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5 degrees that are Incredibly Useful for iGaming Roles

iGaming is an industry that has seen incredible growth for the last decade. This is due to technological advancements plus increased internet connectivity worldwide. The sector will grow exponentially as more operators expand their operations and merge with more prominent brands. Due to this fast-paced growth, the iGaming industry offers new career and business opportunities to be explored. This article lists five valuable degrees that you should pursue if you are interested in joining the iGaming industry.

Computer Science

This degree has an essential connection with the entertainment industry. It is one of the best degrees for a career in gaming. Students acquire knowledge about complex coding methods, science, and mathematics. The students will learn the process of making video games from behind the scenes. This field of study is broad enough to make you learn unique skills. These skills can take you a long way in any career, regardless of how your goals might change. Due to advancements in data science and artificial intelligence, many job opportunities are available for students with computer science degrees. The 2020 World Economic Forum report stated that the automation and artificial intelligence industry will create 97 million job opportunities by 2025.

Game Design and Development

A game design degree is an excellent choice. Without a doubt, it offers an extensive outline of video game development from beginning to end. In this area, you will also learn the history of gaming. A graduate in game designing knows how to do a multitude of things. They will know how to program a game, quality test it, give it a story, and finally market it. Depending on where you earn your degree, you can choose a different specialization, such as sound designing or animation. A Bachelor's degree in this field also covers game mechanics and balancing.

In contrast, you will learn to handle logistics issues involving gaming, managing a project team, and creating marketing campaigns. People with a relevant degree and appropriate knowledge of game design and development can create exciting casino games just like book of aztec Platincasino for instance.

Software Engineering

A software engineering degree is one of the best qualifications in the gaming industry. A bachelor's degree program concentrates on making large-scale software programmes and other computer essentials like databases and networking. Students can pursue artificial intelligence and usability courses after being awarded their degrees. When the students graduate, they will create software for games and several programming languages required for video game creation. Software engineers gain in-depth knowledge of different system platforms. This is critical when making video games operational in other applications. They will make a game work on various operating systems. It is possible to make it work on mobile devices online, such as your phone or laptop.

Interactive Media Design

Consider having a degree in interactive media design or game art if you are interested in the visual or artistic side. Interactive media design or game art helps you master the workings of video games from the inside out and the core design of a game. You will get to learn about shading and lighting, animation, and other elements in this field. These disciplines will make the experience of video games more exciting and visually appealing to players. The courses relating to interactive media design will enrich you with the art, writing, and animation skills audio needed to develop interactive games. It is a lucrative field, and people who can think outside the box are in high demand. Choosing a career in gaming is undoubtedly a good option because a position commands a high salary and gives you job satisfaction.


The marketing of video games is a vital element in the making process of games. A video game marketer is responsible for creating various campaigns before, after, and during the game. The marketer brings the product to launch and hopes to attract the right gaming audience. The marketer's primary responsibility is to drive awareness of the game and make people eager to play it. Along with a marketing degree, they will need some other essential skills. Examples are verbal and written communication skills, creativity, and a good understanding of social media relating to the gaming community.


The gaming industry has an array of career options to choose from. It also makes up for a large segment of the workforce. According to American Gaming Association, it can employ as many as 1.7 million individuals. However, careers in gaming platforms are not restricted to game design and game development. The other options, such as video game designer, video game artist, writer, game programmer, audio programmer, game producer, game tester, professional gamers, are also available. The five degrees graduates supply the gaming industry with new talent. Those who work in this field are creative and well-compensated to enjoy a fantastic career.