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International Business Engineering Education in Berlin – the MBA&E

By Mr. Antti Kapanen, Research Associate
Master of Business Administration and Engineering (MBA&E)
HTW Berlin, Germany

In global comparison, Germany boasts a highly attractive job market with professional working conditions and excellent career opportunities. In particular, the internationally competitive German industries create demand for graduates across the applied sciences spectrum.

For engineers and technical managers, career opportunities have hardly ever been better. According to The Association of German Engineers (VDI), over 80,000 engineering positions are open across the country, with not enough engineers available on the job market. The number of unfilled engineering jobs is expected to grow to over 200,000 within the next 10 years.

Therefore, companies are increasingly looking to employ professionals from abroad – strengthening the role of English as the workplace language as they go. The German lawmakers have made the process simpler, too. International applicants are formally even with the natives, and graduates from German universities receive an 18-month job seeking visa which can be easily converted into a work permit. High salaries, and good working and living conditions attract many international graduates from German universities to stay in Germany to work.

The HTW Berlin has had significant success in educating interdisciplinary business engineers for the national and international job markets. Whereas the traditional engineering and business administration graduates successfully fill specialist positions, business engineers are in demand to fill the gap between the technical and business domains. Beside its domestic business engineering programme, since 2003 the HTW offers the international postgraduate degree programme Master of Business Administration & Engineering.

The MBA&E offers a balanced modular structure comprising studies in General Management (4 modules), Technology & Engineering (4 modules), as well as a specialization option of the student’s choice (4 modules). The students will be able to choose between five specialization options: Global Leadership in Engineering (GLE), Interdisciplinary Management (IM), Lean Management (LM), Automotive Management (AM) and Global Procurement (GP). The GLE programme is intended for students with prior leadership experience. More details about the specializations can be found on our programme website.

MBA&E graduates have two distinctive strengths on the job market. First, their previous working experience combined with the broad MBA&E studies allow them to adapt to a broad variety of industrial positions. Second, the specialization option often earns them job interview invitations when applying to relevant positions.

Finally, the MBA&E students have at their disposal a dedicated programme office with its support and extracurricular offerings. The office has two full-time employees - a programme manager (administration) and a research associate (academic support) - and a team of student assistants. Among the offerings are extracurricular courses, language courses, excursions and personal counselling.

For further information, please visit our website at or contact our programme office at your convenience.

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