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UdK Berlin, Berlin Summer University of the Arts


  • Aesthetic Transformation Processes

  • Poshak: Understanding Diversity through "Bollywood" costumes

  • Oral Storytelling - An Introduction

  • Visual Ethnography: A Mode of Ethnographic Translation

  • The Berlin Flâneur: Translating Movement into Writing

  • Floating Texts: Unlearning to Write

  • Collisions, Contagions, Passages: Art and the Arts

  • Drawing as a Way of Knowing - Plants

  • Pause and Participate. Play and Photograph

  • Drawing as a Way of Knowing - Insects

  • Public Intervention with Sound

  • KlangKunstBühne spezial 2023 - Video as Agent

  • Data Sculptures as Translational Acts

  • Writing = Design

  • Body as Magnifier

  • Berlin Poster - Image Making in Experiments and on Risography

  • Editing for Film and Video Art

  • Artspeak: English as a Foreign Language Workshop

  • A Situationist Guidebook to every City

  • Glue: Collectiv Improvising and Composing in Sound - Drawing - Performance

  • Transitions – Drawing and Space

  • Breath-Voice-Sound

  • KlangKunstBühne spezial 2023 - Collective Beauty

  • Playwriting – From Idea to Scene and Structure

  • Oral storytelling – An introduction to bilingual co-telling

  • (mis-)translation club

  • Online: EXP: Experiment, Experience, Explore

  • Biographical-Documentary Working Methods in the Context of Art

  • All that nothing causing all that thing

UdK Berlin, Berlin Summer University of the Arts, Bundesallee 1–12, 10719 Berlin, Germany

+49 30 3185 2087

+49 30 3185 2690

E-mail address

Language of tuition

Length of course
3 – 7 days in most cases

Date of commencement
June – September 2023

Application deadline
4 weeks before the start of each workshop

Class size
8 – 20

Cost / fees
360 – 680 Euros, depending on the duration of the workshop

Student grants / Financial assistance

Student profile
1. International audience
2. Ratio of Men / Women - 40 % / 60
3. Age range 18–65+

Admission requirements
For detailed information on admission requirements, please consult the workshop descriptions on our website

Course Director
Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr.-Oec. Thomas Schildhauer, Stephanie Schwarz

Contact details for application
Barbara Schmarsow
Address: UdK Berlin, Bundesallee 1–12, 10719 Berlin
Tel / Fax: +49 30 3185 2087 / +49 30 3185 2690

UdK Berlin, Berlin Summer University of the Arts

Summer Courses / Workshops

This summer, UDK BERLIN opens its doors once again: From June to September, the Berlin Summer University of the Arts 2023 presents 29 workshops in all artistic disciplines and beyond. Get inspired, focus on your art and make lasting connections in international and transdisciplinary settings at Europe’s largest art university.

Last year, the programme welcomed 300 participants from 40 countries. Registration is now open.

This year's focus on Translational Acts reflects the engaged dialogue between the disciplines at UdK Berlin. Artistic practice unfolds in the face of major social, political and technological transformation processes: questions of climate justice and sustainability, collectivity and diversity, or digitization are aesthetically translated in manifold ways. Crossing, transgressing, transcribing, rewriting borders and limits represent central dynamics of the Berlin Summer University of the Arts and you are invited to take part.

The programme opens with two courses by multimedia artist Elvira Hufschmid and conceptual artist Margit Schild (12 to 16 June / 19 to 22 June). Their transdisciplinary workshop “Aesthetic Transformation Processes” has been a source of inspiration for numerous artists in previous years. The newly conceived in-depth course “Part II” is therefore aimed at both new and former participants. New to the programme are, among others, urbanists Karsten Michael Drohsel and Turit Fröbe.

In “A Situationist Guidebook to Every City” (27 August to 2 September), they encourage a playful approach to the diversity of urban spaces. New perspectives will be explored and ultimately translated into a print product.

Daisuke Ishida's sound art workshop “Public Intervention with Sound” (31 July to 6 August) initiates a different artistic engagement with public spaces. Berlin Central Station as a junction between private and public, everyday life and tourist attraction, past and present, will be the focal point of this course.

In “Drawing as a Way of Knowing – Plants” (24 to 28 July) and “– Insects” (31 July to 2 August), participants will discover how nature can be examined in order to develop and sharpen artistic concerns. Under the guidance of visual artists Kerstin Hille and Oliver Thie, they will also confront the precarious reality of destroyed ecosystems.

Designers Robin Coenen and Felix Buchholz offer a more technological approach to ecological questions in their workshop “Data Sculptures as Translational Acts” (7 to 12 August): Moving beyond the limitations of two-dimensional data representation, this workshop will explore the intricacies of climate justice with physical data sculptures. Ragnhild A. Mørch, storyteller and renowned lecturer at UdK Berlin Career College, will host three workshops. Two consecutive workshops provide a sound introduction to the art of “Oral Storytelling” (19 to 21 June / 26 to 28 June).

Together with Suse Weisse, she also offers an introduction course to the transcultural practice of “Bilingual Co-Telling” (6 to 8 September). Aspiring playwrights will have an excellent opportunity to develop their personal writing approaches for the stage in “Playwriting — From Idea to Scene and Structure” (4 to 7 September) with John von Düffel and Gerhild Steinbuch.

Discover the whole programme here:

About the Berlin University of the Arts

The Berlin University of the Arts is one of the few art universities in Europe that combines all art disciplines and related sciences. The four faculties of Fine Arts, Design, Music and Performing Arts, as well as the Inter-University Centre for Dance (HZT) and Jazz (JIB Berlin) offer more than 70 artistic, artistic-scientific and artistic-pedagogical courses. Of around 4000 students, about one third have an international background.

The history of the Berlin University of the Arts dates back to the foundation of the Brandenburg–Prussian Academy of Arts in 1696.

The university acquired its present form in 1975 through a merger of the University of Fine Arts and the University of Music and Performing Arts to the University of the Arts (HdK). The Berlin University of the Arts got its present name in 2001.

With more than 700 events a year, the UdK Berlin significantly contributes to the cultural life of the city. Since 1 April 2020, Prof. Dr. Norbert Palz has been the President of the UdK Berlin.