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Molecular Ecosystem Sciences

By Dr. Anne Sennhenn
Faculty of Forest Sciences and Forest Ecology
University of Göttingen, Germany

Molecular Ecosystem Sciences

Environmental change is a major global issue in our days affecting all natural ecosystems and thus seeking an interdisciplinary, wide-scale scientific approach. The best way to cope with such a complex issue is to deeply understand the components of an ecosystem and their interactions. Elucidating the complex processes which are part of an ecosystem is one of the greatest interdisciplinary-research challenges worldwide.

An ecosystem can be seen in many different ways; at different levels, on different scale and from different points of view. By their interactions and structural or functional relationships the components comprising an ecosystem, even at the level of molecules, determine its vitality and maintenance or its failure throughout changes and disturbances induced mainly by human activities. One should have a global, and, at the same time, in-depth knowledge of the parts of an ecosystem in order to successfully promote the maintenance of its services.

Studying Molecular Ecosystem Sciences at an undergraduate level can give the opportunity to students to achieve the ambitious aim of combining Ecology and Bio-sciences and get involved in modern scientific techniques such as observations, experiments and modeling at a very early stage of their career making them proficient to further apply these skills either at a scientific or at a decision-making level. Furthermore, studying Molecular Ecosystem Sciences in an international academic environment with a tradition in natural sciences can make students more competitive and best qualified for the international environmental market.

The BSc in Molecular Ecosystem Sciences is the new ambitious research-based bachelor programme of the Faculty of Forest Sciences and Forest Ecology at the University of Göttingen. The expertise of the lecturers, the unique combination of molecular biology and ecology as well as the international academic environment of the University of Göttingen makes this program suitable for highly motivated young students who wish to explore and understand the complexity of our environment.

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