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MA in Law and International Business

By Mr. Aleksander Lipinski, Coordinator for Graduate Programmes
Interdisciplinary Centre for Business Studies (ICBS), Poland
in collaboration with Citadel Business School, USA

Trying to decide which programme of study is right for you? Faced with an endless variety of choices to confuse you? Read on...

We are living in a world of ever growing possibilities that are making it more and more difficult to choose which path to follow. Part of the trouble is that we are conditioned to make the best possible choice and the fear of not making that best possible choice is paralyzing our ability to act. The best is often associated with elite college rankings. Surprisingly, choosing an elite college may not always be the smartest choice. Indeed, not all smart people went to college and certainly going to an elite college does not guarantee success; it may not even equip you for success. Part of the reason is that there plenty of smart people who are not at all ‘smart’, simply because they develop only one form of intelligence so perfected by elite schools, which is the analytical power to pass exams.

Another unintended consequence of going to an elite school is that it may in fact prevent you from having a life that is good for you; it may limit your options due to expectations of others or the need to secure a return on the financial investment in the tuition fees. So, instead of becoming a rather happy mid-level manager running exciting projects, you set out to become rich. Today, sufficient financial rewards giving a decent life are possible with trainer, wildlife park manager or teaching roles and the best thing is that you get to do a job and have a life that you like. In other words, being ‘good enough’ rather than ‘the best’ may help you to lead a more enjoyable and balanced life making you feel more comfortable about the choices you make. Read on if that’s your vision of success.

Being ‘good enough’ is not complacency; it still implies the need for drive, ambition and goals which will give you a better life. In a world of international business being ‘good enough’ calls for the development of a certain set of highly desirable skills and abilities. This is where we come in.

With our MA in Law and International Management, you get precisely what you need to make it happen. We will work with you in English to give you the analytical skills to meet the demands of an international business career, build further your social and emotional intelligence, nurture your creativity and strengthen your cross-cultural skills and network. The programme earns 120 ECTS over four semesters. It is based on a module system which allows you to keep your job while studying. This MA is one of the best in the world when it comes to optimising a programme’s quality, format and tuition fees. You would be required to physically attend only two five-day modules per semester. Part of the programme, which is taught entirely in English by an international faculty, could be completed by distance learning and studying in Poland offers you the proverbial cherry on the cake.

Poland is the place to be to learn about international management. Its economic growth is based on the energy of its citizens, entrepreneurship, brain power, networking and hard work; rather than natural resources or financial steroids. Its education has been one of the keys to success in delivering sustainable economic growth. In 2015, Polish GDP per capita reached 65 % of Eurozone level, for the first time since the “Golden Age” of the 1500s when the country was the largest and most powerful in Europe. You are within a train ride to Berlin, Brussels, London or Paris, if you feel the need for a change from more than 1000 years of history.

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