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Energy and Sustainable Development Management MBA
Ipag Business School
Energy and Sustainable Development Management MBA,
Ipag Business School


Address Ipag Business School, 184 boulevard Saint Germain 75006 Paris, FRANCE
Tel. No. +33 1 53 63 36 00
Fax No. +33 1 45 44 40 46
Course Energy and sustainable development management MBA
Type of course Full time
Length of course 1 year
Date of commencement Two sessions: October or March
Class size between 15 and 30
Cost/Fees € 8,000
Exchange partner schools Dual MBA with the University of New Haven (Connecticut – USA)
Major recruiters of graduates of this Course TOTAL, Decathlon, Orange, BMW…
Admission requirements - TOEFL transcript (Paper-based test 550 points or Internet-based test 80 points), or IELTS 6.0.
- Four year university (or post secondary) degree Master 1 degree
- 240 credits Euopean Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS)
Student Profile • Ratio of National/Overseas students: 80% Overseas students and 20% national
• Ratio of Men/Women: 80% men and 20% women
• Age range: 26 years
Program Director Bernard TERRANY


About the Energy and Sustainable Development Management MBA

Ipag international MBA programmes in Paris offer a unique opportunity for students and professionals to learn and enrich their knowledge in the fields of business and management in today’s dynamic and competitive world. This programme suits students and professionals who either already enjoy general knowledge in business or intend to start and pursue their career in business and management. The programmes, all taught in English, give students and professionals a broader understanding of general business concepts and concrete practices, while focusing on particular aspects, sectors and geographical zones.

The one full-year academic programme includes two days of taught courses, on Fridays (all day) and on Saturdays (all morning and afternoon), thus enabling students to start or continue their professional commitments and activities throughout the week.

Aims of programme
    • Mastering a broader understanding of the global energy and oil industry infrastructure
    • Studying energy production and procurement security issues
    • Generating new energies and assuring long-term development alternatives, with reference to environmental hazards
    • Assessing financial energy markets and reserves
Dual MBA

After one year of MBA at Ipag, you will have the opportunity to join one of the different MBA from the University of New Haven (Connecticut - USA) in order to obtain a Dual MBA in Business. You will earn a prestigious American degree, furthermore upon completing the MBA you will have the possibility to obtain a visa that will entitle you to work in the US for one year.

About Ipag Business School

Ipag Business School is based in France and has two prestigious centres:
One situated in the heart of Paris, and the other beautifully positioned on the French Riviera in Nice. Ipag was founded in 1965 with the support of the well-known economist and member of the French Academy, Jacques Rueff.

The purpose of Ipag programmes is to equip the students with social and professional skills that they can utilize to their advantage in today’s rapidly changing and challenging environment.

Ipag has 6200 graduates in business, many of which have significant responsibilities (asset managers in large banks in London or Paris, leaders in luxury goods or retail…).

The alumni association is a dynamic network of former students; the alumni association of Ipag promotes and develops its image and reputation within companies, recruitment agencies and the general public. They also offer advice and assistance on a professional level for those who want it.


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