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Kaplan International Colleges
“Study English Worldwide”


Address Kaplan London: 3-4 Southampton Place, London, WC1A 2DA, United Kingdom
Telephone +44 (0)20 8727 3515 
E-mail address
Web address Click here to visit our London English school
Courses ESL Courses
Business English Courses
Exam Preparation Courses
Type of courses All full-time
Length of courses 2 weeks minimum
Level of courses On all adult courses we accept levels from Elementary to Advanced
Exam preparation courses IELTS Intensive
IELTS Supplementary
Cambridge Intensive (FCE, CAE and CPE)
TOEFL ® and Academic English
GMAT ® for international students
GRE ® for international students
USMLE Exam Preparation
Date of commencement Every Monday (or Tuesday if Monday is a bank holiday in London)
Class size Average of 12 students with a maximum number of 15
Student accommodation Homestay accommodation: Live with a host family in London in a safe and pleasant home environment.


About Kaplan International Colleges:

Kaplan International Colleges specialises in providing English schools and English courses around the world. We provide a range of courses for our students who are looking to improve their English as well as help prepare students for University and exams with exam preparation and academic foundation courses.

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