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Master in Creativity, Design & Technology
Eram CrossMediaCollege


Address Factoria Cultural Coma Cros, C. St. Antoni, 1 - 17190 Salt, Spain
Tel. No. +34 972 40 22 58
E-mail address
Courses Master in Creativity, Design & Technology
Type of courses Full-time Master/ Part-time/ Modules
Length of courses 1 year
Date of Commencement September - October
Accommodation The school is located in Salt, an area where finding a reasonable priced accommodation is quite easy. ERAM College supports students in during this procedure.
Class size Max. 25 students
Cost/Fees European student: 7000€
European student with scholarship: 5250€
Non-European student: 12000€
Non-European student with scholarship: 7200€
Student grants/
financial assistance
Every year ERAM offers one for full tuition fee to a contest winner and one for half tuition fee. Applications are treaded on a case by case basis.
Exchange partner schools Northampton University
Admission requirements > On-line application form
> Certified copy of the University Diploma, BA degree or the studies certification and the Academic transcript.
(B.A. in the field of Multimedia, Audio-visual communication, Industrial Engineering, Data Management & Visualization or design, is recommended)
> On-line/PDF Portfolio.
> A competent English working knowledge.
> Purpose or Motivation letter + Recommendation letter
> Copy of the passport + 2 photographs

English Language Requirements
The following test specifies the English language competence for academic studying required:
>B-2.1 or IELTS: Minimum 6.0 or
TOEFL: (paper based)-minimum 550 or
TOEFL: (computer based)-minimum 213 or
TOEFL: (internet based)-minimum 80 or
GCE: C or GCSE: C or FCE: A or CPE: C or CAE: C or SAT: 510 or ACT: 21 or APIEL: 3 or EAP: C or GMAT: 600 or ELPtT: 956 or
GPA: 3 or IB English Language: 5.
>If the applicant has reached a good English level, but has not met these certifications, ERAM College may conduct an English exam to evaluate the applicant’s performance.
Student profile 1. Ratio of National 25% / Overseas students 75%
2. Ratio of Men / Women 50%
3. Age range 23-30
Course Directors Eric Olivares
Contact details for application Email:


About the Master in Creativity, Design & Technology

In this Master's studies degree program ERAM College guides students thought innovative projects closely linked with companies, institutions and research centers. With interdisciplinary projects students will acquire cross-sectional abilities between four modules: Interaction & Technology, Strategic Creativity, Design and Business. The master is taught in English.

Students will develop the ability to use interactive technologies focused to improve quality of life, explore and experiment new paths where technology meets creativity, design interactive experiences in physical and digital environments from a creative, practical and innovative approach.

We seek to train a professional who will be able to work in teams and with cross-sectional vision between disciplines.

Some of the subjects of the master are: Human Computer Interaction, Strategic Innovation and technology development, Interaction, mobility & usability, Emerging Media, Digital Media Technology Strategic Creativity, Digital entertainment, Cognitive psychology, Creative visual communication, Design interaction tools, Interface design, Data Visualization, Wayfinding, New business and new business models and Social and Marketing trends.

The Master wills open doors to those who seek to work at technology and investigation centers, department of R+D for small and medium enterprises and big companies. Furthermore companies of technological substrate and interactive communication, digital entertainment and innovation, companies that work with technological solutions for either products or services. Students are trained to critically evaluate, propose and develop creative and profitable strategies to revenue models and concepts for service business.

About ERAM Crossmedia College

ERAM is located in Spain, in the old city of Girona, which is situated in the extreme northeast of the Iberian Peninsula, an hour train-ride from Barcelona. The old fortifications and city wall were build during the late middle ages and now give Girona its beautiful and iconic landscape. In a warm and pleasant creative environment students will practice critical thinking, creativity and technical skills in multidisciplinary projects.

ERAM College is now housed in a former textile factory in Salt, the Coma Cross Factory, a factory of 16.000 square meters that now produces creativity, ideas and business.

From stage set, computer labs and classrooms, audio-visual media laboratories, conference rooms and study halls, libraries, photography studio, auditorium, exhibition and projection rooms to leisure spaces like comfortable coffee lounges among other infrastructures.

ERAM Crossmedia College strives to prepare students to achieve excellence in their career by maintaining focused on researching and developing the multi-disciplinary aspects of cross media while constantly pushing the boundaries of new technology.

ERAM College educational system is based not only on material investments, buildings and school facilities, but the certified qualification of the teaching faculty. In fact, while promoting the excellence of the academic board, offering them the possibility to explore and develop their capacities and research on their expertise field. The combination of the experience in the professional field with certified PhD education are essential for our faculty to teach a course where academic recognition meets market transformation and future trends developments.


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