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SDA Bocconi School of Management, Milano, Italy

  • Master of International Healthcare Management, Economics and Policy (MIHMEP)

    A fully international perspective through its contents, faculty members and students. A thorough knowledge of the political, economic and social context in which health care systems operate around the world.

    As a participant, you will spend full-time 12 months in acquiring the specific skills needed to take on management roles in the private industry (pharmaceutical, medical device and biotech companies), government and international organizations, and health care providers.

  • Master of Public Management (MPM)

    A one-year full-time Program provides you with solid public management tools.

    Teaching international policies and best practices, the Program encourages an independent, transparent and flexible approach to public management. Through MPM, you could benefit from the fruits of a long, active and successful collaboration between a network of governmental institutions, international organizations and NGOs which could even become your next career move.

  • Full-time Master of Business Administration (MBA)

    The SDA Bocconi full-time MBA lasts one year. It is an intense program that maximizes learning chances in a limited scope of time. The MBA curriculum is designed to cater for the realities of the current marketplace.

    It encourages students to go beyond a conventional business model through creative thinking and a distinguished problem-solving approach.

  • Global Executive Master of Business Administration (MBA)

    The Global Executive MBA provides a high-quality business education for executives who desire to expand the scope of their careers and move toward more international business initiatives.

    It is a launching pad for the career phases to come and an integrated preparation for senior management roles.

  • Master of Management in Food & Beverage (MFB)

    The program blends culture and methodology with lessons focused on a specific knowledge base and skill sets fundamental for the industries of Food & Beverage. Lessons from top academia, experts and professionals are at the core along with the privileged access to the true Italian culture and traditions.

  • Master in Corporate Finance (MCF)

    The mission of the Program is to prepare students to offer high quality solutions to financial problems, both operationally and strategically. The Program is designed to provide you with the most advanced techniques of Financial Management and with an accurate knowledge of the principles that lie behind sound financial decisions: a fine blend of leadership and respect for others, ethics and the appreciation of diversity.

  • Master Program in Fashion, Experience & Design Management (MAFED)

    A 12-month full-time and full-immersion international Program aimed at the culture of result oriented creativity, which implies coping with the unlimited imagination of creative people, your awareness of the beautiful and original, and the constraints of timing and the fickleness of consumers.

  • Executive Master in Marketing & Sales (EMMS)

    Unique learning activities: face-to-face lessons, distance learning lessons, business project. Overall, 48% of sessions are face-to-face and 52% are by distance learning. Face-to-face lessons are held in three cities: Milan, Barcelona and Madrid.

    EMMS diploma is a joint degree issued by two very prestigious business schools: SDA Bocconi and ESADE.

  • Executive Master in Strategic Human Resource Management (EMSHRM)

    An international 10-months Executive Program that places an in-depth emphasis on the business context of HR management and leadership, focusing on the organizational and strategic issues influencing HR decisions.

    You’ll be prepared to advise top executives and to drive changes in complex organizational settings. You’ll be strategic yourself.


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