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University of Medicine
and Pharmacy of Târgu Mures


Address 38 Gh. Marinescu Street, 540139 Târgu-Mures, Romania
Tel. No. +40 265 21 55 51
Fax No. +40 265 21 04 07




The Institute of Medicine and Pharmacy of Târgu-Mures was founded in 1945, the teaching language beeing Hungarian. The medical teaching in Romanian was introduced in 1962. In 1990, the Institute was turned into the University of Medicine and Pharmacy, having both Romanian and Hungarian as teaching languages.

The University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Târgu-Mures is a superior training institution accessible to all Romanian and foreign citizens which offers a highly qualified training. It is a center of excellent in medical training, in forming specialists (during residency and postgraduate courses) and in research work.

Our university meets the demands of efficiency required by the medical and pharmaceutical professions; it promotes the traditions and values of the Romanian medical school. It is an active and dynamic factor in the cultural and social life, a point of reference for the town.


Our university enjoys a unanimous respect in the academic medical world owing to the quality and high professionalism of the didactic activity. The overall results of the last contests for being admitted as resident doctors prove that our graduates hold the first places at national level. Our medical school excels in some fields of teaching, research, and surgical and medical practice:

Anatomy, Pathology, Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Neurology, Urology and surgical specialities such as Liver surgery and Heart transplantation. Our university has been making constant efforts for reaching the European and international standards at the same time preserving all the traditional values. The University makes constant efforts to bring up to date the curricula, to diversify the post-academic training, to formulate objective criteria of internal evaluation.

Since 1990 the University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Târgu-Mures has initiated and continued its collaboration with faculties from France, Great Britain, Italy, Belgium, Hungary, Germany, USA, Holland, by means of programs initiated by the European Comity such as TEMPUS, ERASMUS and other programs of didactic and scientific co-operation. In these relationships our university has gradually accomplished an active part, recognized and appreciated by the partners and very profitable from the point of view of the continuous increase of the professional performance of the teaching staff.


The Central Library of the University has more than 282.026 volumes of Medical and Pharmaceutical specialities, 102 subscriptions to foreign specialty magazines and 70 subscriptions to national magazines. The library owns a rich collection of monographs, treaties and medical magazines in many languages of international circulation. After the Revolution of 1989, the library was enriched by personal investments and with the aid of some western universities (Tours, Becancon, Lille), of the French-Romanian Cultural Alliance, of the American Cultural Center of Bucharest and the "World Vision International" Organization). There are also services for bibliographic information within the library. The access to the Medline database is ensured by computer. The database is brought up to date by subscription to CDs. Last year, access to the Internet and reception of the EuroTransMed programs were assured. The Central Library has permanent contacts and exchanges with other 51 universities, 45 abroad and 6 in Romania. Besides the Central Library, there are other 30 specialized libraries for each clinic and department. Our university edits and prints the Journal of Medicine and Pharmacy (Revista de Medicina si Farmacie – Orvosi és Gyógyszerészeti Szemle) where articles in English, Romanian and Hungarian are published. The journal offers the possibility of turning the results of the scientific research into a superior account.

Last year, the Board of the University has made special efforts to edit the Medical Journal both in Romanian and English languages, in improved graphic conditions. It is printed in a new format with computerized drawings and coloured pages. Our University owns a printing-shop where courses and other necessary materials for the teaching process are elaborated.


Since 1990 the University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Târgu-Mureş has initiated and continued its collaboration with Faculties from France, Great Britain, Italy, Belgium, Hungary, Germany, USA, Holland within the framework of programs initiated by the European Comity such as:

- 2000 - the Department of Chemistry-Physics of the Faculty of Pharmacy became member of CEEPUS H-076 network.
- 2000 -2001 Tempus Phare Joint European Project
- 2002 -2004 partner in PIN/MATRA programme
- 2004 – 2007 member of the MEDINE network
- since 2005 -AUF
- 2006 – 2007 SOCRATES 2 -Erasmus
- 2007 - 2013 LLP/ Erasmus
- 2008 - Leonardo da Vinci

Within the framework of The Postgraduate Department and Doctoral School of our University a collaboration started with Chairs instituted within some National Institutes in Budapest (National Institute of Oncology, National Health Center, "Korányi" National Institute of Phtisiology, National Institute of Rheumatology and Physiotherapy, National Institute of Sports Medicine, National Institute of Neurosurgery, National Institute of Neurology and Psychiatry, National Institute of Medical Rehabilitation and others)

At the University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Târgu-Mures 360 candidates for a doctor’s degree carry on their scientific activity. There are also 43 scientific tutors of doctorates, covering 28 specialities. The teaching staff of our university carries on a far-reaching activity of elaborating courses as well as handbooks and textbooks. In 1999 was established the University Press Târgu Mureş, the publishing office of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy. Since the beginning until now over 350 books were published, out of which 68% concerning the university (school-books, monographs etc.) and 32% scientific books.


Târgu-Mures is situated in the center of Romania being one of the most important towns of the historical province of Transylvania. It is the capital of the Mures County and it benefits by a favorable position at the junction of national and international ways of communication. It lies along the Mures River valley in an area surrounded by hills and hillocks with heights ranging between 500-750 meters.

The town has a population of over 150.000 inhabitants and it is an important industrial center of Romania. In this respect we can mention the industry of chemical fertilizers (the Azomures Enterprises), that of building materials, of electrotechnics, leather, glass, ceramics, textile machine building industry, food industry as well as meat processing, beer manufacturing, power industry. There are several furniture factories with a long tradition, which besides ordinary furniture produce art furniture requested for export.

Târgu-Mures has an important network of modern hotels:Concordia, Continental, President, Tineretului, Parc and others, as well as numerous private pensions, which provide accommodation at a high level while the surrounding area has sight-seeing objectives worth visiting. Among these, we can mention the medieval fortress of Sighisoara the only medieval fortress still inhabited in the Eastern Europe, the Sovata resort famous for its salty lakes, the royal hunting castle of Lapusna and many others.

The most important cultural establishments in the town are: The National Theater (having both Romanian and Hungarian sections) famous for its theatrical performances and the concerts of the Philharmonic Orchestra. There are also the Teleky Library, the Palace of Culture, the Museum of Art, the County Library, the History Museum, the Ethnographic Museum and the Museum of Natural Sciences. The architecture of the old town belongs to the Transylvanian baroque style, some old churches and buildings being the pride of the town.

The University of Petru Maior is the second in size after the University of Medicine and Pharmacy. It has two faculties: that of Engineering and Technology with the following departments: Informational Technology, Fine Mechanics, Economics, Electronics, Technology of Machines Building, Engineering of Managerial Systems, Industrial Automation, Management of Companies, Mathematics-Computers, Public Administration, and the second one with two departments: History-English, Romanian-English.

The artistic training is represented by The Academy of Theatrical Art with two sections: Romanian and Hungarian.


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