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Are you looking for a job and and studying a masters course in the UK? Thinking about supplementing your studies? Work experience required as part of your degree? Or perhaps you are soon to graduate and are looking for a position to begin once your studies have finished.

Either way, picking the South East of England as your port of call is already a strong first step. With jobs in Kent and other South-Eastern areas like Tonbridge Wells on the up, as graduate jobs show an increase in the south and home counties ring around London, you are already standing yourself in good stead to make the most of employment opportunities relating to your degree.

Dedicated jobs websites such as are the key to having an informed overview of the workplace and of employee requirements. You can easily sign up to’s mailing lists or follow on Twitter to keep abreast of what opportunities are coming up in your area.

Opportunities in account management, sales, and database management and IT are all common in the Kent area – again, a recognized trend which has seen graduate opportunities boosts dovetail with one of the few growing job sectors (IT and management) in the current climate.

Whether you have expertise in SQL database or are a real people person and team leader, some key tips always apply. Equally, you should bear these in mind whether applying for a job to supplement studies or as your first post-degree career.

For a start, have a clear goal and understanding of where you are headed and what sector your skills suit. Know what jobs are where – what are the main industries where you live? How can you fit in? Even when it comes to applying for ‘extra’ work, make it clear how this employment benefits your life and exercises proven skills and experience you already have – be that in communication, management, sales.

Secondly, make sure you have a formatted and consistent CV that showcases this – your CV is your ticket, so presentation is as important as content if you wish to stand out. Interview practice is also a winning factor – get a good friend or family member to have a go, as they’ll allow you to be both relaxed and will be stern enough to keep you focused and get the job done. And finally, good luck!

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