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University of Silesia


Address Medical University of Silesia
ul. Poniatowskiego 15, 40-055 Katowice, POLAND
Tel. No. +(48) 32-514-964
Fax No. +(48) 32-571-361
E-mail address
Degree courses Medicine
Medical Analytics
Type of course Full-time
Length of course a/ medical studies - 6 years;
b/ dentistry studies - 5 years;
c/ pharmacy studies - 5 years;
d/ medical analytics studies - 5 years;
e/ nursing study 4 - years
Date of commencement 1st October every year
Class size theoretical training - 10 students
practical training - 5 students
Accommodation There is a possibility to get an accommodation at campus- the cost is about 60 USD per month
Financial assistance Student's grants and financial assistance only for Polish students and holders of scholarship.
Admission requirements
  • Polish language fluency is required
  • application used by our University
  • copy of secondary school certificate, which allows study of medicine in domestic country
  • Certificate of premedical part of college is also required for students from USA and Canada.
  • certificate of a good health state (with AIDS test)
  • 4 photos (37x52 cm)
  • copy of passport
  • Overseas students are required to pay all the fees for each study year by 30th September every year.
    Student profile
  • Ratio of National / Overseas students:97%/3%
  • Ratio of Men / Women: 1:2
  • Contact for application Medical and Dentistry Faculty
    Didactic Co-ordination & Analysis Board
    40-055 Katowice, ul. Poniatowskiego 15
    fax +(48) 32-571-361

    Pharmacy Faculty and Division of Medical Analytics
    Dean's Office
    41-200 Sosnowiec, ul. Ostrogórska 30
    fax +(48) 32-292-54-05


    About the Medical University of Silesia

    The Medical University of Silesia is the largest medical school in Poland. It was established on 20th of March 1948. At first it was given the name Medical Academy and was placed in Rokitnica Bytomska. The name Medical University of Silesia was given in 1949. The lectures for the 135 newly admitted students of medicine and 96 students of stomatology began in October 1948. The first celebration of the academic year took place on 20th November 1948. The first rector of the school was Professor Nowakowski, a famous specialist in hygiene.

    Gradually, the school was extending and the number of students grew up. In 1950, for example, there were already 1121 students, while in 1955 - 2610. The Rector`s position was held by prof. Stefan Slopek, prof. Marian Garlicki, prof. Witold Zahorski and prof. Witold Niepolomski, in turn.

    Between 1953-1954 the first graduates obtained diplomas as physicians and physicians specialising in dentistry. On the 10 years anniversary - in 1958, the school already had at its disposal 37 Departments and 18 clinics with 1800 beds. There were 2657 students. At this time 111 doctoral titles were awarded and nearly 1000 scientific works were published.

    In 1971 the Headquarters of the Medical University of Silesia were moved to Katowice. In the same year the Department of Pharmacy was established. The school developed rapidly and in 1974 the Central Teaching Hospital in Katowice-Ligota started admitting patients. Also the Nursing Faculty in Katowice-Ligota was established (currently the Division of Nursing at the Medical Faculty in Katowice).

    In 1975 two medical Departments were established - in Katowice and in Zabrze. The number of students extanded; in 1970 it equalled 2500, while at the moment there are 1615 students at the Medical Department in Katowice alone.

    The following couple of years meant a successful development of the school, directed by rectors prof. Zbigniew Herman, prof.Franciszek Kokot, prof. Mieczyszaw Luciak and prof. Wzadyszaw Pierzchala and prof. Zbigniew Religa, in turn. In 1996, the current Rector Professor Tadeusz Wilczok was elected.

    In the following years the Department of Ophthalmology was established at the Interdepartment of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Therapy. The works on the Department of Paediatrics in Zabrze were partly finished, and most of the Department of Paediatrics in Katowice was opened to patients. The training programme for the family doctors was put in force. The four year programme in English for medical students has been carried out since 1996. It is based on the American scheme for higher education for medical students.

    The Medical University of Silesia consists of three faculties: Faculty of Medicine and Division of Nursing in Katowice (the one that carries lectures in English), Faculty of Medicine and Division of Dentistry in Zabrze and Faculty of Pharmacy and Division of Medical Analytics in Sosnowiec.

    The school is governed by the Rector who together with his Deputies and Administration Director constitutes the Rector`s Council. The Senate is the body managing the whole school.
    Each faculty is governed by the Dean, who together with his deputies and the Director of the Dean`s Office constitutes the Dean`s Council.
    The Programme in English is co-ordinated by the Rector`s Plenipotentiary for Teaching Programme in English ( Chairman for Education in English).
    Chairs and departments are the basic units of the school. Each department is managed by the Head of the Department. Education programmes are carried out in the clinics and affiliated institutions.

    An important part of the school is constituted by the Library with the computer centre. There is also a well organised social and sport infrastructure.

    The school continues its development. In the nearest future the Clinical Hospital „Zabrze-Gliwice" will be established, which is going to be one of the biggest and most modern medical centres in Europe.


    Medical Faculty and Division of Nursing in Katowice.
    Medyków 12, Katowice 40-752
    fax +(48) 32-25-21-739

    Dean: Prof. Jan Dulawa M.D. Ph. D.

    No. of students: 1622
    Overseas students 69

    Medical Faculty and Division of Dentistry in Zabrze Pl. Traugutta 1; Zabrze 41-780 fax +(48) 32-27-12-641

    Dean: Prof. Lech Polonski M.D. Ph.D.

    No. of students 1302
    Overseas students 33

    Pharmacy Faculty and Division of Medical Analytics ul. Ostrogórska 30; Sosnowiec 41-200 fax +(48) 32 292-54-05

    Dean: Prof. Barbara Blońska-Fajfrowska Ph.D.

    No. of students 732
    Overseas students 27


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