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European Master for Industry in Microwave Electronics and Photonics (EMIMEP)

Degree awarded
Joint Masterís Degree

Co-ordinator Address
University of Limoges, 123 Avenue Albert Thomas, 87060 Limoges Cedex, - France

+33 (0) 5 55 45 72 00

Type of course

Language of tuition

Length of course
Two academic years

Date of commencement
1st September

Application deadline
15/03/2024 for students with the Erasmus Mundus Scholarships
15/06/2024 for self-funded students

Class size
25 students per intake

Cost / fees
EMIMEP will cover the enrolment fee for the Erasmus Mundus students and some self-funded students.
Enrollment fees include:

  • Full-time registration for the dedicated master's degree
  • Health insurance covering
  • access to university facilities
  • support from the student services of the university
  • use of the library
  • use of the information technology infrastructure
  • Social events during the integration week
  • Participation in the Research and Industrial Week in Cluj-Napoca (Romania)
  • Participation in the European Microwave Week
  • Attendance in the EMIMEP Summer School and all guest lectures

  • Student grants / Financial assistance
    EMIMEP will offer full Erasmus Mundus scholarships to the best-ranked students worldwide. The student will receive 1400 euros each month during the full duration of the programme (max. 24 months). The scholarship will cover the travel, visa cost and the living allowance. EMIMEP will also offer a few consortium scholarships to the most talented self-funded students.

    EMIMEP can offer accommodation to the students in Limoges, Brescia, Bilbao and Jena during their studies.

    Exchange partner schools
    See below / opposite

    Major recruiters of graduates of our programmes
    Our students can easily be hired for a Marie Curie & PhD thesis or a job as an engineer after their graduation at an international level. Our major recruiters are the following so far:

    French National Centre for Scientific Research - CNRS (FR), United Monolithic Semiconductors (FR), Thales Alenia Space (FR), Siradel (FR), Nokia (FI), University of Limoges (FR), Universitť Libre de Bruxelles Ė ULB (BE), Eindhoven University of Technology (NL), Polytechnic University of Catalonia (SP), Technical University of Danemark (DA), Aalto University (FI), Polytechnic University of Milan (IT), University of Cassino (IT), University of Twente (NL), Huawei (GE), Stellantis (FR), ASML (NL), MediaTek (UK), Ferchau Engineering (GE), Ericsson (SW), ESSS (SP), Infinite Orbits (FR), NXP Semiconductors (FR)

    Admission requirements

  • Bachelor's diploma in Electronic Engineering, telecommunication engineering, photonics or applied physics. The applicants might have solid bases in signal processing, electromagnetism, telecommunications, embedded systems, analogue and digital electronics, propagation of electromagnetic waves and the principle of photonics. Moreover, the applicant might submit the final grade of the bachelorís Programme. For instance, applicants can convert their grade through the enic-naric recognition convention.
  • Previous professional experience (industrial internship, academic project, summer jobs) and/or research experience. Above all, the applicant has to justify a cumulative work experience of 4 weeks with a positive assessment;
  • 3 reference letters from persons having reasonable knowledge of the candidate's skills and potential;
  • Study curriculum Ė List of the 180 acquired ECTS;
  • Marks of all university exams for the bachelorís Programme;
  • A motivation letter/cover letter;
  • Publications relevant to the contents of the Master Programme (e.g. internship reports) if possible;
  • Foreign language skills. Required English Level CEFR Ė B1

  • Programme Director
    Full Professor Denis Barataud

    Associated partners
    See below / opposite

    Contact details for application

    University of Limoges (France)
    University of Brescia (Italy)
    University of the Basque Country (Spain)
    Friedrich-Schiller University of Jena (Germany)

    European Master for Industry in Microwave Electronics and Photonics (EMIMEP)

    EMIMEP is an integrated learning programme centred on microwave engineering and photonic technologies preparing a new generation of engineers for the next decade of sustainable technological solutions. EMIMEP is based on excellence and it is a concrete solution to the increasing demand for highly qualified talents to foster academic and industrial innovation.

    Areas covered range from the fundamentals of microwave electronics and photonics to their implementations with new technologies, combining analogue electronics, lasers, classical and quantum engineering, nano-photonics, energy harvesting and antennas.

    The partners are: the University of Limoges (FR), the University of Brescia (IT), the University of the Basque Country (SP) and the Friedrich-Schiller University of Jena (DE). EMIMEP also includes 5 academic-associated partners. A panel of more than 50 Associated Partners, including companies, research laboratories and associations, will support the EMIMEP programme and will constitute an effective network for Masterís theses and future career development.

    The first 3 semesters are based on lectures and lab sessions, while the last one is based on independent work related to the Master thesis.

    The first-year programme combines a first placement period in France and then in Italy with a Research and Industrial Week in Romania.

    Students in the second year will enhance their learning around one of the four paths available in the 3rd semester: towards greener power management in electronics and photonics in Limoges, Technologies for High-Frequency applications in Bilbao, Communication Technologies in Brescia, Optics Photonics and Quantum Technologies in Jena.

    After a Summer School and an active participation in the European Microwave Conference, at the end of the master, the students are awarded a joint diploma.

    EMIMEP graduate students can be recruited directly by companies or pursue a PhD programme in universities, research institutes or industrial doctorates.

    Description of the Mobility Scheme

    The first placement period is in France for the first semester and then in Italy for the second semester. The mobility scheme offers a synergic programme of fundamentals in analogue and nonlinear electronics and photonics. In addition, two courses will be taught, one in the first semester by the academic staff from the University of the Basque Country and a second course in Brescia by the academic staff from the University of Jena.

    During the second academic year, the students will move to one of the four partner institutions.

    The partners are given the opportunity to the student to intensify their study around one of the four paths and the associated and dedicated lab equipment for the third semester: towards greener power management in electronics and photonics at the University of Limoges, Communication Technologies at the University of Brescia, Technologies for High-Frequency at the University of the Baque Country and Optics Photonics and Quantum Technologies at the University of Jena.

    The Masterís thesis (fourth semester) can be carried out in any of the partner institutions or associate partners, under the guidance of a professor from one of the partner universities except for the students who are enrolled at FSUJena (the students who are enrolled at FSU Jena might perform the masterís thesis in Jena and defend their masterís thesis in October at the end of the academic year).

    Each student batch is also invited to participate in the Research and Industrial Week in Cluj-Napoca (Romania), the European Microwave Week & the Summer School.

    Associated partners

    Associated Universities

    Technical University of Cluj-Napoca (RO)
    Polytechnic University of Milan (IT)
    University of Catania (IT)
    Malaya University (MA)
    V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University (UK)>

    Large companies

    Rohde & Schwarz
    NXP Semiconductors Segula
    Haier Europe
    Thales Alenia Space
    United Monolithic Semiconductors Vacom GmbH

    Small and Medium Entreprises

    Active Fiber Systems
    Airmems Micro-Relays
    AMCAD Engineering
    Focus Microwaves
    Quantum Optics Jena GmbH
    TTI Norte
    Smart Solutions SRL

    Research Institutes

    Donostia International Physics Center
    Fraunhofer IOF
    Fraunhofer IZM
    Instituto Italiano di Tecnologia
    Institute of Physical Chemistry
    III-V Lab


    European Microwave Association

    Youth organisation


    Representative of working life

    Alpha RLH

    National public bodies


    In short, EMIMEP is:

    - 4 partner Universities
    - Joint diploma
    - 1400 euros/Month scholarship
    - 50+ international associated partners
    - 1 Summer School, 1 Research and Industrial Week and 1 European Microwave Week for all the students
    - Conferences and seminars every semester

    About the Consortium Partner Universities

    The projectís partners are the University of Limoges (France), the University of Brescia (Italy), the University of the Basque Country (Spain) and the Abbe School of Photonics at the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena (Germany).

    The associate partner University of Cluj-Napoca (Romania) will also contribute to the learning programme with the organisation of the Research and Industrial Week.

    A panel of industrial & research associated partners, including SMEs, large companies and associations, Research Institutes, National bodies, Youth associations and representatives of working life, support the EMIMEP programme through concrete contributions. They will constitute an effective network for a Masterís thesis/internship with the prospect of future career development.