Resources
    • Culture and Arts
    The Master's degree programme in Autonomous Maritime Operation is based at Campus Turku, Aboa Mare. Turku, located in the region of Southwest Finland, is one of Finland's biggest cities. The versatile livelihood structure, top class selection of education, culture, and services, as well as the beautiful archipelago, form a magnetic combination in Turku. In Turku there is everything, but still Turku is small enough that you can go almost everywhere by foot or bike.