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Top 10 PhD Programs in Creative Writing

If you want to become a better writer, enrolling in a creative writing program is a great way to get started. Through creative writing, you’ll improve your self-expression and enhance your communication skills. More than that, creative writing leads to job success and boosts thinking abilities. It also fosters empathy, which is a highly needed skill in today’s world and career market. Plus, creative writing is so much fun!

If you want to study creative writing at a professional level, you should start looking for PhD programs. With experts from the top dissertation writing service, we gathered some of the best ones you could find. Check them out!
  1. University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati

  2. You could apply for a PhD program in Creative Writing at the University of Cincinnati. For the requirements, you’ll need an MFA or MA in English from an accredited university. You must have a GPA of 3.5 or above and have taken the GRE General Test with a minimum score of 160. You can apply on the school’s website by submitting a letter of intent, your CV, and writing samples from your Literature Track, Creative Writing Track, and Rhetoric and Composition Track.

  3. Georgia State University, Atlanta

  4. This university offers PhDs with different concentrations in literary studies, such as rhetoric and composition and creative writing. To apply for admission, you must select your program of interest on their website. Then, call the university and ask for all the necessary details. Your next step is to submit your documents to the Graduate Office and wait for them to be processed. You can preview GSU’s program catalog here to check out the requirements.

  5. University of Houston, Houston

  6. By enrolling in the PhD program in Literature and Creative Writing, you could gain important experience in your area of interest. Don’t forget, the GRE test is required and so is a minimum of 3.5 GPA in Graduate Studies. The University of Houston is widely known for its Poetry and Poetics program and Narrative Theory.

  7. University of Southern California, Los Angeles

  8. Applications for the Creative Writing program at USC, LA close December 1st, so you don’t have that much time left to apply. Don’t forget to include your creative writing samples in your online application, as well as your statement of purpose. You’ll also need an updated resume and three letters of recommendation.

  9. University of Hawai’i, Manoa

  10. Studying in Hawaii is an amazing opportunity to expand your cultural awareness. To apply for the University in Manoa, you must complete the Graduate Admissions application and pay the application fee. Don’t forget to ask for transcripts from your former school and take a TOEFL or IELTS if you’re an international student. You’ll need writing samples, three letters of recommendation, and a statement of objectives.

  11. University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

  12. To study at the University of Wisconsin, you must hold a Master’s degree from another accredited institution. Here you’ll also need your GPA, statement of purpose, samples of creative work, and one sample of academic writing. You need letters of recommendation as well. If accepted into the Creative Writing program, you will meet with the English Graduate Faculty to perform the Academic Review and set your doctoral goals.

  13. University of Denver, Denver

  14. If you’d rather live in Colorado, this is your chance. The U of D’s Department of English & Literary Arts is one of the best in the country. The program offers access to a community of empowered writers, creative dissertation options for future authors, teaching opportunities and access to creative writing workshops, and editing opportunities working with a premier American journal, the Denver Quarterly. Upon graduating from this program, your chances of becoming a popular journalist or one of the best paper writers in the country will increase. Check out their pre-requirements.

  15. University of Nebraska, Lincoln

  16. You could apply for the University of Nebraska’s Specialization in Creative Writing PhD program. There are two types of program genres available for you – one of them in Poetry, the other one in Fiction/Nonfiction. These genres alternate in each subsequent year, so you’ve got to check the specifics for your application year.

  17. Texas Tech University, Lubbock

  18. You could get a substantial scholarship by applying for the Creative Writing Specialization at TTU. You could get your PhD Degree in English by submitting your college transcripts, CV, letters of recommendation, and samples to the Department of English. If you’re applying for a teaching position as an add-on, you’ll get $20k/year guaranteed and get your tuition and other fees waived. This is a great opportunity to study and have your school tuition covered.

  19. University of Tennessee, Knoxville

  20. You could go for a PhD in English with a Creative Dissertation specialization. The GRE Is mandatory, but keep in mind that all students receive funding, one way or another. You could study Creative Writing, Literature, Criticism and Textual Studies, and Rhetoric, Writing, and Linguistics.