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ITIS Malta Tourism Institute


Address Admin Office 109/2 Ursuline Street, Pieta PTA1226 – Malta
School Location – Kappara, San Gwann - Malta
Tel. No. +356 21 226 090
Fax No. +356 21 226 091
E-mail address
Course Director Mark Ransley
Courses Certificate in International Tourism Management
Diploma in International Tourism Management
Higher Diploma in International Tourism Management
BA with honours in International Tourism Management and Hospitality
MBA in International Tourism Management and Hospitality
Type of courses Full-Time
Length of courses Certificate to Higher Diploma – 12 months study plus 16 weeks practice
BA Degree – 6 months with an option up to 25 weeks practice
MBA – 6 months
Date of commencement Every October and in some cases during January
Class size Maximum 20 students
Student accommodation Available
Cost/fees Certificate - 6050 euro
Diploma – 4950 euro
Higher Diploma – 4950 euro
BA Degree - 20350 Swiss Franks
MBA – 15000 Swiss Franks
Student grants Scholarships available up to Higher Diploma
Exchange partner schools IMI/ITIS Switzerland
Note: IMI awards its own BA degree in addition to offering the Bachelor of Arts degrees with Honours of the Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU), UK
Admission requirements • 17 years of age (during first semester of study)
• High School certificate or equivalent
• School or work testimonials
• Proficiency in English (500 TOEFL / 5.0 IELTS or higher)
Student profile 1. Ratio of National / Overseas students – 100% overseas students
2. Ratio of Men / Women 1:5
3. Age range – 17-25
Contact person for application Mark Ransley


About the Programmes

Malta is in itself a tourism heaven that hosts over 100 hotels, a large number of restaurants and entertainment centres in a small area of only 316 sq. km (122 square miles). About half the jobs in the archipelago are connected directly or indirectly to tourism. Tourism is the strongest pillar of the Maltese economy. This environment makes Malta a perfect place for any student in tourism studies to learn and practice within reality.

ITIS Malta Institute recognises that a student is an individual. The Institute is run with a very friendly atmosphere and comprehends the student’s desire to learn and succeed as fast as possible. We do not wait time and use various learning technique so as students can achieve their goals at a relatively short time.

Course Structure

ITIS Malta Course Structure


High school
English Language IELTS Course

Semester 1

Semester 2

Semester 3

Semester 4

Semester 5

Semester 6









Certificate in International Tourism Operations

Courses Held in Switzerland


Diploma in International Tourism Management



Higher Diploma in International Tourism Management



B.A. Hons. Degree in International Tourism Management



About ITIS Malta Tourism Institute

It is a well know fact the Malta holds exceptionally high educational standards and ITIS Malta Institute is no exception. Our courses, certificates and diplomas are approved by the International Tourism Institute Switzerland, pioneers and specialists International Tourism Institute. This institute is recognised by the Education Department of the Swiss Canton of Nidwalden. All ITIS Bachelor's Degree Programmes (BA) are taught in Switzerland and validated and awarded by the Manchester Metropolitan University, UK. ITIS offers a complete education in tourism, including postgraduate diplomas and an MBA in international hospitality and tourism management. The Manchester Metropolitan University is ranked in the top 10 UK hotel schools by leading independent British newspapers of record, "The Times", "Daily Telegraph" and "Guardian”

In comparison with the rest of EU and other European states, education in Malta is quite cheap and so are our courses. In some cases, our fees are less then half the fees that one would pay for a similar diploma.

Our highly qualified lecturers can assign a more focused attention to individual student needs and help to obtain the most from the lessons.

Well equipped classroom, photocopy service, free internet service, library, students care service and much more.


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