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Academy of Physical Education
(University School of Physical Education)
in Katowice



Address Mikolowska 72a, 40-065 Katowice, Poland
Tel. No. +4832514066
Fax No. +4832516868
E-mail address
  • Physical Education
  • Physiotherapy
  • Type & length
    of courses
    Full time studies
    Physical education
    3–year studies at the BS level
    4-year studies at the MS level
    5-year studies at the MS level (with additional school subject)
    2-year stadies at the BS level (for graduates of pedagogic schools)
    3-year studies at the BS level
    5-year studies at the MS level
    3-year term studies at the BS level (for graduates of physiotherapy schools)
    5-year studies at the MS level (for disabled students as specialisation of management in physiotherapy)

    Part-time studies
    Physical education
    3-year studies at the BS level
    5-year stusies at the MS level
    2-year studies at the BS level (for graduates of pedagogic schools)
    2-year studies at the MS level (for graduates of 3-years studies)
    2-year studies at the BS level (for graduates of physiotherapy schools)
    Date of commencement full-time studies: 1 October
    part-time studies: 20 August, 20 February
    Class size 15 students
    Accommodation Avaiable for Polish and foreign students in students hotel (80 USD per month)
    Admission requirements Full-time students have to present the diploma of a secondary school as well as to pass the entrance examination (15-30June).
    Persons after Physiotherapy or pedagogic school have to present their professional diploma.
    Part-time students have to present their professional diploma.
    Student profile
  • National/Foreign students: 99% / 1%
  • Man/ Women: 50% / 50%


    About the Academy

    The History of the Academy

    Traditions in training teachers of physical educations as well as instructors of different disciplines goes back to the year 1952 when Technical School of Physical Education was astablished and in 1957 was transformed into the Teachers’ Study of Physical Education. On the groundwork of that school in 1970 the High School of Physical Education was formed and in turn it was transformed in 1979 into the Academy of Physical Education.

    General Information

    The Academy of Physical Education in Katowice is a one-faculty state higher education school. It educates students in two major fields: physical education (teachers) and physiotherapy. The Academy also carries out multi-profile scientific research activity in disciplines going into the range of broadly understood physical culture and related branches. At present over 2000 students attend our Academy in Katowice. The Academy employs over 200 teachers.

    The Range of Activity

    After completing full academic studies our graduates received a master’s degree in physical education or physiotherapy or they can obtain the job licence in physical educacation or physiotherapy after licencie studies. Students can also achieve some additional authorizations in following ranges:
  • trainer-instructor’s (in different sport disciplines);
  • sport management;
  • musical-movement forms;
  • biological recovery and sport massage;
  • tourism and recreation;
  • special physical training and corrective gymnastics.

  • In cooperation with The Silesian University students of The Academy of Physical Education will have the possibility to obtain the qualifications for teaching others subjects at school. The Academy also provides post-graduate studies and so called special studies in the area of physical education and health education, sport, recreation and rehabilitation. We also conduct PhD studies for degree for doctor of science of physical culture.

    Scientific-Research Activity

    The scientific research of the Academy is mainly concentrated on the following problems:
    1. Physical activity as the instrument and the goal of educational processes;
    2. Motor development in the process of developing and creating human being;
    3. Sociological-pedagogical and psyhological aspects of physical activity;
    4. Optimisation of sports’training;
    5. Physical development and the health of school children;
    6. Morpho-functional and biochemical changes induced by physical training loads;
    7. Physical activity of disabled people;
    8. The history of the physical education and sport in Silesian region.

    The Organisation of Academy

    The main organisation unit of Academy is Faculty of Physical Education within which the basic units are working – depertments or independent institutes. They performe the basic scientific and didactic program.

    1. Department of Biological Sciences with the following Institutes: Biology, Anatomy, Anthropology;

    2. Department of Physiological-Medical Sciences with the following Institutes: Physiology, Biochemistry, Sport Medicite and School Hygiene;

    3. Department of Humanistic Basis of Physical Culture with the following Institutes: History of Physical Education, Phylosophy and Sociology of Physical Culture;

    4. Department of Pedagogy and Psychology with the following Institutes: Pedagogy, Psychology

    5. Department of Human Motor Development with the following Institutes: Anthropomotor, Biomechanics;

    6. Department of Theory and Methodology of Physical Education with the following Institutes: Methodology of Physical Education, Theory of Physical Education, Correction of Body Posture and Special Physical Education, Tourism and Recreation;

    7. Department of the Individual Sport with the following Institutes: Athletics, Gymnastic, Swimming and First Aid Water Service, Individual Sport;

    8. Department of Sport Games and Recreational Games with the following Institutes: Team Games, Individual Games, recreational Games;

    9. Department of Rehabilitation with the following Institutes: Kinezytherapy, Clinical Basis of Rehabilitation, Rehabilitation, Preventing Treatment and Physical Therapy;

    10. Department of Organisation in Sport, Tourism and Recreation with the following Institutes: Management in Physical Culture, Management in Tourism, Computer Information;

    11. Independent Institute of Theory of Sport;

    12. Department of Foreign Languages.


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