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MBA in Supply Chain Management

By Mr. Aleksander Lipinski, Coordinator for Graduate Programmes
Interdisciplinary Centre for Business Studies (ICBS), Poland

Supply Chain Experts – The Unsung Heroes of Modern Enterprise

We are living in exciting, challenging and changing times. To succeed in these times we must have the energy and appropriate skills to change with them. Tomorrow will never be like yesterday. It is a fair bet that the future will be more about partnerships between experts than some complex box model. It will be about building relationships and trust and will be closely linked to social issues and transparency. The success of an enterprise of the future will hang on how well it can manage the selection, cultivation and management of its supply chain; fostering partnerships as opposed to merely placing purchase orders.

Many of us admire Apple whose success is based on being perceived as a top innovator of products, which combine cutting edge functionality, exceptional user experience, unmatched design and marketing and on being able to ‘think differently’. By doing this Apple blends low cost manufacturing and partnerships with manufacturing companies which understand that Apple products require different techniques and approaches, which often require little time to get things done.

Apple has not been without its problems such as disruptions to its supply chain including changes to international trade agreements, natural disasters or scandals with work conditions of its contractors. In response to these Apple has broadened the number of companies with which it does business. Behind the success of these new initiatives are the supply chain experts – the unsung heroes of modern corporations.

This is where we come in …

Are looking to exponentially increase your employment opportunities whilst getting value for money, a European Union (EU) qualification, learning from global experts, and expanding your international network of business contacts? Most importantly do you want to continue working and have a balanced family and social life? If so, our MBA in Supply Chain Management may be the answer for you. The programme earns 60 ECTS over two semesters. It is based on a modular system which allows you to keep your job while studying. This MBA is perfect for those who want to benefit from its excellent mix of quality, format, and tuition fees. You would be required to physically attend only two five-day modules per semester. Part of the programme could be completed by distance learning. The programme is taught in English by an international faculty.

The MBA in Supply Chain Management is designed to reflect the modern international marketplace and gives business leaders a firm grasp of the key processes that govern business globally. Our business lecturers include respected academic names, as well as successful businessmen and business women, who have put their academic training into practice and share their successes and failures with the students.

The MBA in Supply Chain Management programme does more than merely enable you to develop a variety of skills necessary to understand the global economy from an academic and practical perspective; it additionally allows you to plan strategically for international operations giving you the capabilities needed to implement those strategies at an operational level in diverse cultures, traditions and socio-economic settings.

Poland is the place to be to learn about international management. Its economic growth is based on the energy of its citizens, entrepreneurship, brain power, networking and hard work; rather than natural resources or financial steroids. Its education has been one of the keys to success in delivering sustainable economic growth. In 2015, Polish GDP per capita reached 65 % of Eurozone level, for the first time since the “Golden Age” of the 1500s when the country was the largest and most powerful in Europe. You are within a train ride to Berlin, Brussels, London or Paris, if you feel the need for a change from more than 1000 years of Polish history.

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