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Successful Essay Writing: How to Write a Perfect College Essay

Admissions committees put more emphasis on your test scores and grades. Colleges receive many applications with similar grades and scores. They need your essay to make admission decisions. Writing a perfect college essay requires a lot of time and effort. It is an opportunity to prove why the colleges should admit you among many applicants. With unique interests, personality, and background, you can tell a story by crafting a thoughtful essay. Be genuine and honest, so your attributes can shine through. Hereís how to be successful in your essay writing endeavors and impress everyone around you.

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Read and understand the instructions

Starting an essay is one of the hardest parts of the whole process. To have a good start, you need to read the instructions carefully and understand them. Failing to follow the guidelines is an indication of your inability to follow the university programís directions.

The university committee mentions word and page limits for a reason. Organize your essay submission by following the word and page instructions. After going through the instructions, take short notes. Thereafter, you can start drafting your outline and organizing your essay. Focus on deciding the most relevant message you want to pass.

Create a powerful introduction

A powerful introduction is a great way to catch the attention of readers. The admissions officers want to spend a short time reviewing your college essay. Start with an interesting paragraph to engage the officers. If you are not sure about college essay writing, seek professional help.

Writing a personal statement for college requires skills and a lot of time. Any student looking for college admission may need professional help to succeed. When I am in need of external help, I always hire a professional writer to do my essay or other academic papers. Edubirdie is the best service that can help you with college essay writing. You don't have to struggle with your college essays anymore. The writers understand how to write university essays from the introduction to the end.

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Support your ideas with relevant examples

A college essay reflects how your mind works and your worldview. If you want to create a credible essay, ensure that all the details support that point of view. Take time to figure out the relationship between the essay question and your personal attributes.

Whenever you want to express an idea, avoid just stating that fact. Include relevant examples and details to develop the ideas. Offer examples based on your personal experiences and write about what motivates you.

Follow an essay plan

Creativity is one of the most important aspects of essay writing. Write a creative essay by following a clear plan. Avoid including so many words that have no meaning. Writing one subject at a time is an easy way to structure a creative essay.

Stick to the maximum number of words as per the instructions. Don't try so hard to cover everything in the essay. Develop an essay plan before you start writing. Your college essay should have three parts: Introduction, body, and conclusion. Decide on the key ideas to express in every part.

Create several drafts

Start writing your essay early enough. The admissions officers are looking for a smooth flow of information. Establish whether the essay is interesting and whether there is a logical flow of ideas.

Ask yourself whether the essay reveals something about your attributes and abilities. You should be able to write it in your own voice. Draft essays could help you understand how the introduction, body, and conclusion will appear after completing the final paper. They can also help you to convert your essay ideas into words.

Find someone to proofread

A perfect college essay should be free from typos and grammar errors. After completing the initial draft, go through it to identify the errors. However, proofreading your work is not enough- you may need a fresh perspective.

It is always a good idea to find someone to proofread and edit your essay. Someone who has not seen the essay before could be in a better position to identify mistakes. You could ask a parent or a teacher to proofread your essay. Third parties will point out mistakes and check whether the writing is flawless. Find help from others to ensure that your college essay is free from errors.


Writing a perfect college essay should not be a daunting task. The idea is to have a straight ticket to college admission.

Just stick to the guidelines above, and you will be ready to rock it. Do a lot of practice and if it is still difficult, seek professional help. The bottom line is success. Things show better results with time, and during that time, you must practice a lot and show dedication to your work. Writing is a great skill to have, and doing your essays perfectly during your college is the stepping stone for a great career ahead.