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Address Institute of the Arts - Barcelona, c/Ramon Dalmases 18, Sitges, Barcelona, Spain
Tel. No. +34 93 894 9713
E-mail address
Course Summer School
IAB Diploma Acting
IAB Diploma Dance
IAB Diploma Musical Theatre
BA (Hons) Acting
BA (Hons) Dance
BA (Hons) Musical Theatre
Type of courses Foundation Diploma
BA (Hons)
Length of course Diploma - 1 year
BA- 3 years
Date of commencement September. Auditions in April, May and June
Class size Max. 25
Accommodation Yes, through partner organisation
Fees Foundation Diploma: 8.500 euros
BA (Hons): 9.750 euros
Student grants / Financial assistance Scholarships available. Enquire with the School
Admission requirements See below
Contact for application Rocío Fojo
Address: c/ Ramon Dalmases 18, Sitges, Barcelona, Spain
Telephone: +34 938949713


About the Courses

The Institute of the Arts – Barcelona is a specialist international English language higher education institution dedicated to providing world class, employment focused education and training for creative, innovative, determined and talented students wishing to gain and sustain a lasting career in the performing arts and recording arts.

Our Programmes

All our programmes are about doing. They are practical and hands on. They are about developing the practical skills and understanding to go out and make, or find work of the highest level.

IAB Diplomas (1 year Full-time)
IAB Diploma Acting
IAB Diploma Dance
IAB Diploma Musical Theatre

Our Diploma programmes provide an intense period of vocational study which can either lead directly to employment or to further advanced study at a leading performing arts school or university. The programmes provide the opportunity to develop strong vocational, creative and technical skills across a broad range of areas, together with a solid under standing of the contextual and economic concepts that underpin professional arts practice. The IAB Diploma programmes also provide an option, at no extra cost, for the development of English language. Successful completion of the IAB Diploma programmes at a particular level provides automatic progression on to the corresponding degree programme at the IAB.

BA Degrees (3 years Full-time)
BA (Hons) Acting
BA (Hons) Dance
BA (Hons) Musical Theatre
BA (Hons) Stage Management BA (Hons) Arts Entrepreneurship BA (Hons) Popular Music
BA (Hons) Film Production

Our unique BA degree programmes provide high quality vocational and professional education and training for those wishing to gain and maintain lasting international careers in the perform- ing and recording arts. All our degree programmes involve intense creative professional training, business and enntrepreneurial development and historical and conceptual studies. Our degrees are practical and ́hands-on ́ in nature. All students whether on stage, backstage or behind the camera will be involved in a large number of major performance and production projects. On completion of these programmes, students will be fully prepared to find and make work in the performing and recording arts.

Part-Time, Short Courses and Master Classes

Evening Classes, Summer Schools for Professionals, Summer Schools for Young People, Master-Classes and Workshops, Weekend Pre-Professional Schools, Professional Development Activities.

We will offer a comprehensive range of part-time classes, evening classes, short courses and summer schools in English, Spanish and Catalan. Our provision will be both for professional practitioners and arts students who wish to develop their professional careers and for adults and young people who see the arts as a personal development and social activity. The provision will cover the whole range of activities developed within the Insti- tution including dance, acting, musical theatre, arts management, and film.

Applications and Auditions

It is simple to apply to the Institute of the Arts – Barcelona. An applica- tion form is available for download from the Institute’s website at

Once you have submitted your application you will be invited to an interview or audition, either at the Institute itself, or in some cases in your own country. Full details of what can be expected in the interviews or auditions are on our website.

Selection Criterea

Each of the Diploma, BA and MA degrees has a set of selection criteria. In broad terms, the Institute will be looking for individuals who can demonstrate:

• discipline / subject specific skills
• enthusiasm for and commitment to the media or performing arts / intellectual capacity
• English language skills (levels varies by programme)

Fees Full details regarding our fees and fee scholarship programmes are available on our website. The Institute of the Arts – Barcelona is com- mitted to affordable world-class university level education.


Through its partners the Institute offers a full range of accommodation services to students. Students have the option of living in shared houses or flats, with local families or in more traditional student accommoda- tion. Full details are provided on the Institute website.

Care and Support for its Students

The Institute has a broad range of support services for its students managed by our student welfare and counselling officer. The Institute has formal links with healthcare services, educational support agencies and other external organisations.

About Institute of the Arts – Barcelona

Europe’s New Home for Performing and Recording Arts Education Inspiring the next generation of international creative artists Unique, Collaborative and Interdisciplinary Curriculum Our Diplomas, BA and MA degree programmes are unique. We believe in providing a student experience that is unrivalled. The programmes are employment focussed, based on real-world experience, interdisciplinary and collaborative (where else can you work with so many disci- plines in the same building?). Our programmes provide students with the best possible opportu- nity to find and make work in the performing and recording arts upon graduation.

World Class Teachers

Central to the success of the Institute are its teaching staff. Students will be taught by staff with outstanding professional experience. Our professors have worked at the highest level across the world and have taught at some of the most prestigious institutions in Europe and elsewhere. Our professors are not only great professional practitioners but also committed teachers who place the student at the centre of the learning experience.

Outstanding Resources

The Institute will be housed in a unique and stunning building that is built to the highest stan- dards, providing students with access to:

• its own fully equipped 200 seat flexible theatre
• large world class dance studios with mirrors, barres and fully sprung floors
• large acting & musical theatre rehearsal studios
• fully equipped music practise rooms
• music and audio recording studios
• video production facilities utilising the latest technology
• video post-production facilities
• well-resourced library and learning resource facilities
• café and social area

The Institute is built around a set of core values:

Creativity is about finding new, appropriate and sustainable solutions to defined problems. Each individual has their own approach to creative problem solving and the Institute will strive to help them find it.

Enterprise and Entrepreneurship
To develop and maintain a career in the performing and recording arts, you need to be enter- prising and entrepreneurial. We will teach our students to grasp opportunities as they arise, and develop their project and business management skills.

Conceptual Understanding
For an individual to successfully and consistently employ practical skills they must have a strong grasp of the theoretical concepts that underpin them and inform their use. They must also have the skills to be critical and reflect on what they do. In all that we do, we support the development of this practise.

Global Perspectives
The media and performing arts operate in an international creative and fiscal economy. We will promote in our students an understanding of the opportunities afforded by this cross-cultural and global dimension.

Tolerance and Responsibility
Arts practitioners need to be intensely aware of the social, cultural and political implica- tion of their work, and make informed and reasoned judgements regarding its validity and potential impact. We encourage and support the student in recognising their responsibilities as well as the impact and nature of their work.

Excellence and Integrity
The Institute will create a culture of excellence through encouraging tolerance, professional and personal integrity, intellectual rigour, and a respect for the skills and strengths of others.

Disabled Students
We welcome applications from disabled students. We will, as far as is reasonably possible, adjust our audition and interview process to accommodate any disability.

Equal Opportunities
The Institute selects its students according to its published criteria. It does not make evaluations according to age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion or any other unfair discriminatory criteria.

All information contained on this page was correct at the time of going to press. As part of its academic and organisational development the Institute retains the discre- tion to make changes to its programmes and resources.

Our Location
There can be few places better to be a student than Sitges and Barcelona.

Barcelona is one the world’s most beautiful and dynamic cities steeped in the arts and rich in culture. Barcelona is home to some of the world’s greatest architecture, museums and galleries, and has a dynamic and varied theatre economy. Barcelona is also one of the world’s leading film locations. The nightlife in Barcelona is outstanding, whether you wish to simply stroll down La Rambla or go to one of the thousands of bars, restaurants or nightclubs. The city is incredibly friendly and is home to many universities and specialist higher education institutions.

Situated half an hour from the centre of Barcelona, Sitges is one of Spain’s jewels. Originally a small fishing village, in the 19th century it became a centre for counter-culture and the arts. The town is frequently used as the location for TV adverts and films and boasts a number of outdoor performance locations.

Sitges has the largest street carnival in mainland Europe (as well as numerous other festi- vals), is home to a major international film festival and has five substantial museums and galleries. It is both a modern and exciting town with an excellent nightlife, but retains much of its original charm as a small coastal Catalan town.

Sitges is an up-market tourist destination and has some of the finest beaches in Spain. Due to the mountains that surround the town, Sitges has its own microclimate giving 300 days of sunshine a year. Due to its international popularity, English is widely spoken in banks, doctors’ surgeries, shops and bars.


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