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Address Villa Le Pianore, Capezzano Pianore 55040 LU, Italy
Tel. No. +39 0584 91871
Fax No. +39 0584 915612
E-mail address
Course MBA
Master in Finance
Type of course Full-time / Part-time
Length of course MBA - 12 months
Master in Finance - 24 weeks
Master in Marketing - 24 weeks
Master in European Integration - 10 months
Date of commencement October, January, March
Class size 4 classes x 20 students each
Cost/Fees MBA - Euro 19000
Master in Finance - Euro 14000
Master in Marketing - Euro 14000
Master in European Integration - Euro 18000
Accommodation Available
Financial assistance Available
Student profile Countries of origin: 32
Ratio Men: Women: 40:60
Age Range: 23-33
Average Age: 26
Average Work Experience: 4 years
Admissions requirements Toefl 550
GMAT or ESE Test
Course director Dott. Ali K. Ayaz
Contact details for application Committee on International Admissions
Villa Le Pianore, Capezzano Pianore 55040 LU, Italy
Tel: +39 0584 91871
Fax: +39 0584 915612


Course/Programme description

Master Your Life

What are universities for? This is one of the most crucial questions of our time.

Beyond academic excellence, cross cultural studies and a very pragmatic approach, European School of Economics aims to facilitate in each and every student a process of inner revolution, encouraging personal development through self-study and individual research into self-knowledge.

"The world is such because you are such."

No political party, religion or philosophical system can transform society from the outside. Only an individual revolution, a psychological re-birth, a healing of the inner self, man by man, cell by cell, will take us towards individual freedom, global well-being and peace.

We need new schools… schools of responsibility for men and women who have a dream to realise. We need universities for pragmatic dreamers.

They'll be the leaders of a new exodus… a "psychological exodus" of planetary proportions… Thousands of young people will abandon the slavery of the conflictual logic of the old humanity in exchange for a vertical vision of a world founded on the ability to harmonise antagonisms.

"The world is a physical projection of our way of thinking."

About the School and University

Choosing a university is certainly one of the most important decisions. It is a crucial decision made even more difficult in our changing times where the world has lost its old equilibrium without having found new values. Ideologies have crumbled and our old references are in transition. The frontiers of the economy are reforming and in continuous evolution. Ethics and aesthetics have become the cornerstones of society. New professions and work opportunities are emerging in the fields of culture, e-commerce, entertainment, fashion, finance, music, movie- & television production, sports-, events- & museum management. These are the modern pillars of the world economy and an emerging labour market without frontiers.

In this brave new world the university can no longer limit itself to provide text book knowledge and mere academic preparation reducing itself to an 'exam house' attaching titles and empty labels, neither can it continue to ignore the changing needs of a global employment market and the profound changes in the environment awaiting the students beyond the campuses.

The mission of the European School of Economics is to prepare a new breed of leaders, courageous, sincere individuals with the intellectual abilities, cross cultural versatility, practical skills and ethics needed to operate in today's business world.

From Classroom to Career in a record time
The excellence of the faculty, the innovative programmes, the international environment and the unique internship program realised in collaborations with 1500 leading corporations make The European School of Economics a cutting edge business school reflected by one of the highest graduate employment rate in Europe.

Welcome to the European School of Economics.


Master in Finance
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