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The Best Qualifications to Choose to Become an EU Project Manager

Project management, while deemed a very traditional job title, is one of the most competitive and highly sought after career moves that a professional can consider having done a master's degree course in Europe. Not only does a project manager have the opportunity to deal with a number of responsibilities, and with this take home a salary worth the stress and time, it also opens up a number of opportunities to work across the globe, in a number of industries. In order to create the best opportunities for yourself as a student, or as a professional looking to gain new skills, you should consider taking a project management qualification. If you are in the EU, or you are looking to relocate, there are a number of qualifications you can consider in order to become an EU project manager.


One of the leading and most widely accepted qualifications in project management is the reputable PRINCE2 foundation course. PRINCE2 is a very traditional, waterfall type methodology in project management and is versatile enough to be incorporated within a huge number of industries around the world. While there are some elements of PRINCE2 that have been said to be outdated, it provides delegates with the knowledge and skills to be able to deal with all types of projects and overcome any issues that they may face. It is also important for delegates to understand that elements of the popular PRINCE2 foundation qualification should be taken and adapted to each individual project in order to provide an all-round suitable process for any project that you are looking after.

EU Project Management Qualification

An EU project manager qualification is a great option for those looking to master the EU regulations and laws before stepping into the world of project management in Europe. Understanding the structure of the EU as a regulatory body, but having an understanding of Europe and its importance as a leading continent in a number of industries is also exceptionally important. Turning to a specific EU project management qualification can help to provide you with a lot more background about the EU body in particular. However, this may not be the best choice if you are simply looking to be a project manager at a company which is based in Europe but has no close connections with the EU itself.

PMQ (Formerly Known As APMP)

While PRINCE2 is often the project management qualification that people in the UK will turn to, APMP/PMQ is also a popular choice for those looking to apply their skills outside of the UK and venture into Europe. PMQ provides details of and assesses the delegate’s general knowledge of project management and how all of the element within the course can interact with each other in order to produce a fully competent project manager. Some of the elements covered within PMQ include budgeting and cost management, leadership, procurement, teamwork, conflict management, earned value management and much more. The PMQ is generally useful for those who already have a basic knowledge of project management picked up through a degree or other form of qualification, and is the next step in developing the skills and knowledge to be an effective and competent project manager in Europe.

Finding the right project management qualification to suit your needs and requirements when moving to Europe or searching for a job on the continent isn’t easy, but our list of qualifications above should give you a starting point. Project management qualifications are one of the easiest and most effective ways of being able to demonstrate your knowledge, in order to help you advance your career in the future.

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