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By Colleen Monney
Laureate Hospitality Education

In today’s difficult job economy, a degree in hospitality and tourism management can offer several advantages over general business majors. The high rate of employability among hospitality graduates confirms that these programs develop useful skill sets and provide access to a wide range of career opportunities in a growing international field of employment.

Why choose the Hospitality Industry?

Career opportunities are abundant in the travel and tourism industry which accounts for approximately 8% of worldwide employment. 1 Within the field of hospitality there are many types of businesses, including hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, travel companies, tourism, luxury brands, theme parks, events, spas, and many other service organizations. Additionally, the international nature of travel and tourism allows hospitality graduates to start a career in major corporations, or to start their own business as entrepreneurs, with access to employment opportunities worldwide.

Employability with a Hospitality Degree

Unlike traditional degrees which focus on theoretical learning, a good hospitality program focuses on developing leadership and applicable management skills through hands-on learning and international internships.

For example, Glion Institute of Higher Education is a school that ranked among the top 3 hospitality schools in the world for an international career. 4 A student in Glion’s hospitality bachelor degree program spends a whole year of their 3.5 year degree on internships, 8 weeks in hands-on courses for operations management, and one year studying general business courses. This balance of experience, professional skills and business expertise attracts 40-60 top hospitality companies to Glion every semester to recruit graduates and interns. 3

In a survey of Glion’s 2012 hospitality bachelor degree graduates, the university reported that 100% of its job-seeking graduates- respectively 86% of total graduates – had a contract or multiple offers before they even received their diploma. 3

Multi-campus networks offer combined strengths for industry connections, recruitment and alumni networks to enrich career resources for students and graduates. Additionally, students have the advantage of studying at one school with many locations, making it easy to spend semesters abroad without the administrative hassle of transferring credits and enrolling to a new school.

Overall, international hospitality programs offer an unbeatable combination of business education, professional experience and career resources leading to high graduation placement rates and diverse long-term career prospects.

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