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Azerbaijan Medical University
named after N. Narimanov


Rector Prof. Amiraslanov Ahliman Tapdig
Address 23 Bakikhanov Street
Baku 370022, Azerbaijan
Tel. No. +994 12 95-35-66; +994 12 95-48-36
Fax No. +994 12 98-38-70; +994 12 40-64-50
  • General Medicine I
  • General Medicine II
  • Stomatology (Dentistry)
  • Paediatrics
  • Medical-Preventive
  • Medical-Biology
  • Pharmacology
  • Type of programme Full time
    Length of programmes 6 years for General Medicine I and II and Paediatric faculties
    5 years for Stomatology, Medical-Biology and Medical-Preventive
    4.5 years for Pharmacology
    Date of commencement 1 September
    Class size 13 - 15 students in primary years of study
    9-12 students in the intermediate and undergraduate courses
    Fees 2000 USD for foreign students
    1000 USD for national students
    Admission requirements Language fluency is not required
    Certificate of secondary school education
    Student grants/
    Financial assistance
    Ratio of Men /
    Men 1760
    Women 5036
    Student accommodation Available
    Contact for application Gasimov Nasimi Veli
    Chief of Education Department
    Address: 23 Bakikhanov Street, 370022
    Baku, Azerbaijan
    Tel: +994 12 95-48-36
    Fax: +994 12 40-64-50 or 994 12 94-38-70



    General Medicine Faculty

    In General Medicine Faculty are studying 3400 students in the specialty "physician".

    After graduation of the university and internship they work as a general practitioners, surgeons, endocrinologists, neurologists, gynaecologists etc. at different medical centres, regional hospitals and scientific research institutes.

    In theoretical departments as anatomy, histology, biology, physiology and pathology /pathological physiology and pathological anatomy/ they get the necessary base theoretical knowledge about the structure and function of organism.

    In clinical departments as therapy, surgery, obstetrics and gynaecology, neurology, psychiatry and urology students get important practical experience and taking active part in the process of treatment of patients. They also learn the different clinical and instrumental methods of diagnostics and treatment of patients.

    Every year 500 students graduate the faculty of general Medicine. They are send as a physician to different cities and districts of our Republic.

    In General Medicine Faculty I - 1770/72 foreigners/

    In General Medicine Faculty II - 1792\89 foreigners/

    There is no difference between these faculties.

    The total number of students graduating General Medicine faculties is 4062/161 foreigners/.


    DEAN - Nagiyev Nariman
    STUDENT BODY - 1782/7 foreigners/

    This faculty prepares paediatrics practitioners, surgeons, neonatalogists and micropaediatrists. During the first year of study they gain the necessary knowledge on the nurse and child care. In the 12 departments of the faculty of paediatrics scientific research works are conducted in different directions. These works are devoted to child mortality, early diagnostics and prognosis and the prevention of the hereditary and infectious diseases of childhood period, occupational diseases of mothers, functional state of cardiovascular and respiratory systems of babies, children and adolescents


    DEAN - Mamedov Aydin
    STUDENT BODY - 399/foreihners-0/

    The main aim of this faculty is the study and improvement the state of environment. After graduating the University they work as laboratory doctors, epidemiologists, and bacteriologist in sanitary - epidemiological centres.


    DEAN - Mamedov Aydin
    STUDENT BODY - 174 /no foreigners/

    This faculty prepares specialists for biochemistry genetics and biophysics and laboratories.


    DEAN - Garayev Zohrab
    STUDENT BODY - 1770/70 foreign students/

    The prepared specialties are Stomatologists, orthopaedists, and paediatricians stomatologists. The main scientific trends are the study of the defects and deformations of maxilla-face area and the study of the early prevention of caries.


    DEAN - Bagirov R. B.

    Every year 1200-1300 students graduates AMU and receive diploma in indicated specialties. The total number of foreigners students is 500.

    This faculty prepares specialists in pharmacy and drug preparation and elaboration technology. Future specialists gain their practical knowledge at central drugstores and pharmaceutical plants. Side by side with the special disciplines they learn normal and pathological physiology, clinical pharmacology, microbiology and biology. They study the modern methods of chemical analysis and the control of drug quality. Students take an active part in scientific research works.

    The Pharmaceutical Faculty prepares 60 pharmaceutical - bachelors every year. Ministry of Health determines the job appointment of graduates of Azerbaijan Medical University. Every graduated student has to pass the internship.


    Azerbaijan Medical University is under the direction of Health Ministry of Azerbaijan Republic.

    "N. Narimanov" Azerbaijan Medical University is an autonomous education establishment and is under the direction of Azerbaijan Health Ministry.

    The curriculum plan is established by the Chief Education Department, and the departments of AMU. The curriculum is approved by Science Soviet and the Rector of the University and is agreed with the Health Ministry and Education Ministry.

    The Deaneries of faculties and Chief Education Department form the curriculum corresponding to curriculum plan.

    Each faculty is directed by the Dean and his/her assistants. Deans are elected among the professors arid docents of the same faculties in democratic way in every 4 years. Every dean has the right to work only 8 years. Deans' assistants are elected among docents by the recommendation of the same faculty Dean and are appointed by the order of Rector.

    The Rector is selected in democratic way every 5 years in Science Soviet of AMU and is appointed by the President of Azerbaijan Republic. The duration of the period for working as a Rector is 10 years.


    Since 1992 the admission of students is organised as a centralised action and is conducted by the State Commission of Students. Admission which is under the direction of the President.
    The examination is conducted as a one stage test examination. The documents for admission are collected within independently of age, sex, nationality and religion from the graduates of secondary schools and Medical Schools.
    In different regions of the Republic 20 centre for documents collection are organised. Their activity duration is 15 days. Every student has the right to apply for 10 specialities in competition.
    For example: 6 faculties of AMU and 4 biological faculties at other universities. All documentation is collected in Computer database and an examination in 4 disciplines (Azerbaijan (Russian), Biology, Physics and chemistry are conducted on 1-2 August.
    Test contains 120 questions to be done in 3 hours. The results of examinations are revealed by the computer and elaborated according to special programme. 50% of students are admitted free of charge and 50 % of students with the corresponding payment.
    There is no permission to change the faculties during the education in our University. After revealing the results of examinations the students with the maximum score are distributed among the universities.


    The curriculum for 1-3 year students is prepared for weekly period.
    The curriculum for 4-6 year study is planned as 4-6 hour working groups. At the end of every term examinations are conducted.


    Azerbaijan State University was founded in 1919 by decision of the Azerbaijanian Parliament. It consisted of 4 departments including a Medical faculty. In 1919 the special preparation committee was organised under the leadership of Professor Razumovski and three months later the university admitted the first group of students. In 1924 the first graduates left the Medical faculty. later 30 graduates earned Meritorious Title of Physician-Doctor. In 1930 the Medical Faculty had 1407 students of which 348 were Azerbaijanians.

    On 9 May 1930 the Medical Faculty of Azerbaijan State University reorganised into an independent Azerbaijan Medical Institute with two faculties - Medical Preventive and Sanitary - Hygienic 9including tropical diseases). In 30'' the new generation of Azerbaijan students developed: A. M. Aliyev, M. M. Efendo-zade, D. M. Abdullayev, S. M. Salinov etc. In 1940 the two faculties of the medical institute there were 45 departments. The annual admission number was 500 students.

    During the period of the Second World War the Medical Institute made a remarkable contribution to the preparation of doctors for the front and helped very much the numerous evacuated hospitals. In spite of the nearness of the front line the Institute did not interrupt its work even for a single day. In that period Professor Topchubashev elaborated and inculcated the method of combined anaesthesia, which is in a great use up to our days. He offered more effective method of treatment of the after effects of heart trauma.

    In 60's the Azerbaijan Medical Institute opened new departments: practical training (therapy) and patient and scientific-research sector.

    In 1957 a remarkable and historic occasion was celebrated. The Azerbaijan Medical Institute was named after Nariman Narimanov.

    From 1991 the Azerbaijan Medical Institute was reformed into Azerbaijan medical University and became an independent education centre.

    Today the university has more than 600,000 book in its library and 75 departments and staff of 1117 people. Every year the university hosts and organises conferences, symposiums and seminars. The university has large computer facilities and all the administration is computerised.

    The education at Azerbaijan Medical University is conducted in 6 faculties:
    Medicine - 6 years + 1 year internship
    Paediatrics - 6 years + 1 year internship
    Medical-Preventive1 - 5 years + year internship
    Medical- Biological - 5 year + 1 year internship
    Stomatology - 5 years + 1 year internship
    Pharmacology - 4.5 years + 1 year internship

    The total number of students admitted to AMU every year is 1100-1200 (plus 100 - 200 foreign students). nearly the same number graduates the University every year.

    Disciplines Lectures (hours) Practical Work (hours)
    Anatomy 54 210
    Medical 24 120
    Biological Genetics
    Histology 32 140
    Physiology 72 140
    Biochemistry 36 140
    General & Bioorganic Chemistry 46 78
    Medical & Biological Physics 40 76
    Computer Sciences 8 24
    Foreign Languages 210
    Latin 72
    History of Medicine 12 24
    Microbiology 40 140
    General Hygiene 36 100
    Medical Psychology 20
    Biophysics 14
    Pathology 76 300
    Pharmacology & Clinical
    Pharmacology 44 180
    Operative Surgery 28 110
    General Surgery 46 112
    Radiographic Diagnostic 12 40
    Propaedeutics if Internal
    Diseases 38 162
    Functional & Laboratory
    Diagnostics 8 24
    Social Hygiene 32 68
    Dermatovenereal Diseases 26 80
    Neurology & Genetic Diseases 36 80
    Internal Medicine 162 1146
    Surgery 212 602
    Obstetrics & Gynaecology 46 380
    Paediatrics 40 260
    Oncology & Radiotherapy 48 144
    Ophthalmology 24 56
    Tuberculosis 18 100
    Infectious Diseases 28 186
    Psychiatry & Narcology 40 100
    Otorhinolaringilogy 18 56


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