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Erasmus Mundus Joint Master (EMJM) in Materials Science (MAMASELF)

Degree awarded
Multiple Master degree awarded. Students will receive 2 to 3 Master diplomas. Master in Materials science, Master in Physics, Master in Chemistry, Master in Physics Engineering, Master in Geoscience

Co-ordinator Address
University of Rennes, 263 Avenue du Général Leclerc, 35700 Rennes, France

+33 2 23 23 58 58

E-mail address

Type of course

Language of tuition

Length of course
2 years

Date of commencement
The Master program exists since 2007.
It starts every year in the first week of September

Application deadline
For Non-EU students (with scholarship): 5 February 2024
For EU students (with scholarship): 20 March 2024
Applications without scholarship: before 15 May 2024

Class size
35/40 students per intake

Cost / fees
Non-EU students: 6000€ per year
EU students: 3000€ per year

Student grants / Financial assistance
Scholarships of 36000€ for the 2 years of the program.

Accommodation at student’s residencies in Rennes, Montpellier, Torino, Poznan. Not in Munich

Exchange partner schools
Several partner institutions worldwide: Universiy of Helsinki (Finland), University of Edimburgh (GB), PSI (Switzerland), University of Kyoto, TokyoTech (Japan), University of Sao Paulo (Brazil), IIT Madras (India), IMDEA (Madrid Spain), AND 14 synchrotron and neutron radiation centers

Student profile
1. Ratio of National / International students - 60% Non-EU students, 40% EU students
2. Ratio of Men / Women - 65% Men, 35% Women
3. Age range - 22/26

Major recruiters of graduates of our programmes
Michelin, Saint Gobain, RollsRoyce, Shell, Lockheed Martin, Paul Scherrer Institute, Arcelor Mittal, Hewlett Packard, ETH, University of Maryland, TUM, University Paris Sorbonne etc.

Admission requirements
See below/opposite

Programme Director
Philippe Rabiller

Contact details for application
Christiane Cloarec
Address: University of Rennes, 263 avenue du Général Leclerc, 35700 Rennes, France
Telephone: 33 2 23 23 58 58
E-mail: Christiane.cloarec(at)

University of Rennes 1, (France)
University of Montpellier, (France)
Technical University Munich, (Germany)
Ludwig Maximilians University, (Germany)
University of Torino, (Italy)
Adam Mickiewicz University, (Poland)

Erasmus Mundus Joint Master (EMJM) in Materials Science (MAMASELF)

MaMaSELF2 is a two-year, international Master in Materials Science, taught in English.

The Master Mamaself is a unique program, associating Universities, Large Scale Facilities, together with industrial partners and research centers, organized as a network of excellence. It aims to form students to become talented materials scientists, researchers and engineers.

MaMaSELF has been selected again for the 5th time, as Label of Excellence in the framework of the Erasmus Mundus program and proposes scholarships for European and Non-European students from all over the world.


The Master is jointly designed and implemented by a consortium of 6 European leading universities: University Rennes 1, and University of Montpellier, (France), Technical University Munich, and Ludwig Maximilians University, (Germany), University of Torino, (Italy), and Adam Mickiewicz University, (Poland). Modern life and globalization imply new challenges for scientists and engineers in the field of scientific and industrial competitiveness. This holds specifically for the development of new materials which are strategic key-products. The tremendous evolution of materials’ needs for energy, aeronautics, informatics, life-science, etc., requires experienced and motivated staff to design the necessary materials of tohmorrow. MaMaSELF2 forms highly qualified and trained students in this area, able to face the new challenges.

Content of the program

Beside a strong background in fundamentals for materials science, mainly based on physics and chemistry, students will learn advanced techniques for the structural (crystallography), dynamic and electronic (spectroscopy) study of materials. They will discover the capabilities of neutron and synchrotron radiation sources for the characterization of materials, and their impact on cutting-edge advances.. The master course further develops soft skills.

Structure of the program

Students will have several mobilities during the program, enabling them to study and discover Europe at the same time. Students complete a first year at one university, then join another university for the third academic semester, while the fourth semester is dedicated to the master-thesis internship.

Mamaself events

Several key events punctuate the program during the 2 years : the Welcome week, the Summer school dedicated to understanding and use of Large Scale Facilities, the Status meeting in Swizerland for Master 2 students workshop, and the Graduating ceremony. In addition to the scientific content of these events, it as an opportunity for the students to build their network, connecting with students professors, researchers at these occasions.

About 40 students coming from all over the world enroll each year. With Master Mamaself choose academic excellence, choose mobilities at renowned universities, travel, meet, discover and study with a unique program.

Admission requirements

Students must have a Bachelor in Materials science, or Physics or Chemistry or related disciplines.
English level: TOEFL IBT 80 or IELTS 6,5 or Cambridge A, B or C.

Want to join? Apply !

The Master is conducted by a consortium of 6 renowned European universities in France, Germany, Italy, Poland.

The partners have a large background in materials science and a long collaboration with Large Scale Facilities. They are located in culturally and historically rich European towns. Through full integration of teaching and research, the consortium universities have managed to bring together different specializations in a unique course programme.

University of Rennes (UR), coordinating institution of the Master. is a multidisciplinary university, amongst the main universities in France and famous for its excellence and dynamic research. Located in the centre of a human-scale city, University of Rennes is just 1.5 hour away from Paris and currently welcomes about 37,000 students.

Located in the South of France on the Mediterranean Sea, the Université de Montpellier (UM)committed itself since more than 800 years of its existence, towards scientific and societal challenges. UM is a research-intensive university where education and research cover most of the Scientific and Technological fields. It is also one of the largest French universities, presently enrolling more than 50,000 students.

Since the time of its foundation, the Technical University Munich (TUM) has earned itself an international reputation in many fields : a number of Nobel Prize winners originate from TUM university.

The Technical University Munich holds a unique position in Europe in terms of the choice of fields it offers. The courses cover all areas of the natural and engineering sciences, along with medicine and life sciences. TUM is placed among the 5 best European universities in the international rankings.

Ludwig-Maximilians-University (LMU) Munich enjoys a centuries-old tradition and today is one of the most internationally renowned and strongest research universities in Germany. The expertise and dedication of its faculties and staff are the basis for LMU’s distinguished record in research, and for the University’s consistently high rating in national and international rankings.

University of Turin (UniTo) is one of the largest Italian Universities. According to the ARWU international ranking, in 2019 UniTo ranks among the top 300 universities out of 1.200 and as the 4th university in Italy.

At UniTo, the MaMaSELF program is based at the Department of Chemistry. The Department's multi-disciplinary research activities, ranging from analytical and environmental chemistry to industrial chemistry and metallurgy, focus on the underlying foundations of chemical science related phenomena.

Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan is the major academic institution in Poznan and one of the top Polish universities. Its reputation is founded on tradition, the outstanding achievements of the faculty and the attractive curriculum.