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About MBAs

About MBAs

MBA Programs are addressed mainly to dynamic new executives that wish to acquire a holistic view of how an enterprise works and aim to evolve professionally or even change their career path.

Taking an MBA is considered to be more than just a personal investment. It will be a period that could and most probably will change your life. So the question is how do I choose the right program? There is not a standard answer but all prospective candidate are advised to take under consideration the location of the business schools as regards to student life and also work potentials, reputation of the program amongst recruiters, personal requirements and needs, areas of specialization and of course profile of participants and programs culture.

MBA programs nowadays change and evolve as well! Gone are the days of "one size fits all" business education programs. Apart from various studying modules eg full time, part time, global mba , EMBA, Flexible learning ect, most of the leading business schools worldwide have now personalized their MBAs and tailored them to meet the specific needs and goals of each individual student.

What to expect after

Your career after MBA graduation depends a lot on what you choose to do. Most alumni point out that career opportunities after their graduation have been of a higher calibre. Return of Investment (ROI) is traditionally considered as a good indicator of an MBAs value, however it is widely acknowledged that some of the non tangible benefits of an MBA, such as networking opportunities, are the ones that give an extra boost to students future career.

On top, in times of recession MBAs retain their value and give to their students the necessary skills and foundations to seize future opportunities created.

It is at times like these that companies become increasingly aware of the importance of finding employees who are flexible and can add immediate value to the organization.

Studying in Greece and MBA International

Greece is situated at the crossroads of three continents Europe, Asia and Africa, providing true international exposure due to its strategic position, to all students that choose the country as their educational venue.

MBA International is offered exclusively in English, is AMBA accredited, and has an excellent reputation, eg, ranked by the British magazine "European CEO", as "The most Innovative Business School in Southern Europe".

Focusing on the individual rather than on what can be taught. MBA Internation managed to successfully personalize its Program to its diverse pool of students from over 30 countries worldwide. Examples of the above: Flexible Study (Full or Part time over a period that lasts between 14 to 24 months), Numerous Major and Electives (over 40 courses offered each year in 5 Majors), Supple Capstone requirement (Field Study Project, Personal Business Project, CSR Project, Academic Dissertation, Internship or simply additional electives), Personal Skills Development (PSD) Program (develops skills by concentrating on each individual), One-to-one coaching in the Career office and Personalized Career Targeting through the Business Advisory Council (BAC), Industrial Training Programs (ITPs) and Company days with global corporate leaders.

By Ms. Maria - Vasiliki Doukaki
Athens University of Economics & Business