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Six Basic Errors Students Often Do in the Study of Mathematics

Math is not the science of memorizing. The key to solve math problems is to practice as often as possible. When you've had a lot of practice, then automatically you will understand various math formulas in your brain. I will try to give you an important overview. I believe that you can definitely work on some simple multiplication or division questions even if you first learned the concepts of multiplication and division a few years ago. Do you want to know why? The reason is you have to understand the concepts of multiplication and division so you do not have to memorize them again.

In this article I will remind you some common mistakes made in the study of mathematics. By knowing these mistakes I hope you can figure out how you are supposed to learn math

1. Excessive Confidence

Some students often feel too confident with the exercises that they have been done before. This is a fatal mistake that as even though you're smart, but you will fail if you do not prepare yourself well. Self-confidence is a good thing but you have to keep it within normal limits.

2. Focusing on Memorizing

As described above, the mathematics is not the science of memorizing. You need to understand each concept in detail so that you can work on any matter relating to the concepts you have understood.

3. Inaccuracy

Do not let you beaten by failure because of inaccuracy. Each symbol in mathematics determines the overall outcome. If you make one mistake then the whole calculation will be useless. Imagine if you as an engineer who designs the aircraft. One miscalculation can lead to disaster on your aircraft.

4. Rushing

This error is related to a mental condition in which a student does not want to spend too long time in the study of mathematics. Remember that every science takes time to be able to seep into your brain. You should understand that all achievements cannot be done by instant way, as well as mathematics.

5. Not Using Technology

Now is the era of the internet and we can have a variety of choices in doing math problems. We can take advantage of a variety of online services in doing any math, for example, suppose that we are having difficulty in doing a geometry problem then we can get online geometry help from several websites that specialize in providing math homework assistance.

6. Using Practical Formulas

I do not forbid you to use a practical formula or a faster way. What I emphasize is that you have to understand the basic concept of a practical formula before using it.

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