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How to Use AI Tools for Studying (Not Cheating)

Studying can get boring quickly, but you canít just give up on it. If you are thinking, ĎCan I do my assignments quickly without pulling all-nighters?í ó itís a sign you should change your approach to studying. One of them is to try mastering artificial intelligence tools.

Some teachers believe AI always involves cheating, but itís not true. Artificial intelligence has come here to make our lives even easier. Now almost any student can improve their performance by using AI-powered tools. This can be enhanced productivity, a more fun study environment, and less time spent on research.

Want to try out using AI for homework but not yet sure how? Get ready to discover the ways of studying with this technology while upholding academic honesty.

Use ChatGPT as a Personal Study Assistant

Itís nice to have someone who looks over you or someone you can ask for help anytime during your study session. However, the real teacher will not always be there and probably will not give so much attention too. Here is when you can take advantage of Chat GPT. The virtual assistant can help you keep your mood up and make things clear.

Many students get extremely creative with their requests. The best benefit is that you can shape your AI experience according to your needs and personal preferences. Itís awesome since everyone has their own study styles and ways of memorizing things.

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Here is how to make a great study assistant from an AI tool:
  • Request study strategies;
  • Ask to explain in simple words what you didnít understand in class;
  • Get examples to back up your statements in written papers;
  • Ask for resources, apps, and website recommendations;
  • Practice quizzes to memories concept better;
  • Give a command to create custom exercises;
  • Encourage your AI tool to motivate you.

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Try Out Poe App for Themed AI Study Bots

Poe is a fast-loading app for your smartphone that includes a set of AI bots. Inside the app, each user has the freedom to explore different sub-categories of bots. For example, you can find a bot for essays or a bot that teaches you programming by providing you with daily practical tasks. This way, you can have a chat for every subject you are studying.

But thatís not all. This app lets you create your custom AI bot. Describe what you want it to talk like and what topic it should focus on. Itís almost like making your own online robot. You can even give it a name.

Keep all of your bots in one app in the list of contacts. You can use Poe for studying on the go while you are on the bus or car going to college. Itís very simple and doesnít require coding skills to set up.

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Automated Grade Prediction

Another way to use AI tools is by grading your homework before your professor does. Some of the advanced AI tools allow you to check your work for its quality.

This technology can give feedback on your homework and help you improve some of the basic issues. For example, grammar and spelling mistakes can be easily fixed in an instant. Itís also interesting to compare how the AI and real-life grades would differ.

Here are the best automated grading AI tools you can try:
  • Gradescope;
  • Copyleaks: AI grade calculator;
  • Xyonix;
  • EdX;
  • WriteLab.

Schedule and Table Creation

AI tools are good at creating tables and schedules. If you donít like setting up or organizing things, there is no need to struggle over such tasks: artificial intelligence can do it in a few seconds. It can also help with your time management or dividing a big task into smaller chunks. Just give a few directions, and it will compose everything neatly in visually appealing charts.


AI tools are evolving day by day. By using them properly, students can level up their studying and make it fun without being prompted to cheat on assignments or tests. Be sure to try out the AI study methods above. They can inspire you to discover new benefits of todayís trending technology.