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Best Universities in Europe to Study Accounting and Finance

Studying in the UK is a dream of many students. While nothing holds anyone in the world from applying, most of those get rejected due to the sheer lack of information. To save your application from falling prey to an ignorant decision and for accounting assignment help, this article presents you with the top 5 universities in Europe to study accounting and finance.

1. London School of Economics:

Founded in 1895, The London School of Economics is a public research institution located in London. LSE(London School of Economics)ís finance and accounting department is one of the most prestigious in the world. The faculty, thought-leaders, and foremost researchers are accessible to the students who are privileged enough to get into the university.

From basic finance to advanced corporate economics, whatever you wish to pursue, is available within the facility. For a three session course, it would cost you around £7,950 in the form of standard rates, which can be discounted to £5100 for students of LSE. A scholarship is also sanctioned to exceptional students who show promise in the areas of leadership and sustainability.

2. University of Oxford:

Housing over 300 students every year, the Department of Economics and Finance of the University of Oxford is one of the best facilities all over Europe and the world. Their wide curriculum prepares students for government, academia, and business careers.

The full-time Financial Economics MSc degree course the University of Oxford offers is an extensive 9-month long programme that trains you to use the financial tools used by corporate and government organizations. The programme costs around £48,670 for home and overseas students.

3. University of Cambridge:

The 12-months long Finance programme at the University of Cambridge lets you be a part of unique academic learning that prepares you with experiences of the real financial world. Their ever-changing curriculum is updated every year to house more trending topics like blockchain and other financial tools.

Their faculty is from finance backgrounds and the students are expected to have experience in business in order to apply. The curriculum mostly focuses on applied finance and integration of theory and practical approaches in real life but also doesnít leave core concepts behind. The fee of the full-time MFin programme at the University of Cambridge would cost you around £64,250.

4. London Business School:

You need to have 3-8 years of experience in the finance industry before trying to apply for the Masters in Finance Programme at London Business School. As the programme is rated among the best, the criteria is Justifiable. The curriculum links strongly with the financial institutions to ensure a high-placement rate among students.

The duration of the MiF programme depends on the format. The full-time programme duration is 22 months, and the part-time - 16 months. The fee structure is quite similar to other practical approach based curriculum and is capped at £52,200 for the 22-months programme.

5. University of Manchester:

Only a full-time finance course is available at the University of Manchester. The eligibility criteria are not as harsh as the counterparts, but that doesnít mean an inferior curriculum. Students need to have a degree in finance, economics, or math in order to apply. Accounting is not being considered for now.

You would be expected to achieve a top score in the final year finance papers in addition to showing extraordinary cognitive and quantitative skills. As the programme is for inexperienced students, you can apply with your GRE and GMAT scores.

For UK students, the 12-month course costs around £20,000. And for international students, it goes up to £32,000.

The Bottom Line:

If you are looking to graduate or specialize in finance or accounting in the UK. These 5 universities are your best bet. They could be a little tough to crack open, but with the right mindset and persuasion, everything is possible. All the best.