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Master of Business Administration and Engineering (MBA&E)

TGS- Ostendstraße 25, 12459 Berlin, Germany

+49 30 5019-3662

E-mail address

Type of course
Full-time, on-campus

Language of tuition

Length of course
Three semesters / 18 months

Date of commencement
1st October

Application deadline
28th of February

Class size
Max. 25 students (4-6 parallel groups with different specializations)

Cost / fees
Tuition fee 12,500 EUR for all students

Student grants / Financial assistance
For scholarship opportunities, please see the database maintained by the DAAD. Applicants of underrepresented nationalities, as well as female applicants, can apply for our diversity enhancement grant. Please see the details on our website under “Application”.

Available through partners

Major recruiters of graduates of our programmes
Multinational companies such as Siemens, Bombardier, Bosch, Toyota, Daimler, Accenture, Volkswagen, BMW and Allianz, Tesla, Deutsche Bahn, wayfair, P&G and Alstom, as well as many medium-size enterprises.

Exchange partner schools
The programme does not include a student exchange, voluntary exchanges and visits are supported

Student profile

  • Ratio of National/Overseas students - 5% national / 95% international
  • Ratio of Men/Women - 70% men / 30% women
  • Age range - Average 27 years

Admission requirements

  • Previous Bachelor's degree or higher
  • Minimum one year of working experience, typically 3-5 years
  • Strong interest in a technical management career
  • TOEFL 94 (IBT), IELTS 7 or equivalent

Programme Director
Prof Dr Soeren Dressler

Contact details for application
Ms Kalinka Frielingsdorf
Programme Manager
Ostendstrasse 1 Office PBH-1110 D-12459 Berlin
Tel. +49 30 50193596

University of Applied Sciences HTW Berlin

Master of Business Administration and Engineering (MBA&E)

The MBA&E is a special programme intended for engineers and others with technical background interested in a management career. The graduates’ target positions include general management, and project, process and product management. Most often, the MBA&Es work at multinational companies and in international environments.

Programme focus and specialisations

Our highest priority is to facilitate students’ career progress. The MBA&E design draws upon the business experience of its lecturers and partners. With a balance of technical and management skills and a specialisation option, the programme trains graduates with high labour market demand.

Currently, five specialisation options are offered:

The new Global Leadership in Engineering (GLE) specialisation is offered to experienced students (with prior leadership experience) who wish to take up leadership responsibility in international organisations.

The new Global Procurement (GP) specialisation gives students competencies in the procurement of goods and services from international markets.

The Automotive Management (AM) specialisation prepares students for a career in the automotive sector. The students will learn about both technical and market aspects of automotive management.

The Interdisciplinary Management (IM) specialization is targeted mainly for students with technical backgrounds. The key learning goal of this specialization is competency in the management of complex, multidisciplinary projects.

The Lean Management (LM) specialisation gives competencies in enhancing processes in production and administration, as well as industry 4.0 applications.

iCareer Academy & Alumni Network

Empowering Skills for Success!

In Germany's job market, a shortage of skilled professionals presents an exceptional chance for international graduates to acquire work experience following their studies. The HTW MBA&E programme is committed to supporting this endeavor by equipping during their studies with high employability skills such as a diverse range of extracurricular courses covering subjects like the German job market and application processes, job interview trainings, intercultural competence and communication skills.

The overarching objective of the iCareer Academy is to empower international students to attain a successful degree and streamline their transition into the job market.

Teamwork and communication skills

Students of the course are given the opportunity to develop the crucial skills involved in modern business practice in a working-by-doing manner, learning to navigate challenging assignments in a variety of team settings. The course imparts the whole range of effective collaboration, communication, presentation and argumentation skills required by the modern business environment.


Several modules include opportunities to visit companies in Berlin or elsewhere in Germany. These visits will give students impressions of German companies and workplace culture, making later job search easier.

The MBA&E community

The MBA&E is more than a course of study. Enrolment on the course represents induction into a mutually supporting network of international young professionals. The members of our constantly growing alumni network are employed by a number of multinational firms and SMEs; the network also includes entrepreneurs, scientists and even politicians. Through maintenance of this alumni scheme and contact to other international stakeholders (e.g. leading companies), the programme office ensures that the MBA&E is firmly embedded within an extensive international network.

University of Applied Sciences HTW Berlin

The HTW Berlin, a multi-disciplinary application-oriented university of applied sciences boasts a student body of 14,000, thereof about 2,500 are international students. The MBA&E students profit from a large university’s resources combined with the flexibility of a dynamic degree programme managed by a dedicated programme office.

The HTW offers an impressive range of study programmes in five different departments spanning fields from engineering, computer science and economics, to culture and design. Traditional applied sciences like mechanical engineering, automotive engineering and business administration go hand-in-hand with more contemporary and innovative studies such as Information Technology/Networked Systems, Construction and Real Estate Management or Renewable Energy Systems Technology.

High Quality Education

The HTW is regularly distinguished for the high quality of its study programmes. Together with other key qualifications, foreign language training is an integral part of each student's experience at the HTW. Students can choose from a wide range of foreign language courses at all proficiency levels. And subjects like "Presentation Techniques" or "Presentation Training" are the cornerstones of students' course schedules.

Many other relevant events are also arranged by the HTW's Career Service Centre. Students who wish to spend a part of their studies abroad will find that the HTW offers ideal conditions: it cultivates ties with over 100 other universities worldwide, thus maintaining strong bonds with collaborative partners.

Research at the HTW

The HTW encourages research and development projects, as well as other innovative education and cultural programmes. Topics focusing on information society are dealt with, as well as energy-related issues and environmental problems. Whereas some business-related research concentrates on promoting entrepreneurial start-ups and improving the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises, other research addresses social-economics and political policies, such as European and national labour market policies, or the effects of globalisation.

Projects on the preservation of cultural heritage and projects from the field of design round off the spectrum of research. Within Berlin, the Federal Republic of Germany and Europe, the HTW works together with small and medium-sized businesses, unions, administrations, associations, research and training institutions, and other individuals to fulfil these objectives and goals.

Competence Centres at the HTW

Our research profile is also distinguished by exclusive research institutes such as the "Forschungsinstitut für Deutsches und Europäisches Immobilienwirtschafts- und Genossenschaftsrecht" (research institute for German and European real estate business law and cooperative law), plus a variety of other interdisciplinary competence centres. All of them collaborate with one another on joint projects.