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Master of Leadership in Sustainable Finance - Online

Why development finance?

2020 will be remembered for a multitude of reasons, with the global need for sustainability being merely just one of them. Schoolchildren everywhere are being educated to understand that climate action is urgently needed if the world is to be comfortably inhabitable beyond 2050. However, it is far less clear to determine how change will be implemented without hampering economic growth and hindering further prosperity in emerging and developing economies, especially in the global recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

SWA offers professional and executive courses, which do not waste time with lofty phrases, but teach hands-on knowledge and skills on how to finance and manage a better future for all. Our meaningful proposition is to educate bankers, microfinance professionals, policy makers, students and businesses dedicated to sustainability about concrete techniques, which can be put to use to achieve equitable and environmentally conscientious advancements.

Why Master of Leadership in Sustainable Finance

Frankfurt School will be aligning its online academic programme (known as Master of Leadership in Development Finance- online) more closely with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and provide a more flexible approach for those students who are interested in following a green finance track, while staying true to our roots in development finance.

Thus, we would like to introduce Master of Leadership in Sustainable Finance- online

Now is an opportune time to boost your career with an international degree in leadership & sustainable finance.

The Master of Leadership in Sustainable Finance online programme is designed for (emerging) leaders who are passionate about finance and the role finance plays as a catalyst for sustainable economic development and equitable and environmentally conscientious growth in economies worldwide in other words, how to finance and manage a better future for all.

This fully-fledged master programme allows you to specialize in one of two important focus areas in sustainable finance. You can build your personalized curriculum to reflect an interest in either : Development Finance or Green Finance.

Taught from practitioners to practitioners, this programme will not only equip you with the theoretical background of development and green finance but will also prepare you for the daily job as a leader in financial institutions, who can bring sustainable change, working in or with developing countries and emerging markets. The part-time, online format allows you to follow the programme whenever you want, wherever you are. With elective modules, the course also offers you the flexibility to design your own curriculum.

For contact: email: OnlineMaster(at), web:

By Hillary Johnson, Admissions Officer, Sustainable World Academy
Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, Germany