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M.Sc. Scientific Computing
within the Elite Network of Bavaria

Scientific Computing Ė Why?

Numerical software is widely used to accelerate development cycles in industry and business: instead of time- and labour-consuming studies of product properties that utilize prototypes, products can be nowadays simulated and optimized using computers. Demands for the capabilities of numerical simulation continue to grow with the need for models that are more and more precise, the incorporation of new problem areas such as data analysis (e.g., big data) and stochastic models (i.e. those containing uncertain data).

All these fields are encompassed in the relatively young and forward-looking research area of Scientific Computing. Why are you the right person? The international Masterís programme is geared towards students working at the intersection of Mathematics, Computer Science and application fields. The programme's objective is to offer a specialized educational background that enables highly qualified, hard-working students to apply the state-of-the-art methods and tools of Scientific Computing to solution of challenging problems in modern technology and sciences.

Why this programme?

The elite Masterís programme Scientific Computing at the University of Bayreuth offers for their students:
  • Financial support for Research stays
  • Exclusive access to cluster computers
  • A mentoring approach and a near one-to-one supervision ratio
  • Membership in the Elite Network Bavaria
  • The possibility of Fast-track PhD
  • A broad field of partner universities.

Career and job opportunities

Graduates of this programme receive in-depth training in numerical mathematics, high-performance computing, modelling, and simulation so that they are qualified for jobs from industry and IT companies. A steppingstone for such careers is the early contact - already during the studies - with industry and business.

As a result of the excellent education, graduates are especially qualified for PhD programmes of major research institutions in Germany and abroad.

By Prof. Mario Bebendorf, Maximilian Bauer M.Sc.
M.Sc. Scientific Computing, University of Bayreuth, Germany (Elite Network of Bavaria)