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Yanka Kupala
State University of Grodno, Belarus


Rector Professor Sergei Maskevich
Address 22 Ozheshko Street
Grodno 230023, Belarus
Tel. No. +375 152 448 578
Fax No. +375 17 210 8599
E-mail address
Website address
  • Physics and Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Biology and Ecology
  • Linguistics
  • History and Culture
  • Law
  • Economics and Management
  • Physical Culture
  • Psychology and Pedagogics
  • Intensive Courses of Russian/Belarusian Languages
  • Master Programmes
  • Postgraduate Studies
  • Type of programmes Full-time and part-time
    Length of programmes Full-time: 5 years
    Part-time: 6 years
    Master programmes: 1 year
    Postgraduate Studies: 3 years
    Date of commencement 1 September
    Class size 5-25 (depends on the programme)
    Accommodation Available. Halls of Residence or private sector accommodation
    Fees Overseas students: 1000-1700 USD per year
    Fees depend on the programme
    Admission requirements See below
    Student profile National/Overseas Students: 8500/45
    Contact for application Dr. Yury Vaitukevich
    Tel.: +375 152 44 85 78
    Fax: +375-17-2108599


    Faculties & Colleges

    Faculty of Mathematics
    Dean: Dr. Valeri Boiko
    Tel.: +375 152 721 540

    Speciality: Mathematics

    Specializations: Algebra and Theory of Numbers, Differential Equations, Theory of Functions, Mathematical Modelling, Methods of Teaching Mathematics and Computer Science

    Specialities: Applied Mathematics, Information Technology Software

    Faculty of Biology and Ecology
    Dean: Prof. Natalia Pavlovich
    Tel.: +375 152 316 809

    Speciality: Biology

    Specializations: Zoology, Botany, and Biochemistry

    Speciality: Ecology

    Faculty of Economics and Management
    Dean: Dr. Yuri Belykh
    Tel: +375 152 334 521

    Specialities: International Economics and International Economic Relations; Commercial Activity; Economic Cybernetics; Business Management and Economics.

    Faculty of Physics and Engineering
    Dean: Dr. Gennadi Gachko
    Tel.: +375 152 443 186

    Speciality: Physics

    Specializations: Physical Metrology and Automation of Experiment, Computer Simulation of Physical Processes; Laser Physics and Spectroscopy; New Materials and Technologies, Methods of Teaching Physics and Computer Science

    Specialities: Radiophysics, Engineering, Technology and Equipment for Efficient Material Treatment

    Faculty of Physical Culture

    Dean: Dr. Vladimir Karchevsky
    Tel.: +375 152 478 849

    Speciality: Physical Culture and Sport

    Specializations: Pre-school and Physical Education; Mass Sport and Tourism

    Faculty of History and Culture
    Dean: Prof. Ivan Krien
    Tel.: +375 152 333 245

    Speciality: History

    Specializations: English Language, German Language, History of Belarus, History of Slavonic States, World History, Theory and History of World Culture, Belarusian Culture, Cultural Studies, Social Pedagogics, Religion Studies

    Faculty of Law
    Dean: Dr. Iosif Velento
    Tel.: +(375 152) 336 217

    Speciality: Law Studies

    Faculty of Philology:
    Dean:Dr. Vitali Tsarlukevich
    Tel.: +375 152 442 604

    Specialities: Classical Languages and Literatures, Russian Language and Literature

    Specializations: Russian as a Foreign Language, Rhetoric, Literary Studies, Linguistics, Belarusian Language

    Speciality: Belarusian Language and Literature

    Specializations: Linguistics, Literary Studies, Computer Linguistics, Rhetoric, English Language

    Speciality: Slavonic Languages and Literatures

    Specializations: Polish Language and Literature, Belarusian Language and Literature, Russian Language and Literature

    Specialities: English Language (with additional speciality German and French Languages); French Language (with additional speciality English Language); Modern Foreign Languages (with additional speciality English Language), German Language (with additional speciality English Language)

    Faculty of Psychology and Pedagogics
    Dean: Prof. Viktor Tarantey
    Tel.: +375 152 478 405

    Speciality: Psychology

    Specializations: Child and Adult Psychology, Labor Psychology

    Speciality: Pedagogics and Methods of Teaching at Primary School (with additional speciality Social Pedagogics, Music and Singing, Fine Arts)

    Speciality: Music and Singing (with additional speciality World and Belarusian Culture)

    Speciality: Fine Arts and Drawing (with additional speciality World and Belarusian Culture)

    Specialities: Pre-school Pedagogics and Psychology, Folk Arts

    Intensive Courses of Russian/Belarusian Languages

    The process of language studying is deeply interconnected with Cultural studies and is performed in small groups (maximum 6 students) by highly qualified and experienced teachers, using the up-to-date training methods. Our training system gives to the students the opportunity to begin their studies either with the beginners’ or advanced level. Each level is a complete series of classes (100-500 hours). Weekly hours of Russian as a Foreign Language tuition are fixed by a student or group (minimum 10 hours per week). Also individual programmes of studies are available.

    About the University

    Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno (YKSUG) has its origin as the State Teacher Training Institute founded in 1940. This became the present State University in 1978 and is now one of the most important educational, scientific, and cultural centres of the Republic of Belarus. 690 teachers and research scientists work in 58 different departments. Approximately 47% are Professors and Doctors of Science, and Candidates of Science.

    Research activity across all 9 Faculties - Physics and Engineering, Mathematics, Biology and Ecology, Philology, Physical Culture, Psychology and Pedagogics, History and Culture, Economics and Management, and Law—is at the core of the University`s academic work. A number of new research developments are launched every year. Research studies covering more than 100 topics were conducted in 1998. Every year University scientists generate nearly 600 publications. The University organizes a number of national and international scientific conferences every year.

    The University possesses modern educational and research facilities. It has a computing centre, a TV centre, several video-halls, over 60 laboratories, a multimedia laboratory, computer-based classrooms and language laboratories. Recently Intranet was founded linking more than 120 university computers. The library contains more than 620,000 volumes and receives periodicals in different languages. Since 1994 the University is using e-mail and since 1995 there is on-line access to Internet. In 1995 YKSUG participated in an EC Tempus Tacis Preliminary Joint European Project (Pre-JEP) aimed at the development of the entrepreneurial infrastructure of the University. Intensive contacts with European partners (SAA, University of Torino (Italy), University of Warwick (UK) and Danish Management Forum (Denmark)) during the Pre-JEP phase and later on allowed YKSUG to improve its managerial capacities and to start implementing ideas developed during the project preparation. Also the University has contacts with educational and scientific centres of the USA, Poland, Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Sweden, Ukraine, Germany, and Russia.

    Admission Requirements

    Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno admits for study without age restrictions foreign citizens who have an education corresponding to the level of general secondary school of the Republic of Belarus. Besides, individuals having a Bachelor’s Degree are admitted to prepare for a Master’s Degree. Admission requirements for citizens of foreign countries are adopted by the University if they are not otherwise provided by inter-state agreements. Applicants must submit the following documents:

  • a xerox-copy of the passport valid for the time being or some kind of substitute for it (the initial pages);
  • a copy of the applicant's secondary school leaving certificate certified by a notary public;
  • a copy of medical certificate;
  • a copy of the birth certificate certified by a notary public,
  • six 4x 6 cm photographs.

  • On the ground of the above documents an invitation needed for obtaining an entry visa for the Republic of Belarus is sent to the applicant. The visa can be obtained at the consulates or permanent missions of the Republic of Belarus abroad. After arriving in the Republic of Belarus the foreign citizen must apply to the University within three days. The applicant signs a contract with the University, which provides for him a period of instruction, use of the library, accommodation in the hostel and other services. The applicant must produce his passport or equivalent document and fill in a standard-type questionnaire. Foreign students having no command of the language of instruction are admitted to a preparatory department for a one year of study. At the end of academic year graduation examinations are held at the preparatory department. Successful students get a graduation certificates from the preparatory department and are admitted to the basic course in the chosen speciality. Foreign students who fail to graduate from the preparatory department can study one year more at the preparatory department. The above procedure of admission is only for a complete programme of study.



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