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3 Reasons Why you Should
Consider an International Learning Experience

Study abroad opportunities are not uncommon, however many students let the opportunity pass them by simply because they either feel the experience is not necessary, or they do not realize all the benefits of being able to take advantage of it. If you are curious about an international learning experience you owe it to yourself to investigate your options at least thoroughly. Europe is a continent that has such a large, and vast range of countries, you would be hard pressed to do your research and still feel like there is nothing applicable to your studies and interests available.

Costs Can be Comparable

With any element of college, a huge concern is always going to be, how you can afford it. While study abroad costs do vary from traditional paths of study, there are ways to make this experience suit your budget in a comparable way. While federal student loans may not cover study abroad, you can pay for college in Europe by taking out a student loan from a private lender.

Private lenders offer more personalized terms than traditional federal student loans do. Since these are taken out on a case-by-case basis, and you will work with your lender directly to discuss your needs for the loan as well as your rates and terms for repayment, you can identify upfront that a study abroad experience is where you plan to spend these allocated funds. There will likely also be less specifications regarding being able to spend your borrowed funds on associated costs that extend past your tuition, like food and housing.

Your Views Will Expand

While there is nothing wrong with learning about the world from the comfort of your own environment, it is a totally different experience being able to learn about the world through the experience of living in another country and culture. Wherever you decide to study, there will be a historical factor that is natural and unique to that location enabling you to learn about history in the place where it was created. Including courses on arts and humanities that are related to the history of the country in which you are studying will allow you to expand your views beyond your classroom.

You will Experience Personal Growth

Your education is not the only facet of your life that will benefit from an international learning experience. As a person, your exposure to the world will help cultivate and develop skills that are necessary for your personal growth as well. Preparing in advance and reading about how to study abroad is great way to set your expectations regarding the experiences outside the classroom. Independence, adaptability, resilience, and curiosity are all examples of ways that a study abroad program can help reshape you as a person.

Vacations are incredible but visiting a foreign land is a different experience than living in one. The semi-permanent, and day-to-day living vibe of making a foreign country your residence will challenge you in ways that a vacation cannot. Even simple acts like grocery shopping or doing your laundry are examples of everyday occurrences that might look quite different than what you are used to and will enable you to grow as you navigate this new normal during study abroad.