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Main Career Paths in the Hospitality Industry

Hospitality is an industry built around leisure, comfort, and enjoyment. Providing the highest standard of these qualities is what brings fulfillment to those whose passion lies within the industry - something very much appreciated by the clients who make hospitality a multi-billion dollar industry annually!

Yet, when a person says they work in the hospitality industry, all too often the people around them assume that means they’re a hotel manager. As Jacob Gough, one of the best executive resume writers at major resume writing services said: “What many people don’t realize is that the hospitality industry is, in fact, incredibly broad in its range of opportunities.” This dynamism is a huge part of what makes the industry so exciting to work in, and why even seasoned hospitality workers are constantly able to reinvent their employment opportunities.

Being such a broad and ever-evolving sector, it’s important even for those seasoned individuals who have worked in hospitality for many years to keep an overview of what the industry has to offer. Sometimes a change is exactly what we need to light our inner fire, and by checking out other possible career paths within the field, even the most experienced and expert hospitality workers can expand their horizons! Having found a career pathway that you find appealing, online services that can help you put together a solid piece of writing that will aid in opening up the world of hospitality to you. So to get started, here is an overview of the main career paths within the hospitality industry that could be your new calling!


Working in accommodation is one of the most popular sectors of the hospitality industry, with the hotel business alone raking in a massive $570 billion annually! Working in accommodation offers the possibility of employment in all kinds of establishments, not just hotels. Job-seekers can consider career pathways in lodging businesses such as:
  • Youth hostels
  • Mature hostels
  • Bed and Breakfasts
  • Campsites
  • Resorts
  • Hotels
Working in this sector requires an ability to run a tight ship and work with a strong sense of initiative to ensure guests are always comfortable. A career pathway in accommodation is particularly lucrative as it offers the chance to attain a much-coveted managerial role, in which dedicated workers will find endless opportunities for channeling their passion.


Working in events is where hospitality becomes all about fun and excitement while also requiring precise organization and coordination skills. Planning and executing a memorable event takes a lot of cooperation between different experts, and also means developing a network of contacts who are most suitable for every aspect of the event. Those working high up in event management could see themselves mingling with stars and their agents, executives of major brands, venue owners, expert technicians and artists, and a host of other interesting characters. No matter what type of event management one ventures into, it’s sure to be a dynamic experience that constantly changes project to project. Here are some of the types of events you may consider venturing into, but in truth the list is endless:
  • Concerts
  • Sporting events
  • Conferences
  • Parties
  • Awards-shows
  • Fashion shows

Working in the tourism sector of the hospitality industry is perfect for those with inside knowledge or particular passion for a certain area or topic. It requires achieving a delicate balance between revealing something new about the world around your customers, and all the while, making sure customers are comfortable and enjoying themselves. If you already have experience in the hospitality sector and are looking for a new opportunity into which to channel your expertise, you may consider pursuing a career path establishing a tourist venture based on something you love, which could include:
  • A museum
  • A tour service
  • A themed hotel/lodge
  • A themed resort/attraction

Gastronomy is one of the most lucrative sectors in the world - no matter what, people will never lose their love for delicious food, drinks, and good dining experience! In fact, the industry is estimated to have generated a whopping $863 billion in just 2019 alone! Pursuing a career in gastronomy, however, doesn’t require ever having to pick up a whisk or a spatula, or do many years of study at culinary school. The gastronomic industry offers a whole host of hospitality opportunities that lie outside of the kitchen too, such as:
  • Food tourism
  • Creative manager/brand visionary
  • Restaurant manager
  • Chain coordinator

Good hospitality requires so many different aspects of a business to run smoothly, that there is endless room for improvement. Consultants working in the hospitality industry could see themselves contributing to making the sector greener, or one that makes the best possible use of available technology!