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Penza State Technological University
Penza State Technoogical University


Address Penza State Technological University, 1a Baidukova Proezd/11 Gagarina st., Penza, Russia, 440039
Tel. No. +7(412) 49-54-41
Fax No. ++7(412) 49-60-86
E-mail address
Web address
Departments Manufacturing Technologies Department
Information and Education Technologies Department
Department of Biomedical and Food Technologies and Systems
Evening Department
Correspondence Department
Department of Career Enhancement and Retraining
Department of Integrated Educational Programmes
Manufacturing Technologies Vocational School
Bachelor programmes Informatics and Computer Engineering
Economics and Management
Machines and Equipment for Food Production
Theoretical and Applied Linguistics
Economics of Enterprises and Organizations
Production Management
Machine-Building Technology
Biomedical Engineering
Automation of Technological Processes and Production Operations (Power Engineering)
Quality Management in Production and Engineering Systems
Computing Machines, Complexes, Systems and Networks
Information Systems and Technologies
Information Technologies in Design
Applied Informatics in Economics
Technology and Organization of Food and Confectionary Production
Environmental Engineering
Oil and gas
Master Programmes Biomedical Engineering and Quality Management in Health Care
IT Systems for Automation of Technological Processes and Production Operations
Machine-Building Processing and Assembly Technologies
Computer Systems and Networks
Automated Systems of Information Processing and Management
Information Systems and Technologies
Various Food Manufacturing for the Catering Industry
Technosphere Safety and Security Management
PhD / DSc programmes PhD programmes
Machine-Building Processing
Social and economic systems management
Theoretical informatics’ basis
Mathematic modelling
Machines and Equipment for Food Production
Mathematic methods in economic
Common pedagogy and history of pedagogy and education
Theory and principals of professional education
DSc programmes:
Theory and principals of professional education
Type of course Full-time undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate courses of B.Sc., M. Sc., Specialist and Ph.D. degrees
Length of course Preparatory Course: one year – two semesters
B.Sc. Program: 4 years – eight semesters
M.Sc. Program: 2 years – four semesters
Specialist’s Program: 5 years – ten semesters
Ph.D. degree Program: 2 to 4 years – full-time
Date of commencement Academic year:
Fall semester (the 1st of September – the end of January)
Spring semester (first week of February – the end of July)
Preparatory (pre-university) course: the 1st of September – the end of June (2 semesters)
Class size Depends on the specific course
Student accommodation University dormitory places and apartments are available for all foreign students
Fees Depend on the program. The information on cost and fees is available upon request.
Admission requirements For Bachelor’s, Specialist’s, Master’s and Ph.D.’s degrees – Russian language. For pre-university training programs – no Russian is required.
Student profile Currently there are about 11000 students, 200 of them are foreign students.
Contact details for application International Cooperation Department
Applications: Ekaterina Ivakhnenko
1a Baidukova Proezd/11 Gagarina street
Penza, Russia, 440039
University building No.1, room 218
Tel: +7(412) 20-42-41


About the Penza State Technological University

Penza State Technological University is one of the most dynamically developing educational institutions in Russia. Having started in 1959 with training computer science and electronics engineers, we gradually supplement the array of major with machine-building, management, automation, ecology, medical and biotechnology, food engineering and pedagogy.

Now university is a modern technical educational institution with well-developed infrastructure aimed at effective meeting economic development and production challenges of the region. We train specialists for all levels of production – from workers to engineers, from technologists to plant managers. Based on IT applying, educational process of PSTU combines traditions and innovations, theoretical courses and manufacturing practice.

Being a multilevel scientific and educational complex the academy implements:

  • Programmes of higher professional education (three daytime departments, an evening department and two correspondence departments);
  • Programmes of postsecondary and initial professional education (a technical school, and two vocational schools);
  • Programmes of post-gradual professional education (postgraduate (PhD) and doctoral (DSc) courses);
  • Programmes of supplementary and extended education (a department of career enhancement and retraining, a centre of additional education, a centre for target training and job placement).
All programs of education take into account regional firms and factories demand for workforce. We train workers, technologists, engineers, instructors for vocational education, managers for chemical, food, machine-building, oil and gas industries, for medicine, power engineering and IT technologies. The academy successfully carries out a project aimed at target training of specialists for plants and companies. There are more than 11,000 students of higher, postsecondary and primary professional education and 300 postgraduate and doctoral students in the academy now. We have internal, extra-mural and remote education forms.

We offer a multitude of undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses which centre around the following major research and teaching programs:
  • physics and mathematics
  • natural sciences
  • humanities and social sciences
  • educational theory and pedagogy
  • economics and management

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