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Tallinn University, Estonia

One of the main aims of Tallinn University is large-scale internationalisation. The university offers 10 academic degree programmes and a number of shorter programmes and courses in English.

Full-time Degree programmes

Bachelor´s studies
  • Liberal Arts in Humanities
  • Liberal Arts in Social Sciences
  • Media

    Master´s studies
  • Anthropology
  • Comparative Literature and Cultural Semiotics
  • Digital Library Learning
  • European Studies: Europeanization of Governance and Politics
  • Film Arts
  • Interactive Media and Knowledge Environments
  • International Relations

    Tallinn Summer School (July 13 – July 31, 2009)
  • Estonian Language and Culture
  • Russian Language and Culture
  • Italian Language
  • English Language
  • Creative Writing in English
  • Everyday Life: Multi-Disciplinary Perspectives
  • Social Work and Social Policy Issues in Estonia
  • Digital Film-making: Make a Short in Two Weeks
  • Creative Workshop in Painting
  • Promotion and Communication in Social Marketing (in Russian)
  • Workshop in Creative Industries: Creativity and Economic Growth
  • CIIM Business School, Cyprus

    CIIM Business School is a highly regarded European Business School and an independent non-profit postgraduate educational institution that specializes for almost 20 years in providing world-class postgraduate management education.

    Unbeatable combination of top professors from elite universities worldwide such as Harvard, MIT, Wharton, London Business School, Oxford, Cambridge, INSEAD and many more.

  • CIIM MBA is accredited internationally by AMBA (London) and by EFMD (Brussels) with the EPAS Quality Label. CIIM’s MBA has been ranked 16th in Europe this year, by QS scorecard of

    Apart from the MBA & MPSM, we also offer the following Master of Science (MSc) programmes:

  • MSc in Shipping Management
  • MSc in Finance & Banking
  • MSc in Educational Leadership & Management
  • MSc HRM & Organizational Behaviour

    5 MBA partial scholarships will be awarded to well qualified candidates from Russia of €2000 each, provided they register before 30 November 2009, SO APPLY NOW!

    For contact and enquiries:
  • University of Dundee, Scotland
    Division of Mathematics

  • Applied Mathematics - Bachelor of Science (Honours)
  • Mathematical Biology - Bachelor of Science (Honours)
  • PhD Studies

    We are a small friendly Division offering a lively, modern programme of study at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. As well as degrees in Mathematics and Mathematical Biology, we offer a wide range of Joint Honours Degrees, where Mathematics can be combined with a variety of other subjects, for example, Accountancy, Applied Computing, Economics, English and Physics.

    Mathematics is central to the study of science, and few scientific developments are possible without underlying mathematical theories. Explanations of physical, chemical and biological phenomena often require sophisticated mathematics. For example, mathematics is now extensively used to try to develop a better understanding of human diseases such as cancer and HIV.

    We have research groups in Mathematical Biology, Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing, Applied Analysis, and Magnetohydrodynamics.


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