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Bath Spa University
English Language Programme


Address International Activities, Bath Spa University,
Newton St., Bath, BA2 9BN U.K.
Tel. No. +44 (0) 1225 875 577
Fax No. +44 (0) 1225 875 491
E-mail address
Course titles General English
Summer School
Course Director Geraldine Lamb, Head of Studies E.F.L.
Type of course Choice of 15 or 21 hours per week
Length of courses Minimum 2 weeks up to one academic year
Levels of courses Elementary to Advanced
Examinations offered IELTS
General English
Winter term – 4th January to 1st April 2010
Spring term – 7th April to 2nd July 2010
Autumn Term - 13th September to 17th December 2010
Date of commencement General English
Winter term - 9th January to 7th April 2006
Spring term - 24th April to 30th June 2006
Autumn Term - 18th September to 15th December 2006

Public Holidays (school closed):3rd & 31st May 2010

Summer School 2010
Summer School 5th July to 27th August
Class size 12 maximum; average 8
Accommodation Homestay: £125 per week; £135 per week Summer School
Campus accommodation self catering from £110.00 per week
Cost/Fees General English
21 hours of tuition
£210 (2 to 6 weeks)
£184 (7 to 11 weeks)
£163 (12 weeks or more)

15 hours of tuition
£150 (2 to 6 weeks)
£139 (7 to 11 weeks)
£133 (12 weeks or more)

Summer School
21 hours tuition and social programme
£240 (2 to 4 weeks)
£230 (5 to 8 weeks)

15 hours of tuition and social programme
£184 (2 to 4 weeks)
£179(5 to 8 weeks)
Admission requirements Minimum age 18. Unfortunately we cannot accept beginners
Student profile Students from many countries, majority from China, Japan, Taiwan, Korea.
Average Age: 22
Contact for application International Activities Admissions


The Bath Spa English Language Programme

General English courses and the Summer School are based at 16 Somerset Place on the Sion Hill campus of Bath Spa University. The campus is conveniently situated ten minutes walk from the city centre and is a pleasing mix of modern and classical Georgian buildings. Within a short walk from your classroom in 16 you will find the library and restaurant.

Our English language teachers will help you get the most out of your time in Bath both inside and outside of the classroom. All the teachers and staff aim to provide a positive and welcoming learning environment and work hard to ensure your time in Bath and Bath Spa University is both useful and enjoyable. House 16 Somerset Place offers a self-access learning room and an additional computer room with email and Internet access.

The summer school includes two half-day visits/activities, one evening activity and one full day excursion per week. Our Summer School social programme includes all admissions and transport.

Our English Language teaching is accredited by the British Council under the "English in Britain" scheme.

The University

Being part of a university learning community of approximately 4,000 students, you will have the opportunity to meet students studying on a wide variety of undergraduate and postgraduate courses. This atmosphere may inspire you; you may wish to consider continuing your studies at Bath Spa University, in which case we can offer you a range of four Foundation Studies programmes and undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Student Life in Bath
While Bath has the unique distinction of being England's only World Heritage City, it is also an exciting and lively city with plenty for you to see and do on a student budget. Whether it's high culture or fun culture that you want, Bath offers it all! Its beauty and historical significance attract visitors from all over the world. The surrounding seven hills, and the towers of Bath Abbey create a stunning impression on arrival.

As a student, though, you will get the chance to explore beyond the major tourist attractions and discover the hidden wealth of interesting and inexpensive shops, markets, cafes and restaurants.

Bath - World Class Heritage
Famous for its Roman Baths, romantic riverside and elegant Georgian architecture, Bath boasts some of the most beautiful architectural masterpieces in Europe. The Royal Crescent, the Circus, the Abbey, the Pump Room and the Assembly Rooms are all essential features on any visitor's itinerary. And yet Bath is far more than a historical monument - it is bustling with life and entertainment.

History and Further Information
The University can trace its origins back to 1898. Bath College of Higher Education was formed in 1975 from the merger of two colleges. In 1992, the college was granted taught degree-awarding powers. In 1999, Privy Council agreement was received to change the name to Bath Spa University College. In 2005 full university title was granted.

Bath Spa University has two outstandingly beautiful campuses: Newton Park and Sion Hill / Somerset Place. Both campuses provide all facilities expected from a modern University at the same time as allowing students to enjoy magnificent surroundings enriched with English history. The larger campus, at Newton Park, is set in an historic landscape (sculpted by Capability Brown) four miles west of Bath and is leased from the Duchy of Cornwall. This campus is divided roughly in two with the North end home to the Manor House, library, concert hall, and halls of residence. The south end of the campus is home to the students’ union, sports pitches, science and humanities buildings. It takes about 10 minutes to walk from one end of this campus to the other.

The other campus, Sion Hill, is located in the centre of Bath where the University owns a large purpose-built complex and a complete Georgian crescent. This campus is home to the Bath School of Art and Design. The crescent, "Somerset Place" is home to a large number of student residences and the Bath Spa University English Language Programme.


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