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"Karol Marcinkowski"
University of Medical Sciences in Poznan


Address 10 Fredry Street, Poznań 61-701, Poland
Tel. No. + 4861 - 852 - 0342
Fax No. + 4861 - 852 - 0455
E-mail address
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  • Medicine
    M.D. for Polish nationals
    M.D. in English for foreign nationals (2 courses, of 4 and 6 years duration)

  • Dentistry
    M.D. (Dent)

  • Pharmacy
    M. Sc. (Pharmacy)

  • Laboratory Medicine
    M.Sc (Laboratory Medicine)

  • Nursing
    M.Sc. (Nursing)

  • Public Health
    in either Health Care Management or Health Promotion

  • Physiotherapy
    B.Sc. (Physiotherapy)
    M.Sc. (Physiotherapy)
  • Length of programmes Overseas student 4 year M.D program
    6 year M.D program
    Date of commencement National students and 6-year M.D. students - October 1st

    4 -year M.D students - September 2nd
    Accommodation Student Hostels
    „Eskulap" - 39 Przybyszewskiego St. Poznań
    „ Hipokrates" - 12 Wilczak St. Poznań
    „Wawrzynek" - 23/25 Wawrzyniaka St. Poznań
    Student grants/
    Financial assistance
    A number of student bursaries and scholarships are available. These are awarded to the students achieving the highest grades and Polish students are eligible for social support.
    Admission requirements For Polish nationals - admissions examination; for overseas nationals - interview

    Language fluency required:
    - for Polish nationals - Polish; for the 4-and 6 year M.D. programmes in English - English and a working knowledge of Polish by the 3rd year.
    Contact for application for Polish nationals:
    Student Affairs Office
    Collegium Maius
    10 Fredry Street
    61-701 Poznań
    Tel. + 4861 - 852 - 51-19
    Fax. + 4861 - 852 - 20-5

    for American and Canadian students wishing to attend the 4-year M.D.program:
    Karol Marcinkowski University of Medical Sciences
    108 Village Square
    Suite 402
    Somers, NY 10589-2305
    Tel. (914) 277-2300
    Fax. (914) 277-7305
    Professor Stan Wiktor
    Director of Admissions
    Irene Winkler
    Student Assistance Officer

    for other overseas students wishing to attend the 6-year M.D. course in English:
    Overseas Student Affairs Office
    79 Dbrowskiego Street
    60-529 Poznań
    fax./tel +4861 847-74-89


    Faculties & Colleges


    Address: 61-701 Poznań, 10 Fredry Street

    Phone/ Fax.: +4861 852-86-14

    Student numbers: 1588 (all full-time)

    Staff numbers:

    academic : 369 (teaching and research)
    *administration: 168

    *Note - the Administration staff serve the Faculty as a whole.

    System of education: 6-years study of medicine. Graduates receive the degree of Medical Doctor (M.D.)

    Rating by the State Committee on Research: A

    Number of research grants: 28

    Main areas of research supported by the State Committee on Research:

    - Gynaecology
    - Orthopaedics and rehabilitation
    - Paediatrics
    - Neurology
    - Social Medicine
    - Biology and parasitology
    - Laryngology


    Address: 79 Dąbrowskiego Street, Adam Wrzosek Collegium, 60-529 Poznań

    Phone/ Fax.: +4861 847-74-89

    Student Numbers: 628 ( all full-time)

    Staff numbers:

    academic (teaching and research): 388
    4 and 6-year courses (2 programmes) of medicine in English.

    Graduates receive the degree of Medical Doctor (M.D.).

    5-year course in dentistry. Graduates receive the degree of Doctor of Dentistry M.D. (Dent.)

    Rating by the State Committee on Research: A

    Number of research grants: 23

    Main areas of research supported by the State Committee on Research:

    - Cardiology
    - Haematology
    - Surgery
    - Neonatology
    - Histology and Embriology
    - Endocrinology
    - Respiratory diseases
    - Nephrology
    - Infectious Diseases
    - Psychiatry
    - Immunopathology


    Address: 10 Fredry Street, 61-701 Poznań

    Phone: +4861 851- 51-02

    Fax. +4861 852-04-55

    Student numbers: 820 (all full-time)

    Staff numbers: academic (teaching and research) 173

    5 year course in pharmacy. Graduates receive the degree of Master of Sciences in Pharmacy. M.Sc. (Pharm.)

    5-year course in laboratory medicine (medical analytics). Graduates receive the degree of Master of Sciences in Laboratory Medicine. M.Sc. (Laboratory Medicine)

    Rating by the State Committee on Research: B

    Number of research grants: 7

    Main areas of research supported by the State Committee on Research:

    - Pharmacokinetics
    - Clinical pharmacology
    - Therapeutic drug monitoring
    - Pharmacology of CNS agents
    - Analysis of drugs, food and water
    - Synthesis of drugs
    - Herbal raw materials analysis
    - Microbiology


    Address: 79 Dąbrowskiego Street

    Adam Wrzosek Collegium, 60-529 Poznań

    Phone: +4861 847-74-96

    Fax. +4861 847-74-90

    Student numbers: 792

    full time: 242
    part-time 550


    3 years study in nursing. Graduates receive the degree of B.N. After a further 2 years graduates receive the degree of M.Sc. (Nursing)

    Public Health
    3 years study in public health. Graduates receive the degree of B.P.H which may be in either Health Care Management or Health Promotion. After a further 2 years study graduates are awarded the degree of M.P.H. in Health Care Management or Health Promotion respectively.

    3 years study in Physiotherapy. Graduates receive the degree of B.Sc. (Physiotherapy). After a further 2 years study graduates are awarded the degree of M.Sc. (Physiotherapy)

    Staff numbers: academic (teaching and research) 53

    Rating by the State Committee on research: C

    Main areas of research supported by the State Committee on Research:

    - Medical sciences and nursing
    - Health and healthy behaviour
    - Clinical studies
    - Social sciences
    - Psychology
    - Management and supervision

    About the University

    Although higher education in Poznan began as early as the 16th century it was not until May 1919 that the University of Poznań was established.

    Its principal creator and first Rector was Heliodor Święcicki, a prominent gynaecologist. In the same year the Poznań Medical College and the Department of Pharmacy were all started. In 1920 the Medical College was converted into the Faculty of Medicine with Professor Adam Wrzosek as Dean as well as the Division of Pharmacy was established with Professor Konstanty Hryniewiecki as its Director.

    In 1929 a Chair of Dentistry was established in the Medical faculty and later this was converted into the Division of Dentistry. Between the wars the reputation of our teaching in both medicine, dentistry and pharmacy were high. The Faculty included the first, and in some instances the only, chairs in Poland of medical radiology, orthopaedics, hygiene and physical education.

    In the 1930’s graduates of the Poznań Division of Pharmacy constituted 40% of all the graduate pharmacists in Poland.

    During World War II, although the University of Poznań was closed, our teachers and researchers did not stop working but organised the Underground University of Western lands in Warsaw. Furthermore, due to the efforts of the prominent British geneticist Colonel (Professor) F.A.E. Crew, the Polish Medical Faculty was formed in March 1941 as part of the University of Edinburgh., Scotland. Its main organiser and dean was Professor Tomasz Jurasz, a surgeon with an international reputation.

    As the war drew to a close in February 1945, and while Poznań was still the scene of heavy fighting, the University was re-opened. In 1959 the Medical Faculty, including the Division of Dentistry and the Pharmaceutical Faculty, were detached from the main University and established as an independent unit called the Karol Marcinkowski University of Medical Sciences, named after a famous Poznań physician of the early 19th century.

    A Faculty of Nursing and a Division of Laboratory Medicine were added in 1979.

    In 1992 Medical Faculty II, including the Division of Medical Education in English was formed, thus becoming the first institution in Poland to teach medicine to overseas students. Two programmes were prepared, a 4-year course for American and Canadian students taking the American Medical Licensing Examinations (U.S.M.L.E.) and a 6-year course for English-speaking students, but based on the Polish 6-year M.D. course.

    In 1993 a new discipline, public health, was introduced to the Faculty of Nursing which was subsequently renamed the Faculty of Health Sciences.

    Two important recent developments have been the establishment of a Department of Neonatology, the first in Poland, and a Magnetic Resonance Imaging Centre.

    Research and Graduate Education

    Among the scientific achievements of Faculty members have been those of Franciszek Adamanis who worked on drug phase transitions, Wanda Bzeńska for her work on an anti-leprosy vaccine, Stefan Dobrowski for his pioneer work on the nephron, Wiktor Dega who created the Polish rehabilitation school, Boleslaw Gadysz, tutor of numerous eminent Polish radiologists and author of the outstanding work „Tomography", Jan Krotoski who developed the first Polish heart-lung machine, Wanda Moczko for her diagnostic work in both dental radiography and mammography, Stefan Rózycki who introduced the use of radiology into comparative anatomy and Rudolf Sarrazin for his work on dental filling materials.

    In recent years the Karol Marcinkowski School of Medicine has conducted research and developed collaborative projects with many leading universities in Europe and the USA

    The main areas of research currently being pursued by these scholars include:

    - the molecular diagnostics of genetically determined disorders

    - the construction of a new model of prenatal care

    - the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases related to civilisation and

    - the search for new naturally occurring and synthetic medications.

    Students who join the Student Scientific Association collaborate in these research projects. Every year the University organises close to a hundred graduate lectures, conferences or symposia for physicians, dentists, pharmacists and specialists in the various branches of medical technology.

    The Karol Marcinkowski University is a modern school of medicine. It has a modern library with full computer facilities, modern lecture halls, computer rooms and scientific laboratories. Theoretical, practical and clinical activities take place in 5 modern University Clinical Hospitals. We are ready and open to admit anyone suitably qualified who wishes to study the medical sciences, acquire and perfect professional skills, earn scientific degrees and conduct research.


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