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College of Geology


Address 11 Karmenova Street, Semipalatinsk 490047, Kazakhstan
Tel. No. +7 3222 453 721
Fax No. +7 3222 452 954
E-mail address
Rector Dr. Maral Albecovich Almuxanov
  • Faculty of Geology and Exploration
  • Hydro-geological Faculty
  • Faculty of Technique of Exploration
  • Type of course Full-time
    Length of programmes 2 years 6 months
    Date of commencement 1 September
    Class size 25 students
    Fees 5000 USD



    Geological Survey of Deposits of Mine Fields

    Dean: Vera Alexeevna Kurchashova
    Contact: Nadezhda Alexandrova Krivonosova
    Staff: 175
    Chairs: General-technical, socio-economics, geology, geophysics, hydro-drilling, military sporting

    Majoring in: technician-geologists Basic Academic Disciplines: General geology, bases of geodesy and mine survey, topographical drawings, crystallography, mineralogy, petrography, structural geology, palaeontology, hydro-geology and engineering geology, geophysical methods of exploration of deposits of mine fields, bases of mining and drilling, preservation of environment and rational use of mineral resources.

    Faculty of Hydro-geology and engineering Geology

    Dean: Vera Alexeevna Kurchashova
    Contact: Anatoly Borissovich Burmistrov
    Staff: 125

    Majoring in: technician-hydrologist
    basic academic disciplines: hydrology, engineering geology, bas4es of engineering equipment, bases of hydraulics and hydro-metry, general geology, bases of geodesy and mine survey, topographical drawing, crystallography, mineralogy, petrography, bases of drilling and mining

    Technology and techniques of exploration of mine fields deposits

    Dean: Vera Alexeevna Kurchashova
    Contact: Anatoly Borissovich Burmistrov
    Staff: 150

    Majoring in: Mining technician

    Basic academic disciplines: hole drilling, mining, mining and drilling equipment, bases of automatic machinery, bases of hydraulics and drilling fluid, automobiles and tractors, mechanics, physical metallurgy and construction materials, bases of electrotechnology, power-provision, power-equipment of geological works, geology, exploration of mine fields

    About the College

    The Semipalatinsk College of Geology is one of the oldest educational institutions in Kazakhstan. It was opened in 1931. More than 13,000 specialists have graduated the College working in the CIS and abroad.

    Some of the leading scientists in geology, authors of famous publications have graduated have graduated at the College - Babkin P. V., Rebrick B. M., Yeropheyev V. C., Zhaparhanov C. Zh., Tackibayev Zh. C., Kayupov A. K., Gilmutdinov G. K., Neiman A. A., Davydov Y. G. and many, many others.

    Some of the well-known geological discoveries have been done by graduates of the College - Bashtin E. I. discovered chalcopyriting deposit of Levih XII in Russia in 1981, Suhorukov A. A. discovered deposits of coal in Karazhyra in the Semipalatinsk region in 1996, Pashckevich V. A. found deposits of polymetals in Orlov, Truhin M. K. discovered deposits of tungsten etc.

    All students at the college graduate with high technical standard of geological knowledge of production.

    The material base of the College is constantly expanding to provide good studying environment. the College has modern computer facilities and students are trained practical skills on the site of "Karaulnaya Sopka" which is on the scenic riverside of Irtish. The College has a good technical library with more than 80,000 volumes and a comfortable reading halls. Additional facilities include gymnasium, athletic hall with modern robots, swimming pool etc.


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