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Master in Economics: Empirical Applications and Policies
University of the Basque Country


Address Facultad de Ciencias Económicas, UPV/EHU, Avda Lehendakari Aguirre 83, 48015 Bilbao, Spain
Tel. No. +34 946013786
Fax No. +34 946017112
Course Master in Economics: Empirical Applications and Policies
Type of course Full-Time
Length of course One Academic Year
Date of commencement Mid-September
Class size Maximum 30 students
Accommodation The University provides dormitories and information for students to find accommodation off-campus
Cost/Fees Around 2,000 euros
Financial assistance The University provides financial aid of 4,500 euros to students with the best credentials
Student profile Ratio of National / Overseas students : Approx. 50 / 50
Admissions requirements A bachelor's degree is required and English fluency is highly recommended
Programme Director Prof. María José Gutiérrez
Contact details for application Luis Miller
Phone: +34 946013770
Fax: +34 946017112


About the Master in Economics: Empirical Applications and Policies

The Master in Economics: Empirical Applications and Policies is a one year full-time program organised by The University of the Basque Country in Bilbao, Spain.

The aim of the program is to provide a sound understanding of economics and its applications. Students in the program learn empirical modes of inquiry and quantitative methods, and how to apply these to investigate economic issues. These skills favour access to highly qualified jobs in firms demanding highly skilled human capital such as consulting firms, research departments and public institutions where a solid research component is required. Those who opt for a pure research career acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue a Ph.D. program.

Highly motivated students with a bachelor's degree in economics, or any other comparable undergraduate major such as engineering or mathematics, are encouraged to apply for this program.

This Master is taught in English.

Admission to the Program is competitive. The selection committee will consider excellence of academic transcript and letters of recommendation. On-line Application is open until June 30th.

Tuition Fees and Financial Aids: The University of the Basque Country is a public university. Tuition fee is around 2,000 € per academic year. The University provides financial aid of about 4,500 euros for selected students – selection based on excellence.

About the University of the Basque Country

The University of the Basque Country, a publicly run educational institution with 45,000 students. Alongside our fields of specialisation, projects carried out by our research groups result in largely positive numbers and statistics: we requested 171 patents in the last 5 years and produced over 1,500 articles in indexed journals in the last 12 months.

We believe in education as a means to not only acquire knowledge, but to furthermore arouse our students´ awareness of the world and develop precious skills both for career and life. Our surveyed graduates appraise, among the competences acquired while attending our institution: the improvement of their teamwork and leadership skills, the reinforcement of their decision-making and problem-solving ability and the unfolding of their creativivity.

The University of the Basque Country is at the helm of Research, Development and Innovation in a region which stands out as one of the most prosperous in Europe. The School of Economics and Business is located in Bilbao, the core of a metropolitan area with more than one million inhabitants.

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